Naruto Episode Guide 101-160

Episode #101 Want to Look, Know, and Confirm Kakashi-sensei's Face

It all started with Naruto really wanting to see Kakashi's face. Sasuke, thinking it was a stupid idea, decided to go home. However, he stopped short when Naruto started teasing him about what was really under his mask(thick lips; buck teeth). Well they decided to treat their sensi with a meal. He thought that they were trying to get him into a trap. When he realized that they were trying to treat him he decided that it was ok. Just as he was about to pull off his mask Ino and her team pop in and making them completely miss it. Now they wanted to see it even more! So they went to a hot spring hoping that he would take off his mask there. He didn't. The whole time that this was going on, they were being followed by three guys who wanted to get revenge on Kakashi for something that happened three yrs. ago. After defeating the guys, Sakura told Kakashi that they wanted to see what was under his mask. Well deciding to show them, he pulled it off slowly only to reveal.......another mask underneath! This bummed out the whole group!

Episode #102 New Mission Has Arrived. Save Justice, Human Hearts, and the Country of Tea!

Several members of the Wasabi Clan from Tea Country travel to Konoha. On the way, they meet Aoi, a whirlwind ninja, who causes needles to rain down from his magical cloud. He warns them to forfeit the race. But stubbornly they don’t and ask for help from Tsunade. She then gives this B-rank mission to our three genins without Kakashi who is out on another mission. She believes it might become and A-rank but isn’t too sure about it except that in Tea Country, there's something called the Burning Fire Race held every 4 years and that Messengers were attacked by disqualified opponents on their way to Konoha, so the genin are to talk to Boss Jirocho about the specifics where they should arrive by nightfall.

On the way, Naruto decides he's hungry and the three head into a local restaurant where another patron taunts them. He ridicules the quality of Konoha's ninja and then hits on Sakura before heading out of the restaurant. The waitress soon hands the genin two bills - it seems that Morino Idate stiffed his bill. Furious, the genins catch up with Idate where they learn his sob story. They begin to sympathize with him until he runs away again at which point they give up following him and head back to Boss Jirocho's place where they hear more details about their mission.

Every four years, they hold the Todori Burning Fire Race in honor of a man named General Todori, who performed a ritual to control the rain. After his death the tradition continued, though the ritual soon became a marathon race. This friendly event has become violent only recently due to the two clans - the Wasabi clan and the Wagarashi clan - who are now rivals. The Wagarashi Clan is known to pick fights in the streets and it is believed they cheated in the race four years ago. Now, the Wasabi clan believes they will cheat again which is why he asked for help from Konoha.

At this point he calls Morino Idate in. Their mission is to escort him during the race to make sure nothing happens to the boy. They accept the mission, though Naruto is not pleased to be protecting the man who ripped him off. Idate isn't happy to have shinobi escorts either. But he will do what he must to run for the sake of the village.

The race starts at Tegarashi port and goes through Modoroki Shrine. The two contestants will start by boat. The sun rises and the race begins. Idate immediately heads north, ignoring his boat, while the Wagarashi runner, Hiyokuya Fukusuke, hops in his boat and takes off.

Episode #103 Naruto Sunk?! The Big Ocean with a Swirling Plot.

Aoi sends his rain nin - who happen to be the same genin rain nin our Konoha team found in the Chuunin exam - after Idate and the nins. Meanwhile, Gokaroh, leader of the Wagarashi clan, chides Boss Jirochu for making this race a farce. Jirochu assures him to wait until the finish to pass judgment. Gokaroh warns that he will ask for the Wasabi clan to be disbanded if they lose.

Idate remembers how he met Jirochu when he attempted to rob him as a small, hungry boy. Jirochu took pity on him and gave him an apple to eat and a knife to peel it. Idate was so happy he asked to be the Jirochu's subordinate.

The Konoha genin wonder what Idate has planned so Naruto catches up just as Idate realizes he's caught in an illusory technique. He sees an exit and runs out - and off a cliff. Naruto catches Idate while Sasuke pulls them up. It seems it was a double illusory technique.

Idate then explains his strategy. During this season a strong wind blows so it's faster to go north. The group makes its way to Nagi Island where Idate will sail to follow the currents. As they sail, the Konoha genin discuss the Chuunin exam where they have finally referenced the Morino name. Their instructor for the written exam was Morino Ibiki. Idate can't believe his brother is still alive - and is apparently known for giving weird questions on the 10th problem. Soon an arrow hits the boat and the rain nins pull closer to board. They clone themselves, and Naruto Kage Bunshins to fight the water clones. Soon, Sakura realizes it's raining oil and stops Sasuke from using a fire technique, but the rain nins are able to shoot their own fire arrow and soon the entire ship goes up in flames. Idate remembers his brother sitting among flames telling him to flee. And refuses to take off and abandon them. Sakura tries to talk some sense into Idate that hey can swim to Nagi Island from here. He fears the genin will try to use him as a decoy and declines. Sakura, in her one act of grand mightiness through this entire anime, rips a large wooden post from its foundation and swings it furiously to take out the remaining water clones. She then jumps in front of Idate to take a kunai to the shoulder that was intended for him. As the boat sinks, Idate finally is convinced to swim on to Nagi Island where Aoi is waiting.

Episode #104 Run, Idate! The Stormy, Trouble-Filled Nagi Island!!

Once Idate reaches the shore alone Aoi taunts him by telling him that only a horrible person would betray his own brother and then abandon his village.

Meanwhile the Konoha genin face their rain nin foes underneath the water. When Naruto is pulled under and trapped he Kage Bunshins and commands several of his clones to sink lower and start Rasengan below. Soon, Naruto has a mighty whirlpool brewing within the water which destroys the clones after which he grabs Sakura and swims to the water's surface.

Sasuke swims to shore amazed at how powerful Naruto has gotten while Naruto runs across the water's surface. He trips over a rock and he and Sakura are thrown to Nagi Island's beach area where Sakura pretends to be unconscious in hopes that Sasuke might give her mouth to mouth, but Naruto steps up for that job. When she peaks out and sees Naruto's lips inching closer to her, she abruptly awakens and punches him hard.

At this point Aoi has Idate trapped in his rain prison and by now Fusuku has reached the shrine, while Aoi's rain drains all Idate's energy and beats him down causeing him to drop his coveted knif. When Idate reaches for his it, Aoi stomps on his hand and then repeatedly beats him shortly after Naruto and co. arrive to take on the Rain Leader. He pounds them with his downpour and explains that the toxic rain venom will soon prove fatal at which point he leaves. From the distance, they hear cheering and realize Fukusuke reached the shrine. Luckily, Fukusuke is quite cocky and takes a long break there while Sakura hands each of her team one of the pills Tsunade gave her which rejuvenated them.

After Idate awakens he remembers showing his brother the Konoha forehead protector he finally received on the day he became a genin and begins telling Naruto and co. what had happened to him. He wanted to become a ninja like his brother, but his sensei was Aoi. Shortly after he Idate had become a genin he failed the Chuunin exam and was deeply distressed because his brother had tested him and said that if they failed they would never have another opportunity at becoming Chuunins but when Aoi told him he could become Chuunin without passing the exam, he excitedly jumped at the opportunity. He stole the seal scroll and the Second's Raijin sword for his sensei and was left with little choice but to leave Konoha for the village of Rain with Aoi. After that, he felt he couldn't do anything right but Boss Jirochu believed in him when no one else did. Naruto reminisces back to when he failed the genin exam and understands that Idate is like him. He then exclaims that one person believes in him - isn't that enough? The race isn't over yet and Naruto will even carry him if he can't run. If he fails here, he will be a loser for the rest of his life. With that said Naruto picks up Idate and the two head to the shrine.

Episode #105 Almost to the Goal! A Thunder Roaring Big Battle

Fukusuki continues to celebrate with women and food when Aoi warns him that he might be celebrating prematurely. Meanwhile at the bottom of Modoroki Shrine, Naruto begins his ascent up the long flight of stairs to the top of the shrine carrying Idate.

Along the way, Naruto asks about Idate's 10th problem. It was explained as a competition among the 3-man genin teams. Among teammates, one person will fail and remain a genin forever. But they also had the choice to quit now and take the exam in six months. If one person quits, the entire team will fail. Most of the people in the room remained. When Ibiki scanned the room, he decided that everyone who remained fails. Idate asked his brother why he failed everyone, but Ibiki simply told him that a ninja must understand all his circumstances. He must figure out the answer on his own. As they reach the top the crowd starts cheering and Fukusuki makes a run for it with his orb. When Naruto and Idate finally reach the top naruto topples over and Idate grabs the orb, heading out on his own two feet.

As Idate closes in on Fukusuki Aoi warns him to cross the bridge so he can destroy it. When Idate comes up to it, Aoi is waiting with his sword of Raijin. Out of nowhere Naruto appears again and smacks Aoi with a mud ball then uses Kage Bunshin to form Rasengan. He then tries to take on the invincible lightning sword but fails. The Second's grand katana wins the battle and Naruto is thrown back and Aoi directs his attention to Idate.

That night long ago when Idate had betray his village, Ibiki reprimanded Idate for leaving with the stolen goods and demanded he turn himself in. Aoi used his rain army to capture and torture Ibiki until he agreed to translate a scroll. Ibiki refused while his little brother watched him be tortured and even renounced being a ninja. Ibiki plotted his and Idate's escape and as Idate ran, the building exploded behind him, thinking that his brother was dead he never went back to Konoha.

Aoi explains to Idate that his brother Ibiki never betrayed Idate or his village and just as he is about to strike, Sasuke and Sakura join the battle. Sasuke tries Chidori but he is thrown back and Aoi laughs at the legendary Uchiha's weakness, Sasuke demands he take it back. Angrily, he forms another Chidori and attacks the sword manageing to crack the lightning sword before being caught up in the Raijin's energy blade and being tossed to the side at which point Sakura runs to his rescue and both topple over the cliff..

Episode #106 Will You Make It, Idate! The Never-Give-Up Last Spurt!!

Sakura focuses her chakra into her hands and feet to slow down their fall causeing her and Sasuke to hit the ground safely, but Sasuke still lies unconscious.

Meanwhile Naruto does Kage Bunshin and all his clones attack while the final ones prepare Rasengan. Again, Aoi cuts through the chakra spiral and knocks Naruto back. Soon, Naruto notices the crack in the sword and sees an opportunity. If he can hit the sword at precisely the point where Sasuke cracked it with his Chidori, it should snap.

Again, Naruto prepares Rasengan. He rushes Aoi and pushes his chakra spiral through the crack, breaking the sword and throwing Aoi off the cliff into the water below. Naruto then rushes to the cliff's edge to check on his teammates at which point Sakura tell him they are ok before turning his attention back to the race. He and Idate climb on one of the suspension bridge ropes and Naruto reaches for a kunai to cut the rope with but notices that they all fell when he rescued Idate, but luckly Idate hands him his precious knife and he cuts the rope with it. They swing over to the other side and head towards the finish line.

The crowd cheers as Fukusuku runs towards the finish line, but Idate isn't far behind. He runs as hard as he can and wins the race.

Boss Jirochu praises him and then sends him out into the crowd to receive his winner's cheer. Gokaroh objects that Idate had the ninja carry him so he should be disqualified at which point The Lord of Tea Country explains that there is no such rule and disbands the Wagaraski family for their evil deeds.

Later, Ibiki sails to Tea Country to collect Sasuke, who is still injured. Idate bows to Ibiki saying that he finally understands what his brother had said and Ibiki smiles to himself as he walks away. Meanwhile, Aoi's words ring though Sasuke's head. He is the weakest of the Uchiha clan. He is weak.

Episode #107 I want to fight you! Finally They Clash, Sasuke VS Naruto

At Konoha hospital, Sasuke just can't imagine by how much Naruto has surpassed him and how strong he now is. Even his own brother was more concerned with Naruto then him.

Meanwhile, Tsunade officially promotes Shikamaru to Chuunin and Asuma takes his team out to celebrate. After the meal, Ino explains to Chouji that she is on a diet because boys don't like chubby girls. Shikamaru overhears and says Ino would be more popular if she only had a little meat on her. He then tries to cheer up Chouji who is still depressed that Asuma told him to train more. When Chouji is feeling better, Shikamaru excuses himself. His dad wants to teach him a new technique.

As Sasuke still contemplates his perceived weakness, Orochimaru sends the Sound Four to Konoha to collect him.

Lee informs Tsunade that he has accepted the risks and wants the surgery. She asks him why he insists on remaining a shinobi. He explains that it has always been his dream to prove that even a guy like him can become a great ninja.

Sakura peels an apple beside Sasuke's bed. When she offers him a piece, he slaps the plate away from her and glares at Naruto. Fight me right now!

Naruto and Sasuke head up to the roof. Naruto feels a rush of excitement to finally face his rival. They exchange taunts until Sasuke refuses to put on his forehead protector, a symbol of their fighting as equals. He starts the brawl without it. Naruto dodges Sasuke's kick style of fighting that has a Capoeira feel to it. The animators have taken this up a few notches and this all too brief battle is one of the best in the series. Repeatedly, the two exchange blows on equal footing until Naruto Kage Bunshins to surround Sasuke. He takes out a few and then uses his tiger seal to do Blazing Fireball to destroy the Naruto clones and most of the roof. Naruto then prepares Rasengan while Sasuke prepares Chidori and the two boys run at each other at top speed. Horrified, Sakura rushes in between.

Episode #108 The Unseen Crack

Sakura jumps between the two dueling boys as the Sound Four head into the outskirts of Konoha. Suddenly, Kakashi appears and grabs the hands of each of the boys, redirecting their blows into two nearby water towers. Water gushes from Sasuke's blow, but only trickles from the tower Naruto hit.

Kakashi recognizes Rasengan and then reprimands Sasuke for using Chidori carelessly. Why must he always prove his superiority? Sasuke doesn't feel like sitting through another of his sensei's lectures and back flips over the fence to see the back of the water towers. Naruto's Rasengan blew away the entire back of his water tower! Sasuke can't believe how powerful Naruto has become so quickly.

Kakashi focuses his attentions on Jiraiya. Rasengan could have killed Sasuke. Jiraiya says Sasuke's Chidori could have done equal damage, though he didn't think Naruto would try it on a friend. Kakashi explains that Naruto and Sasuke's relationship is a lot like Jiraiya's old relationship with Orochimaru. Naruto wants Sasuke to recognize him while Sasuke has taken notice of Naruto's incredible progress recently and feels like he's becoming overshadowed. Sasuke lives to avenge his family, yet if he recognizes how powerful Naruto has become, he negates himself. Kakashi then leaves Naruto in Jiraiya's hands. He assures Sakura things will be ok and heads off after Sasuke.

Sasuke heads to a quiet spot where he can be alone with his thoughts. He remembers getting his ass thoroughly kicked by his brother and wonders why he hasn't been improving. Soon, Kakashi shows up in lecture mode and ties his genin to a tree so he can't escape. He then explains that he's seen a lot of people who live for revenge. All have only ended up suffering. If Sasuke does get his revenge, he will only feel more hatred. Sasuke then asks how Kakashi would feel if he killed the person most important to him. Kakashi reminds him that he no longer has anyone important. They've died long ago. He's lived through bad times and knows what it feels like to love the people close to you, but now, they have Sakura and Naruto. He was given Chidori to protect them, not hurt them or seek revenge.

The three genin lose themselves in thoughts. Sakura remembers all the happy moments she shared with her teammates while Naruto reminisces about how he and Sasuke have always been friendly rivals. As Sasuke is weighing his friendship with his teammates against his quest for revenge, the Sound Four make their presence known.

Meanwhile, Kabuto asks Orochimaru if all four Sound nin were necessary to retrieve Sasuke. He doesn't think Sasuke stands a chance. Orochimaru laughs. That's why Sasuke will seek him.

The Sound Four - Sakon of Seimon (west gate), Tayuya of Hokumon (north gate) Kidoumaru of Toumon (east gate), and Jiroubou of Nanmon (south gate) - engage Sasuke in battle.

Episode #109 The Sound Temptation

The Sound Four soon overwhelm Sasuke. Even his Shishirendan seems to do no damage. Meanwhile, Naruto treats Sakura to a bowl of ramen. He tries to engage her in conversation, but her thoughts keep coming back to Sasuke. She then reveals to Naruto that Orochimaru bit Sasuke back at the Chuunin forest exam and that was the origin of Sasukes cursed seal. Kakashi assured her everything would be ok, but when they fought Gaara, Sasuke’s scar reappeared. He had the same intense look both times. Naruto explains his experience fighting Orochimaru with the other two Sannin, but guarantees that Sasuke wouldn’t accept such an invitation.

Sakon holds the Uchiha boy up by one foot and explains that if he remains in Konoha, he will always remain weak. However, if he comes with them, Orochimaru will give him power. His seal activates and invades his body. They inform him that they haven not come to take him by force. He must choose to come with them. The seal spreads throughout the left side of his body, but Sakon allows his own cursed seal to become visible. Sasuke isn’t not the only one Orochimaru favors. However, there are consequences to using the seal. The more he uses it, the deeper it will affect his body. When it consumes him, it will consume his soul forever. He must give up something to gain something in return. They then remind him that Itachi is waiting and after that they disappear.

Sasuke returns home one last time. He turns the picture of himself with Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura on its face and leaves. Meanwhile, Sakura decides to walk home alone from the ramen shop. She takes a short route to the village entrance and catches Sasuke as he’s about to leave. He tells her she should leave.

Sakura then begins her talk about Sasuke leaving. Why must he do this? He tells her to stop interfering with his affairs. She cries that he always acts like he hates her. Back when they were genins, they stood at this spot. She mentioned how he never got yelled at by his parents, and he became angry that she could think such petty things. Everything started on that day so long ago. Sasuke doesn’t remember. She then tells Sasuke about the bell test and the missions they have accomplished. She tells him that revenge won’t make anyone happy. He assures her that he knows that. But he is different from them. He must pursue revenge. Sakura tells Sasuke that if he leaves, she will be lonely. He tells her that from this point, they will follow different paths.

She then tells him that she loves him and will do anything she can to make him happy if only he will stay with her. Or, if he chooses to leave, she will come with him. Sasuke turns and tells her she’s still annoying. Sakura then threatens to scream. In the blink of an eye, Sasuke is behind her, and before she can defend herself, he knocks her out and leaves her on a bench.

When Sasuke meets up with the Sound Four, they have decided he is their new leader.

Episode #110 Konoha Five + One

The next morning, Izumo and Kotetsu, spots Sakura sleeping on the park bench. When they calmly try to wake her, the previous nights events come flooding back and she starts screaming for Sasuke and weeping.

The guards barge into Tsunade’s office and report the troubling news: Sasuke has left the village. Tsunade immediately suspects Orochimaru and asks them to bring Shikamaru to her.

Tsunade’s guards knock on Shikamaru’s door as his family is settling down for breakfast. Soon, he reports to Tsunade to learn that Sasuke’s a missing nin and he is headed towards Sound Village by invitation of Orochimaru. Shikamaru’s first mission as a Chuunin is to bring Sasuke back. However, there is a high probability that Orochimaru’s men are guarding Sasuke. Sensing danger, he tells Tsunade to only assign Chuunin and Jounin to this mission. She assures him that she would if she could, but almost all the Jounin are out on missions except the ones needed here. He has 30 minutes to collect as many talented Genin as possible… including Naruto.

Naruto answers the door sleepily but quickly perks up when he hears about the mission. The two are soon off to find Chouji, who emerges after Shikamaru and Naruto eats a bag of potato chips. Shino is off on another mission, but Kiba is ready to go.

Neji is chatting with Lee when Shikamaru and the others explain the bad news. Lee is disappointed that he can’t come, but Neji tells him to do what he must.

The four genin gather around Shikamaru, who plans the groups strategy. They will start on offense. The formation will be as follows: Kiba in the front because he knows the geography of Fire country well and has a keen sense of smell. Shikamaru is next so he can see whats going on and signal orders to those behind. Next is Naruto, who can offer aid in both directions. Chouji will be the base because he’s the most physically powerful. And finally Neji will be last so he can scout the rear with his Byakugan.

After the formation is settled, Shikamaru gives the group a pep talk. He admits that he doesn’t have a deep attachment to Sasuke, but he is one of Konoha’s shinobi. Because of that, they will risk their lives to save him.

Just as the boys are ready to leave, Sakura stops them and she says that she wants to come. Shikamaru refuses to let her join. She breaks into tears as she begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back. Naruto assures her that he will definitely bring their teammate back.

As the Konoha team leaves the village, the Sound Four explain to Sasuke that he must die at least once.

Episode #111 Wan, Invincible Formation Goes In Force!

Sakon explains to Sasuke that he, Sasuke must take an enhancement pill to power his seal to level 2. However, in order to control the 2nd level curse, his body must grow accustomed to the seal or it will consume him and he will die. The Sound Four assure him that they can prevent the side effects that comes with the pill. Instead of dying, he will fall into a coma. When he emerges from the procedure, he will be just as powerful as them. Sasuke pops the pill into his mouth and collapses. The Sound nin then place his limp body into a barrel and seal it with Shikokumujin. Sakon adds an additional seal, Fuukoku houin.

Four Konoha jounin are returning from a mission when they sense the Sound Four. Raido and Genma leaves Shizune and Iwashi to confront the Sound nins.

When Genma and Raido doesn’t return, Shizune decides to go check on her teammates as Naruto and the others chase Sasuke. Kiba catches the scent of blood nearby as Shizune and Iwashi finds Genma and Raido lying badly hurt. Shizune heals the wounded jounins while Iwashi contemplates going after the Sound nins. Genma warns him not to.

Kiba then catches the scent of the Four and Sasuke and Shikamaru decides to follow them rather than stop at the battle area to collect information. He tells the boys not to let their guard down Becausen the Sound Four probably have traps set up.

Sure enough, they soon see a few explosive notes creating a barrier. If a person enters the field, they would explode.

Back in Konoha, Lee looks up at the long staircase below the Hokage carvings and prepares to train. Tsunade stops him before he gets far and tells him that his body needs rest if he wants to recover. If he overexerts himself now, his wounds would not heal. She then gives him medicine and sends him away.

As the boys cautiously make their way through the traps the Sound nins set, Naruto almost triggers a wire. Shikamaru’s Kagemane no Jutsu prevents Naruto just in time, but he and Neji deduce that their targets must be resting nearby. Sure enough, Neji’s Byakugan sees them up ahead.

Shikamaru commands the boys to split into two groups, while Neji tries to check on the status of Sasuke. He can’t see through the barrel but suspects Sasuke is still alive. Suddenly, Sakon throws a kunai at them and the explosion tag ignites.

Episode #112 Member Dispute!? Shikamarus Groups Critical Moment

The Sound Four soon traps the Konoha Five and Shikamaru tries to negotiate. Kidoumaru uses his web to pull Kiba, Naruto, and Chouji from their hiding place giving Shikamaru time to trap the spider nin in his Kagemane. Sakon wastes no time knocking Shikamaru out while Jiroubou uses Donton Keikkai Doroudoumu to enclose the boys in a clay dome.

The boys immediately try to break out of their mud prison. Kiba uses Tsuuga to drill a hole through the wall, but the hole quickly closes and the wall regenerates. Neji then uses byakugan and learns that Jiroubou is absorbing their chakra.

After a few moments, Kiba gives Akamaru a soldier pill and the dog uses Gijyu Ninpo. Together, the Kiba/Akamaru beast transformation attacks the wall repeatedly, but their efforts are futile. Naruto attempts Rasengan, but can’t concentrate enough chakra in the dome. Shikamaru then tries to reason with Jiroubou. If he lets them out, they won’t pursue Sasuke. Jiroubou refuses to believe they would betray Konoha over this. Shikamaru then asks for his own freedom. Jiroubou mocks the Konoha boys - that their leader is a loser who would think only of his own well being. People like that deserve to die.

Enraged, Chouji tells the bickering Konoha boys to let Shikamaru do his thing, while Naruto and Kiba demands to know what Shikamaru has in store. Chouji eats away one bag of chips to power up while Shikamaru asks Neji to use his Byakugan on the wall behind Chouji and Neji. He then asks Kiba to hit the wall with his Tsuuga attack while Neji scans for the walls weakest point. He was able to pinpoint the spot furthest from the enemy by talking to him. Chouji powers up and uses his Baika no Jutsu to break through the wall. The barrier then crumbles before them.

Episode #113 At Full Power! Burn Chouji!

This episode starts off when Chouji turns into the big ball and cuts threw The fat bad guys's barrier of rocks... Even though they break threw the barrier this guy is still to strong. Shikamaru (the leader of the goup) says they should divide onto 2 groups : Naruto and himself would take care of the bad guy and the rest would go after Orochimaru's bad guys.... However, Chouji steps in and says he'll take care of this fat guy all by himself... He gives Shikamaru a bag of pills...and takes out 3 different, yellow, and red... Chouji takes the green one...he becomes very this time the others have left...Even though Chouji is strong wit the green pill its not enough to beat the fat bad he thnks of how shikamaru always believed in him so he takes the yellow pill and becomes super strong.....his hand grows and tats were it ends!

Episode #114 Farewell My Friend! But I Still Believe In You!

Chouji took the 2nd special pill which was the green one (curry pill)
He then got an advantage in the battle against the big fat guy named Joryibou , but when chouji used the super double sized technique and did a bodyslam on him. Joryibou was forced to turn into his 2nd form whcih gave him 10 times more then regular strength. Chouji then gets relly beat up and thinking of past childhood memories whcih include him and shikmaru and how they first became friends. Chouji then was forced to take the last red pepper pill which increased his strength more then 100 timees normal strength, the overflowing chakra changed Chouji's apperence which made him look not-fat anymore. Chouji finished Joryibou by charging all his chkara into his left hand and punched him into the ground with the force dat was heavier then life.

Episode #115 Your Opponent Is Me!

Shikamaru and his group continues their pursuit and Shikamaru disguises himself as Jiroubou and joins the three Sound Four members. They immediately see through his ruse and Kidoumaru sends Sakon and Tayuya ahead while he turns to deal with the Genins. The six-armed ninja shoots spiderwebs from his mouth and quickly snares Shikamaru as Naruto uses Kage bunshin. The Naruto clones and Kiba are soon caught as well, and Neji is encased in a cocoon.

While Kidoumaru produces weapons from his mouth and slowly picks off the Naruto copies in his web, Neji concentrates on finding a way out. By the time the Sound ninja realizes they are all clones and tries to catch the real Naruto, Neji has freed himself and the others using his Juuken.

Neji tells the others that he is the only one able to face Kidoumaru and sends the others after Sasuke. The two face off and the spiderlike Kidoumaru traps Neji only to discover that the Genin can use more than just his hands to emit chakra.

Episode #116 It's Naruto Again This Year!

This double episode starts out with a silly skit where Naruto and Kiba are encouraging Akamaru to speak. First he meows like a cat, and then feeling the pressure of the two boys hovering over him, spits out Happy New Year.

For Neji's double episode fight series, the animation here is less than stellar. I guess I was expecting something more… but I think they saved their entire budget for the last two minutes.

Regardless, Neji starts out with the 64 Points of Hakke and smacks the crap out of Kidoumaru. When the dust settles, Kidoumaru's shell protection cracks off him, revealing he too can pull a Gaara - and use his Kumo Nenkin (Golden Spider Spines) to form a shield over his entire body. The metal alloy hardens when it hits the air and blocks all chakra. Still, Kidoumaru is now convinced that he should fight Neji from a distance and vanishes into the trees.

Now the real fight begins. Kidoumaru throws a decoy kunai to grab Neji's attention and then rains hundreds of Golden kunais at the young Hyuga. To dodge, Neji begins spinning - Hakkeshou Kaiten (Swirling Wind Rotation) - using the rotation to form a chakra barrier.

When the downpour stops, Neji tosses a kunai at Kidoumaru's head. The spider Sound ducks just in time and decides to go level 2.

With his new powers, Kidoumaru summons his large, icky spider, which excretes a very large cocoon filled with thousands of baby chakra spiders. Determined to stop the Kaiten, Kidoumaru cuts the baby spiders free. Again, Neji uses the Kaiten, but the added webbing from the spiders slows him down. Kidoumaru sees an opening and throws a kunai.

Sensing the kunai, Neji uses his chakra to deflect, but realizes his Kaiten will be useless against this new technique. Kidoumaru sends another few kunai Neji's way and then unleashes the next round of spiders on the genin. This time, Neji uses his Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (64 points of Hakke), but as more fall, he ups the speed to 128. Kidoumaru is impressed, but believes this is still a numbers game.

As he watches from the foliage, Kidoumaru takes aim and fires a kunai. It breaks through Neji's defense, and suddenly, Kidoumaru realizes Neji has a weak spot. He could detect all kunai within 50 meters, but why couldn't he avoid this one? Now watching his prey closely, he continues to use his spiders to distract Neji while carefully targeting kunai to hit Neji. Another to plant into his back, and Kidoumaru is certain he's discovered Neji's weakness.

Neji flashes back to TenTen calling him a genius to Lee. He remembers how confident he's always been - that fate has decided he'd be victorious. Suddenly, the large spider crashed down atop him, but Neji is able to use his palm strike to send chakra into the spider, and it explodes. More kunai rain down, and more hit him this time. This time, he climbs to his feet much slower.

Episode #117 The Raging Battle Between the Cool Guys!

Kidoumaru changes strategy and creates a large brown bow with his Kumo Nenkin and then spits out an arrow. Called Nejuu Seigo 100% (arrow attack), Kidoumaru unleashes a large arrow at Neji. As the smoke clears, Neji's still standing - he was able to deflect it slightly so that it just missed his blind spot. Still, now Kidoumaru knows the exact place of the blind spot… a small point below Neji's first vertebrae.

Neji (finally - geez, what took you so long!!) pulls the six or so kunai from his back and runs into the trees for cover, while Kidoumaru takes aim again. Another arrow, this time guided by Kidoumaru's webbing, smashes throw the tree and knocks Neji's forehead protector off (that seems to be a common theme as genin are about to die…) Blood drips from Neji's face, and he looks down to see the string guiding this new arrow.

Kidoumaru is now certain he'll finish Neji off with the next arrow. This time, he'll use more spin to make sure nothing deflects it. Meanwhile, Neji realizes he doesn't have enough chakra to dodge the next attack. He thinks back to Naruto - what would you do? He stops moving and waits for the arrow to strike. It hits him in his left abdomen area and pushes him smack against a tree. Then, taking the string guiding the arrow into his hands, he forces his last bits of chakra into the string and back to Kidoumaru, who takes the critical hit and falls to the ground below.

Looking up, Neji counts eight birds and muses that again, he couldn't see the last one. He remembers asking Naruto why he tries so hard at the Chuunin. And how he used his favorite technique, Kage Bunshin, to defeat him. Naruto had explained it was the jutsu he hated most once. And unlike him, Neji's not a loser.

Flash to Naruto and the boys making their way to Sasuke. Naruto's confident that Chouji and Neji will catch up. Neji is a genius, after all.

With his last remaining chakra, Neji vows not to lose and rushes at Kidoumaru, who has now caught himself with his webbing and is hanging closer to the ground. Catching the spider Sound by surprise, Neji delivers several hard attacks. The seal retracts and it's game over for Kidoumaru.

As they both lie badly wounded, Neji explains he knew his own weak spots before Kidoumaru. Since he knew Kidoumaru would only attack there, he could concentrate all his chakra from that point and avoid instant death. He deliberately took that last hit so he wouldn't lose. Others are counting on him. Neji reaches for his forehead protector and remembers his dad's words - that Neji must live.

Kidoumaru reveals that Sasuke came with them willingly. He's now within the darkness. Neji smiles and confidently says that there is one person that can still save Sasuke. The person that saved him.

After Kidoumaru dies, cue the music for Neji's dramatic exit. His life flashes before him, and he thinks to the others that it's up to them now. As he lies unconscious, a feather lands in his open hand and the last bird flies away.

Episode #118 To The Rescue! To Be In Time For The Barrel

Orochimaru isn't a happy camper now that his arms are rotting off. He's in need of a new body, and fast! Unfortunatly for him, Sasuke hasn't arrived and they're out of time. Kabuto looses the captives in the dungeon for a free for all, telling the winner he'll set him free. Free, as in, to become Orochimaru's new vessel. The winner realizes he's been duped and can't do much about when Orochimaru meets him and taunts him with a very large snake with teeth that would make a crocadile jealous. The boys finally catch up with the remaining Sound nin, Sakon and Tatuya. Now the objective is to steal the bucket that contains the runaway Sasuke and make a hasty retreat back to Konoha. Sakon charges the team instantly and Naruto uses Shadow Dopple Ganger to create the Rasengan. Sakon is suprised, but he nullifies the deadly technique by grabbing Naruto's arms so he can't hold the chakara. However, it was a ploy to draw Sakon in and Kiba uses the Tsuuga technique to cut through the Naruto Shadow Doppel Ganger. Sakon ducks and realizes that Kiba's target wasn't himself, but the bucket. Kiba snags the bucket as Tatuya watches, unable to move thanks to Shikamaru's shadow catching techinque.
This pisses Sakon off and he releases his curse seal to level 1 and takes off after the Konoha team. Tatuya follows close behind.
Unknown to the two teams playing tag in the forest, Kubuto has sent in reinforcements; the one man army known as Kimimaro. He's making good time and will be upon the two teams in a matter of hours.

Episode #119 Mistake! A new enemy

Orochimaru transfers his soul into his new vessel while Kimimaru heads out to retrieve Sasuke. Meanwhile, Naruto and the boys have a slim lead on the two Sound as they race home with Sasuke still pickling in the barrel. Akamaru sets a few explosion traps to slow down the Sound, but Sakon catches him and ties an explosion tag to the poor puppy. Kiba immediately goes to help his faithful friend, but the three are caught in the explosion and thrown over a nearby cliff.

Meanwhile, Tayuya catches up with Naruto and Shikamaru. Shikamaru demands that Naruto take Sasuke and go while he stays to fight her. Suddenly, Kimimaru appears, re-capturing Sasuke almost effortlessly, and reprimands Tayuya for the delay. She asks why… and how he's here. He explains that he is no longer moving with his body, rather his spirit. He pets the barrel lovingly - this container holds Orochimaru's dream.

Naruto rushes Kimimaru but Tayuya smacks him back to Shikamaru's side. Kimimaru will leave the Konoha boys to her, while he returns Sasuke to his master.

Shikamaru gives Naruto a quick heads up before taunting Tayuya that it's 2 against 1. He and Naruto fake a double attack, but Naruto jumps over her and heads after Kimimaru, while Shikamaru goes for Shadow Bind.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru reminisces about Kimimaru. He was a perfect being, stained in darkness. And he idolized him. That was the soul Orochimaru truly desired. If only his body hadn't been infected with the disease.

As Naruto gets closer to Kimimaru, his fox features become enhanced, and soon, his eyes are glowing red and his fangs become prominent. When the two confront each other, Naruto demands to know why Orochimaru is after his friend. Like all good baddies, Kimimaru explains Orochimaru's true intentions - that his body isn't immortal, so he needs a new, stronger body every so often. Sasuke is to be his new vessel.

Back at the Tayuya/Shikamaru fight, Tayuya asks Shikamaru how many team members they're willing to lose to retrieve Sasuke. Shikamaru explains that he's in charge and his team is dedicated to retrieving their kidnapped teammate even if it costs them their lives. Besides, he believes in them and is certain that no one has died. Cut to Kiba, who is going head to head with Sakon.

Tayuya uses her Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon 3 large spirits and controls them with her instrument while Naruto Kage Bunshins to surround Kimimaru.

Episode #120 Roar! Howl! The Ultimate Dog

While Kiba was figthing Sakon he realises that the strange thing on his back is his own brother Ukon. Ukon quickly tells Sakon to transform into his level 2 state then Akamaru tells Kiba to use there ultimate jutsu. Kiba and Akamaru came up with a plan, and tricks Sakon and Ukon and then they turn into there ultimate jutsu the two headed dog. The fierce beast used the Tsuuga technique to seperate the brothers. Then realises it was part of there plan. Sakon and Ukon defeated the beast. Ukon bonded with Kiba. Kiba realises that Ukon his a part of him and quickly stabs himself.

Episode #121 Everyones Respective Fight

Kiba stabs himself again and makes an escape when Ukon leaves his body. He leaves behind what appears to be the dog but is actually a trap. Kiba cradles his unconscious dog and remembers the day his mother gave him Akamaru and the way they trained together. Ukon goes looking for his brother and reenters his body to rest. Kiba catches a scent that scares him into leaving the area quickly and enters the water to hide his bloody tracks, leaving his jacket behind.

Back in the woods, Kimimaro quickly destroys clone after clone in his fight against Naruto. He switches to a technic called Dance of the Willow and defeats them even faster. Naruto is horrified by the bones protruding from his body and Kimimaro says it is his Bloodline Limit and pulls a bone sword from his body.

Meanwhile Shikamaru continues to run from Tayuya's attack and realizes that each of the three corpses must be controlled by a specific series of finger movements on the flute.

Episode #122 Fake! Man Shikamaru Gambles to Recover from a Hopeless Situation

Kimimaro continues to destry Naruto's bunshins and Tayuya begins to play her death song for Shikamaru. Ghosts that eat physical energy emerge from the mouths of the corpses and he is forced to hide from them.

Shikamaru goes into his thinking pose and comes up with a plan of attacking using the last of his weapons. He manages to trap the corpes with his kagemane and uses them to extend his reach and catch Tayuya when she dismisses them. She releases her 2nd Curse Seal and goes into her Second Stage, using the extra chakra to fight off his control.

Shikamaru uses his new Shadow Strangulation Technique but Tayuya uses Genjutsu to trap him within an illusion and tries to use his own kunai to kill him. He uses his own jutsu to break his finger and come out of the illusion, trapping her before she can kill him.

Episode #123 Konoha's Green Beast Attacks

Basically, Naruto is in deep trouble, but then Rock Lee Returns (FINALLY!!!!) and starts kicking Kimomaru's butt by using the drunken fighter technique, it seems that Rock Lee is gonna actually win...buuut, Kimomaru activates his level 2 cursed seal and mutates into a monster that uses his own bones to attack opponents, Rock Lee is about to be killed, as Kimomaru goes for the kill, sand comes up from beneath him and starts wrapping around him...sounds familiar? yup, Gaara returns, along with Kankuro and Temari with alot of new techniques, will their aid be enough?

Episode #124 The Beast Explodes! Burst, Blow, and Break Through

Naruto follows Sasuke, who continues to ignore him. Kimimaro is puzzled by Lee's drunken behavior and put on guard by his faster, more unpredicatable moves. He soon finds the sake bottle and says he will kill Lee painlessly. However Lee is far from done fighting and staggers and swerves his way out of being hit each time. He manages to land several blows on Kimimaro. Meanwhile Gai explains the amount of damage Lee did after just a sip of sake before and Tsunade worries about how long Lee's body will hold up. Kimimaro finally tires of Lee's attacks and releases his Curse Seal, injuring him just enough to bring him out of his frenzy. Shikamaru continues his battle with Tayuya, slowing losing his chakra and trying hopelessly to think of a plan. Kiba leaves the river, realizing that his wound is too bad for him to remain in the water. Ukon and Sakon quickly pick up his trail and one moves in for the kill. At the same time Kimimaro explains his Bloodline Limit to a now sober Lee then prepares to make the final blow and Shikamaru reaches the limit of his chakra. At the last possible moment all three Genin are saved by the arrival of the reinforcements from the Sand.

Episode #125 Allies of Konoha! The Shinobi of of the Sand!

Gaara steps in and takes over the fight with Kimimaro, using his protective sand to block the finger bones his enemy shoots at him. Lee asks Gaara as to why he’s helping Konoha and Gaara explains that he owes a debt to Konoha.

Temari arrives and tells Shikamaru that they did not want to attack Konoha but were ordered to. Then she launches a powerful fan, Dai Kamaitachi no Jutsu attack that destroys Tayuya's flute.

Kankurou arrives in the nick of time to save Kiba and soon engages Sakon in a battle. Sakon attacks Kankuro and he is about to merge his body with Kankurou but then realizes he is attacking a puppet, Kuroari. It grabs him, slicing into him with razors on its arms and he runs to jump into Ukon's body. Kankuro attacks Ukon using his original puppet Karasu and traps him inside Kuroari.

Meanwhile Temari uses Kuchiyose no Jutsu summoning technique brings forth a ferret, and she fans him into the air with a Kirikiri Mai. Tayuya has been preparing her genjutsu when the forest explodes; Shikamaru hides his face behind his arms against the furious onslaught, and when he opens his eyes, the forest for hundreds of meters around has been devastated. Tayuya lies crushed under the chopped tree trunks, a trail of blood running from her mouth down over her cheek and eye. So simply, the combat has been finished. Shikamaru stands astonished; it seems Temari's technique is as pushy as her personality. She smiles, and he does as well, grudgingly; it looks like he's going to have to thank her this time.

Episode #126 The Strongest Battle! Gaara vs. Kimimaro

Lee prepares to attack Kimimaro but Gaara notices his injuries uses his sand to stop him. Kimimaro mocks Gaara but is quickly caught in a shower of sand and sealed into the Desert Funeral attack.

Meanwhile, Naruto continues to chase Sasuke and briefly loses him. Back at the forest, encased in sand, Kimimaro remembers his childhood locked away in darkness and the day he was released to kill for the Kaguya clan. He releases his Curse Seal and breaks free of the confinement only to be covered in another more powerful attack by Gaara. Trapped again, Kimimaro thinks back to the night that left him the sole survivor of his clan and meeting Orochimaru.

As Naruto recalls Neji's last words to him, Kimimaro goes into his Second Stage and prepares for his final attack on Gaara.

Episode #127 Kimimaro and Gaara, Who Will Finish Their Battle?

Kimimaro comes for Gaara, easily avoiding every attempt to stop him and dives through his sand barrier. Lee tries to jump in but narrowly misses being seriously injured. Kimimaro removes his spinal column and uses it like a lasso to catch Gaara so he can use the largest bone in his body to attack. Gaara puts up his ultimate shield as Orochimaru and Kabuto discuss the downfall of the Kaguya clan.

Kimimaro launches his attack but the shield holds and the bone shatters completely. He tells Gaara about his bond with Orochimaru and Gaara calls him pathetic then launches his most powerful attack, burying him deep underground.

Kimimaro responds by using Sawarabi no Mae, shooting a forest of bones out of the ground. . Huge bones suddenly rise from the ground all around them.
The meadow has become a forest of dry bone trees. Above, Gaara and Rock Lee sit on floating sand cushions. Gaara is at last willing to proclaim the fight over; Kimimaro is dead. However, he is incorrect; Kimimaro's torso, and the spear, sprout off of the bone-tree next to them. Furious Kimimaro yells at them and thrusts with the bone spear. Gaara has barely begun to raise the sand barrier when Kimimaro suddenly stops; blood drips to the sandy floor below them. Kimimaro's body, solidified into bone, presides over the forest of bone like a gargoyle.
As he dies in the middle of his final move, Orochimaru declares that he does not care about Kimimaro any more.

Episode #128 Naruto Chases After Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke stand on top of immense statues. A waterfall flows in between the statues. Naruto stands on the one of Shodaime and calls to Sasuke who turns to him to reveal half his face with the cursed seal marks and a yellow eye. Naruto has a flashback to Sakura begging him to bring back Sasuke.
Sasuke tells Naruto not to concern himself with him and laughs at the look on Naruto’s face. Naruto has flashbacks to when the genin teams were assigned, being tied to the post, tree climbing, etc. Sasuke says he’ll follow his own path and he’s not obligated to take orders from anyone and tells Naruto to go home. Naruto has flashbacks to Choji, Neji, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Lee all risking their lives to catch up to Sasuke. Sasuke just says how nice of them and turns his back on Naruto. Naruto has another flashback to Shikamaru saying how they’ll bring back Sasuke as a leaf shinobi comrade. Naruto jumps over to the other statue and tackles Sasuke and punches his face. Sasuke spits blood at Naruto and says he’s going to Orochimaru. Naruto tells him Orochimaru just wants his body as a container, but Sasuke doesn’t care as long as he can achieve his objective. Naruto says he’ll take him back by force and Sasuke starts to laugh. Flashback to their fight on top of the hospital.
Sasuke picks up Naruto with one hand and punches him in the stomach so hard that Naruto spits up blood and is thrown down into the water. Sasuke is shocked at his own power. But then he flinches in pain and the cursed seal recedes and he looks normal. He notes that the power is becoming familiar with his body.
Naruto is under water and thinks about Sasuke’s power and that Sasuke is not the same as before. More flashbacks to their hospital fight. Naruto surfaces and runs on top of the water, leaps toward the statue, telling Sasuke to open his eyes. Sasuke meets him half way and lands a kick to Naruto’s face. Sasuke grabs Naruto’s back pouch and lands on top of the statue’s fingertips. Naruto falls to the water again. Sasuke says his eyes have been open for a long time and "I’ve seen beyond my own foolishness…beyond stupid thoughts of being with friends and dreaming of a future with like minded fools. That’s why I left the village, that’s why I sought power. My dreams are not of the future. My dreams are of the past."
Flashback to Itachi practicing kunai throwing with Sasuke watching. Sasuke is amazed at his brother’s skill, he was even able to hit the bullseye dead center in his blind spot behind a rock. It’s Sasuke’s turn but Itachi tells him to go home. Sasuke gives him a look and calls him a liar. Itachi makes a motion with his hand and Sasuke comes over but Itachi pokes him in the forehead and apologizes. Sasuke takes out his kunais and tells his brother to watch him, but later Sasuke injures his ankle and Itachi carries him on his back. Sasuke’s happy that he’ll be going to the Academy from tomorrow on.
Naruto takes out his shurikens and throws them at Sasuke who counters with kunais. Naruto ducks behind a large rock. Sasuke throws more kunais and shurikens hooked with wires to tie Naruto to the rock. Sasuke performs the seals for Katon Ryuuka no jutsu, fire spell: dragon fire technique and blasts Naruto with fire.

Episode #129 Itachi and Sasuke: A Faraway Existe

The episode begins with Sasuke standing on the 2nd Hokage’s statue and looking at the flaming rock where he tied up Naruto and used Katon - Ryuuka no Jutsu (Dragon Fire Technique) and the wires guided the flame towards Naruto and that is where the last episode ended. As he watches the fire, a ball of fire comes from the flame and reveals to be Naruto. Naruto punches Sasuke in the face, but the hit does not seem to affect Sasuke so Naruto continues with multiple punches to Sasuke’s face. Blood splatters onto the ground from Naruto’s punches, but still the punches still seem not to affect Sasuke. Naruto’s knuckles are beat red from the fire and Sasuke says that he will not have to use the Sharingan because Naruto is too weak for his eye’s. A flashback is shown now with Itachi grabbing Sasuke by his neck and saying that he lacked hatred. Then we return to the present and Sasuke sends Naruto flying down the statue then Sasuke jumps down and starts pounding kicks into Naruto’s stomach sending Naruto straight into the earth below. Then Sasuke throws Naruto’s Shuriken Pouch back to him. Naruto lays in a huge crater now. A number of flashback occur now but the most important flashback is the ending one where three police force members confront Itachi why he was not at the meeting last night and itachi states that he had a important mission to complete. The three members don’t believe it saying that there was one other clan member there and that was Uchiha Shisui who was Itachi's closet friend. Two of the three police members say that there was a suicidal drowning in Nakano River. Police found Shisui body and a note saying that he grew tired of the clan’s duties and said the clan had no future. The police seemed it hard to believe that a great ninja like him would kill himself. Sp the police members asked itachi if he had any involvement in his death. Itachi grew angry about there accusations and attacked the members. Itachi’s father stops him by saying that itachi has had a lot of Anbu missions lately and is very tired. Itachi is kneeled on the ground and then a glare at his father with his new Mangekyou Sharingan is formed on his eye. Back in the present Sasuke says when they last fought there was interference. But now Sasuke will show Naruto the true power of the Sharingan!

Episode #130 Father and Child, The Cracked Family Crest

This episode begins with Sasuke looking up in the sky and naruto starts to walk out of the crater. As naruto gets up and picks up his pouch, Sasuke says that he will show him the true power of the Sharingan. Naruto says that is ok and he will show sasuke his true power as well. Naruto does Kage Bushin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique) to create multiple clones of him self and sasuke states that even if naruto increased his numbers that he still could not beat him. Sasuke charges the clones destroying one after one until he can see the real naruto. Sasuke says that with his eyes he already saw naruto when he attacked the clone’s sasuke then uses Katon -Goukakyuu no Jutsu and a giant ball of fire comes from his mouth destroying most of the forest around him. A flashback occurs now with a young sasuke staring up in his room thinking about the Mangekyou Sharingan he saw in his brother’s eye. In another flashback sasuke’s father ask how the academy is going for him. Sasuke says that it is boring because he is all ways first. So Sasuke’s father decides to tech him the Katon -Goukakyuu no Jutsu. Sasuke tries the jutsu but only a small amount of fire comes from his mouth. His father says that he is not like itachi because when he taught itachi the jutsu he mastered it right away. The next few days sasuke practices the jutsu and every time more fire comes out but still he can not hold it for a large amount of time. On the final night he finally masters the jutsu and the next morning Sasuke asks his father to come back to the lake and watch him use the jutsu again. Sasuke blows a large amount of fire from his mouth and a huge ball of fire hovers over the lake. When the fire stops coming fro the young sasuke’s mouth he finally hears what he wanted from his father. “As expected from my child”. The next flashback is when sasuke goes back to the forest to try and master the Kunai combo itachi showed him in episode 128.When the knives are throw only one is stuck in the middle of the target the others are scattered around the targets. A few flashback later sasuke’s father explains about the Mangekyou Sharingan and how it needs a special condition to activate the eyes. Sasuke then asks his farther why his brother never watches him. His father states that he is a bit different. He does not like to be friendly with people. He also says that even as his father he does not understand his mind. As sasuke leaves to go to the academy he thinks that his farther does not hate his brother. Back in the present, sasuke looks around at the ashes at what used to be trees. Naruto comes out from behind a tree and sasuke starts to attack naruto but naruto defends the punches. But sasuke is able to get one hard punch into naruto’s stomach sending him spinning into the water below. Sasuke watches naruto go into the water.

Episode #131 Open Eyes! Mangekyou Sharingan's Secret!

This episode begins as naruto goes headfirst into the water with sasuke standing on top the statue looking at naruto. Sasuke says that he will pursue any darkness ahead and he will obtain power. A flashback is shown now with a younger sasuke returning home in the night. All of a sudden a sharingan user is seen on top of a light post then sasuke looks up and nobody is there. Sasuke then notices that all the lights are out in the whole block but it was not time to go to sleep. He then runs to his street to find blood and weapons all over the place. Sasuke gets scared and run home. He goes in and calls to his mother and father but no answer. Sasuke then hears a crash in a room. He goes to the door and his heart starts to pound very fast. He opens the doors slowly and sees itachi his brother coming out form the shadows in his anbu outfit. Sasuke asks his brother and a shuriken fly’s past sasuke hitting the door but blood comes out from a wound on sasuke’s shoulder. Sasuke asks itachi what he was doing and itachi uses his new Mangekyou Sharingan on his little brother. Itachi shows sasuke what he did to the clan and when the illusion is over sasuke asks his brother why he killed everybody. Itachi replies by saying he wanted to test his skills. Sasuke then charges his brother but his brother knees him in the chest and then sasuke says he is scared and runs outside and into the street. Sasuke stops running because itachi is blocking the way. Sasuke says that was not the brother he knows. Itachi says that he played the role of sasuke’s big brother the way he wanted to test sasuke’s skills. Itachi then says that sasuke is the person who has the potential to test his skills. He then says that sasuke hated him and that he wanted to surpass him. That is why itachi will let sasuke live. Itachi also states that sasuke has the power to have the Mangekyou Sharingan like him self and that one more person has that same power. Itachi explains that u must kill your best friend to get those eyes. He says that there is a secret meeting place at the bottom of a shrine and he tells sasuke to read it and see what the sharingan is really meant for. The next day sasuke wakes up in a hospital bed from being knocked out by itachi the night before. He gets out of bed and finds two nurses talking about the massacre lat night and that sasuke was the only survivor and that his older brother was missing. Sasuke then leaves the hospital and travels to his house and finds police tap there and he begins to cry knowing that he is the only member of his clan left. He goes to the shrine where itachi told him to go and he reads what the sharingan is really meant for. Back at his school a young choji and a young shikamaru are sitting in front of sasuke and choji ask if shikamaru wants to go to the candy store after school. Shikamaru acts like his lazy self and says that his mom will yell at him. He then says it would be too troublesome. In back of sasuke two boys say that sasuke’s entire clan was killed and one of the boys said that his dad had told him. Then it shows sasuke sitting on a dock and looking down at the lake below. He then sees his brother’s reflection in the water and dives into the water saying that he will kill his brother no matter what. Back in the present it shows naruto at the bottom of the lake and he floats back up to the surface. He remembers what Neji said that sasuke was in the darkness and naruto was the only person who could save him. Naruto asks sasuke what he meant to him. He also asks was he not his friend. Sasuke replies by saying that naruto have become his best friend. Naruto and sasuke then start to run naruto running from the lake and sasuke running from the statue and there run to side charging each other!

Episode #132 Friends!

This episode begins with kakashi in Tsunade’s office saying that she only sent rookie ninjas to chase after sasuke. She says that the rookies where the only ninjas around since all the other top rank ninjas where on missions. So kakashi decides to go after the rookies but as he walks out of the 5ths office sakura stops him saying that it has been two days since naruto and the others left to bring back sasuke. Sakura says that she believes in naruto, but if something was to happen to both sasuke and naruto. Kakashi then interrupts her saying not to worry naruto will bring sasuke back. Kakashi goes to the entrance of the village and summons his pack of dogs. He then tells them to go in every direction to search for sasuke’s and naruto’s scents and contact him when they find it. Kakashi then notices sakura standing behind him and he remembers when sasuke and naruto last fought on the roof of the hospital and how she wanted those two to stop before they killed each other. Then there is a flashback when kakashi had sasuke tied up to a tree and saying that he should forget about his revenge. As sasuke and naruto still charge up the 2nd’s statute sasuke grabs naruto’s punch saying that there is no kakashi or sakura this time. Sasuke steals a kunai from naruto’s pouch and throws it at naruto. Naruto pulls out a shuriken and throws it at the kunai and both weapons collide then sasuke kicks naruto sending him into the water then he lands on the statue and performs seals and a chidori crackles on sasuke’s hand. Naruto says that sasuke is crazy and uses kage bushin no jutsu to create one clone of him self and the clone starts to put chakra in the form of a sphere on naruto’s hand. Sasuke heads straight into the water and naruto finishes his rasengen and both attacks collide creating a huge ball of water. As the attack ends both ninjas are sent flying back. Sasuke floats back up to the surface of the water and stands on the water naruto also come back up to the surface but just lies there on his back in the water and stares into the sky. Naruto then stands up on the water and then sasuke’s curse seal starts to spread around his whole body. As the seal stops to spread sasuke says that naruto is to naïve and uses Katon-Housenka no jutsu (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique). Naruto avoids the balls of fire but sasuke appears to the side of naruto kicking him in the side of the face sending him into the water. Then a flashback is shown when sasuke and naruto where little kids. Naruto explains that when he first met sasuke he was happy to find somebody a lone like he was and he really wanted to talk to him. But he never said anything. Back in the present naruto gets up from the kick but was to slow and sasuke delivers a hard strike to naruto’s stomach making naruto spit some water from his mouth. Back in the flashback, naruto says that sasuke could do everything and was very popular with everybody so naruto thought of sasuke as his rival. Even when naruto and sasuke where on the same team there relationship never changed. Back in the present sasuke delivers a hard fist to naruto’s face. In the flashback naruto says that he never wanted to tell sasuke the truth. That he wanted to be just like him. Naruto says that sasuke was his inspiration. Then one time sasuke said that he really wanted to fight naruto like he wanted to fight sasuke. So when sasuke said those words it made naruto really happy. To know that sasuke had finally accepted naruto. Back in the present sasuke has naruto by his shirt with his chidori crackling. Naruto starts to say that sasuke really was serious about defeating him. Red chakra starts to pour out from naruto. Naruto’s nails grow long and sharp and his eye’s change to a red color. Later on naruto has red chakra pouring from him saying that he will break sasuke’s arms and legs to stop him.

Episode #133 Roar of Tears! You Are My Friend!

A huge explosion comes from naruto. Sasuke says that is naruto and he also says what was the red chakra coming from naruto before. Sasuke then asks what naruto is and naruto says he is sasuke’s friend and he will not let him go to orochimaru! Naruto also said that is why he would break sasuke’s arms and legs to stop him from going. Naruto then punches the air and water goes flying towards sasuke knocking him back then naruto charges him. Naruto punches sasuke with a hard first then naruto starts to punch sasuke sending him up into the air. Sasuke lands on the water but naruto is appears above sasuke sending him like a missile the water. As a giant hole where sasuke was standing disappears naruto starts to howl like the fox inside him. Sasuke emerges from the water next to a wall naruto uses his new found speed to charge sasuke and kick him sending sasuke flipping back in the water. Sasuke recovers from the fall but naruto is right there and start to attack him with hard strikes sending sasuke stomach up in the water. Naruto back flips onto a wall and then into the air. Sasuke quickly performs some seals and uses katon- goukakyuu no jutsu (great fire ball technique) and a massive ball of fire comes from sasuke’s mouth but due to naruto’s strength from the fox inside him he is able to block the ball of flame putting it out causing a massive shockwave of water form the spot where sasuke and naruto are. With sasuke still on his back, naruto comes down and shoves to kicks into sasuke’s stomach sending sasuke back down into the dark water. Under the water naruto starts to strike sasuke with punches. Sasuke swims back up to the surface but naruto uppercuts him putting him in the air. Then naruto kicks sasuke in the head and grabs sasuke’s legs and throws him into the rock wall. Naruto grabs sasuke by his shirt and tells him that he is going to beat sasuke up and drag him back! Sasuke tells naruto to shut up saying that what does naruto know about him, having no siblings or parents. Sasuke says that naruto was alone from the start what does he know! He also says that families suffer because on there bounds and that naruto does not know how it feels to lose them! Sasuke grabs naruto’s arms and jumps off the crater they where in and naruto’s smoke bombs fall out of naruto’s pouch and when the two friends pass a edge of the rock wall smoke covers the air. Both of the ninja’s hop onto a log and get into a fighting stance. As the smoke clears from the bombs naruto states that it is true that he does not know anything about parents or siblings, But when he is with iruka he wonders, if that is what having a dad is like. Naruto also states that when he is with sasuke he wonders if that is what having a brother is like. Sasuke asks why naruto would go this far for him. Naruto says that was one of the first bounds he had with somebody. That is why naruto will stop sasuke. Sasuke takes out his headband and puts it around his forehead and says that it is too late for him to go back. The long sasuke is standing on snaps and sasuke stands on the water and grabs a piece of wood and throws it at naruto’s log and his log snaps also. A third dot appears on sasuke’s sharingan and he says for naruto to come. That he will break the bounds of there friendship! Naruto asks why sasuke put his headband on and sasuke says that he has acknowledged naruto because he shares the same pain of loneliness he has. Sasuke says that naruto won’t even be able to put a scratch on his forehead and that fact will never change. Naruto says that what ever he says does not matter to sasuke. Naruto charges sasuke with incredible speed. Sasuke pulls out a pole of wood and throws it at naruto and pole seems to explode and sasuke sees naruto’s movement now because of his new sharingan and blocks naruto’s punch and flips him over his head and naruto lands and does a spinning kick to sasuke’s head but sasuke avoids the kick then naruto tries to deliver a few strikes but sasuke delivers his own fist to naruto’s jaw causing naruto to roll over and try a strike again but sasuke jumps onto the rock wall and gets into a fighting stance again. Naruto follows sasuke up and starts to attack but sasuke avoids all of the fists. Sasuke delivers a hard strike to naruto sending him into the water. We then see kakashi running to catch up to sasuke and naruto. Naruto appears out of the water with 4 bushins which sasuke destroys. Naruto then grabs sasuke legs and using a chain of bushins throws sasuke into a rock wall again. Sasuke uses Katon – Ryuuka no jutsu (dragon fire technique) Destroying all of the bushins. As all of the bushins drop into the water the fox inside naruto opens his eye. Sasuke grabs naruto and pile drives him into the ground below. Inside naruto the fox says that he is too weak. The fox starts to laugh and says that naruto should be thankful to him. He also says that when he was sealed by the fourth hokage! Naruto lies in the water on his back and red chakra starts to cover his body naruto gets up and punches sasuke right in the face sending him spinning into the water. Naruto grows a tail made of chakra and moves like a fox attack sasuke making sasuke get up on to a log. Sasuke says that he cant follow naruto’s movements like before. Sasuke starts to shoot balls of flame at naruto but naruto avoids them then sasuke uses katon- goukakyuu no jutsu (great fire ball technique) but the red chakra protects him. Sasuke lands in the water and a huge red hand grabs sasuke pushing him into the rock wall. Sasuke is forced to use his curse seal but the hand still grabs sasuke and naruto punches sasuke in the face causing him to go back into the wall. Sasuke laughs and says he is going to use the second level of his curse seal. As the curse seals attach together sasuke’s hair grows longer and his nails extend and his skin becomes a light brown color and a huge black mark appears above sasuke’s nose. Sasuke says that he is more special the naruto!

Episode #134 The Worst Conclusion and the Rain of Tears

Sasuke activates in his curse seal level 2 form and is laughing and naruto says is that how sasuke means special. Sasuke laughs and says that he has a feeling he will not lose. Naruto charges sasuke and puts his hand in the ground and crack the ground and hits sasuke with a devastating punch causing him to go into the rock wall like a missile and lands on the statue’s foot. The smoke clears form where sasuke hit and shows a wing coming out of sasuke’s back. The wing on sasuke’s back opens and naruto notices the wing and defends, but the wing sends naruto into the other statue’s foot. Naruto gets up and looks over to sasuke and another wing grows on his back as well. As the wings are fully out sasuke starts to feel pain. A flashback is shown now when sakon told sasuke about the level 2 form and how if he uses it for long his body will be lost forever. Naruto gets up and his left hand is boiling. Naruto says that he can not feel his left hand. Sasuke says that naruto’s powers are risky to him. Sasuke also states that the place is called the valley of the end and says that it is the perfect stage for them to battle. Sasuke says that the time for talking is over and they will finish the battle with the next move! A flashback is shown now when teams where chosen. Team 7 was naruto, sakura, and sasuke which naruto was not too happy about and sakura was. Sasuke tells naruto not to get in his way. Another flashback is shown when naruto was tied up to a log and sakura had given naruto food which kakashi told them not to do. The three of them say that they are a team and are one. Then another flashback where sasuke is asking naruto if he is all right. Then another flashback is shown when naruto stopped a snake from killing sasuke and naruto asks if sasuke is ok. Another flashback is shown and sasuke says that he wants to fight naruto which in another flashback naruto says the same thing. In another flashback it shows sasuke saying he will protect naruto and sakura form the sand ninjas. Another flashback is shown where naruto break out the sand coffin and says he will protect sakura no matter what. Then the last flashback is shown where naruto and sasuke are standing on top of the roof of a hospital getting ready to battle naruto tells sasuke to put his headband on but sasuke says naruto won’t even be able to scratch his forehead. Naruto and sasuke charge each other with the chidori and the rasengen and sakura is running too stop them. Back in the present sasuke performs some seals and a chidori forms on his hand. Naruto gets up and his red chakra swings on the back of him and a rasengen forms on his hand as well. Sasuke’s chidori becomes a dark chidori and naruto’s rasengen appears as a big sphere on his hand. Both of the ninjas charge each other with there ultimate jutsus crackling. Thee two powerful jutsus collide with red chakra coming form naruto and blue chakra coming from sasuke. They both say there jutsus name’s naruto says Rasengen! Sasuke says Chidori! Then a white light appears and goes back to when the jutsus collided and purple chakra comes from both of them then sasuke hits naruto with his chidori and naruto scratches sasuke’s headband and a huge dark sphere is around the two ninjas and kakashi senses the chakra and rushes to them! It then shows naruto and sasuke weak and hovering in the sphere looking at each other. Then a flashback is shown with a young sasuke and a young naruto crossing there fingers and smiling. Then in the present we see sasuke lying on the ground and sasuke above him. The sun shines though the clouds and a spotlight is around sasuke and naruto and the light grows smaller and smaller and disappearing on naruto’s face. Sasuke stares down at naruto and his headband becomes untied and falls beside naruto. Rain begins to pour down and sasuke feels a sharp pain in his arm and grabs it. Sasuke falls and looks naruto straight in the face and then kakashi arrives at the valley of the end but sasuke is no where to be seen. Kakashi walks over to naruto and looks at naruto and puts him on his back and says that he was sorry he didn’t make it in time. Kakashi also states that naruto went all out. Sasuke is walking thought the forest and remembers what his dad said to him when he mastered a jutsu in only a week. Then he remembers what his mom said about his dad always taking about sasuke to his mom and then itachi is talking to sasuke saying that he is the thing sasuke must over come then he remembers when itachi killed his clan and said he was capable of using the Mangekyou Shringan. But sasuke must kill his closet friend. Pakun says that the valley of the end was ironic for sasuke and naruto to fight there. Kakashi agrees and says that if u observe the river it seems like it goes on forever stopping to only make a battle. Kakashi also states that naruto and sasuke are like the 1st and 2nd hokages. Naruto opens his eyes and kakashi is startled. Sasuke says that he will not do what his brother wants him to do. He also states that he will obtain power in his own way. That he will surpass his brother in his own way! Sasuke then walks into darkness. Naruto is still on kakashi’s back and kakashi says that the rain has stopped. Pakun says that he can not track sasuke because of the rain. As kakashi and pakun head home a Venus-fly trap like body appears from under the earth. The man inside the trap says that things have become interesting. The man’s body is one half light and one half dark and he is wearing an akatsuki robe!

Episode #135 The Broken Promise

Naruto still on kakashi’s back, goes though the woods. Naruto asks kakashi where sasuke is but kakashi does not answer .Then some medical ninjas appear behind and beside kakashi and asks how naruto is. Kakashi says that he is fine and the medical ninja asks where sasuke is and kakashi shakes his head no. Kakashi asks how the other genins are and the medical says that 2 medical teams picked up the ninjas. The medical ninja also says that shikamaru has a minor injury and kiba has a deep wound but his life is not in danger. Chouji and neji are in critical condition. Naruto opens his eyes again and sees his friends running though the woods at the start of the mission. The Konoh hospital is shown now with chouji with the 5th flipping though the pages of a huge book. The 5th starts to stir a mixture and asks for a deer’s antler. Kiba asks his sister how akamaru and his sister says that his muscles are damaged and that he could not walk for a while and kiba says that is good and he tries to get up but his sister says that he would not be able to walk for a while too. In a intense care room in the hospital a huge seal is around neji and four medical ninjas are at all of the edges. One of the ninjas says that they need to keep chakra on the wound. Shikamaru is fooling around with his fingers out in the waiting room where chouji is and temari says that it is pointless to be so fidgety. She also says that sacrifices are an inevitable part of missions. She asks him if he received emotional training. He says that training is different then combat. He also states that he knew what missions would consist of, and that he thought he understood the would of ninjas was like. That is when he was made a team captain for a mission and now he understands that he is not cut out to be a ninja. Temari says that he is very boring even though he is acting like a man. Shikamaru says that he should not have been team captain for this mission that he was too naïve and that he didn’t have enough strength. He also states that is was his entire fault his friends got hurt. Temari asks him if he is afraid of being hurt. Shikamaru starts to walk away and his dad says that he has been talked down by a girl and now he is running away. Shikamaru says that it is too troublesome that he does not want a argument and that he is not a girl. His dad says that he is not a man either just a spineless coward. His dad says that even if shikamaru quits being a ninja missions will still occur. Shikamaru’s dad also states that someone will carry out the missions. His dad states that shikamaru’s friends will be assigned a new leader and then they might all die. His dad continues by saying that if shikamaru was there captain, his friends might not die. His dad says that if shikamaru looks at that mission it might be a learning experience, and he would grow from it. His dad finishes by saying that maybe shikamaru will be able to carry out missions perfectly. His dad also states that if shikamaru’s friends are really important to him before he runs away he should consider becoming greater for the sake of his friends. His dad finishes by saying that is what a true friend is! The red light on the medical room door disappears and the 5th comes out and says that everything will be alright. One of the medical ninjas comes down from the hallway and says that neji is in stable condition. She also says that kakashi has come back with naruto and naruto has some injures but his life is not in danger. The 5th tells shikamaru that the mission was a failure but everybody is alive and that is the most important thing. Shikamaru begins to cry saying that the next time he will carry out the mission perfectly. As for sasuke he is now in orochimaru place and he tells sasuke that sasuke is the chosen one for his body. Sasuke interrupts him and tells him to hurry and give him power. The hospital is shown again with naruto sitting in his room with sasuke’s leaf headband in his lap. Naruto remembers when he first saw sasuke and when he promised to saukra to bring sasuke back. Shikamaru appears in naruto’s room and says that he is awake for once. Ino and sakura are down in the lobby and ino says she is going to go she chouji first. Sakura says that she will go see naruto and sasuke first. In his room naruto says that he is glad about everybody being all right. Shikamaru asks naruto what happened to sasuke and naruto says that he got away. Sakura was at the door and she heard what naruto said and she was shocked that sasuke was not back. The 5th is seen walking down where sakura is and asks sakura if she came to visit naruto the 5th opens the door to see naruto and shikamaru talking. Naruto notices sakura come in and tells her about what happened and he says that he will bring sasuke back! Later on, naruto hears a loud noise coming from the outside of his room. Naruto sees jiraiya on top of a huge toad. Jiraiya tells naruto that he wants naruto to come train with him fro 3 years too stop Akatsuki from getting the demon in naruto. Naruto agrees to go with him and train and train to become stronger and develop more powerful jutsus too bring sasuke back! In a dark cave the akatsuki member’s are all together which they haven’t been for 7 years since orochimaru left the akatsuki. The leader says that they will kill him and obtain the kyuubi fox in naruto!

Episode #136
Infiltration Investigation!? The Super-S Class Mission Which Has Finally Come!

This episode begins with medical ninja’s running around the ramen stand searching for Naruto. As the medical ninjas run past the ramen stand, a person wearing a black hood reviles to be Naruto. Naruto finishes his bowl of ramen and asks the chef for more. Shizune appears behind Naruto and says that he snuck out of the hospital and he is probably thinking of sneaking out to train. Naruto smiles and asks the medical ninjas if they want some. A second later Naruto is on the ground and tied up. Shizune pays for the bill as Naruto struggles at the rope. Naruto says that he is fine. Shizune replies by saying that Naruto may look ok on the outside but he is still beat up. Naruto says that he is not and he needs to train to become stronger. He also says he needs to keep his promise to Sakura. Sakura is standing on a bridge and says that she is pathetic right now. A flashback is shown now when Sakura told Naruto to bring Sasuke back. She also says that she could not do it and she was not able to stop Sasuke. The flashback finishes with Sakura saying that the only person who could bring Sasuke back.
Back in the presence Sakura says that she only cried and relied on Naruto and that she could not do anything. Sakura also says that Naruto could have lost his life; he would have brought Sasuke back. Sakura is then shown at her house packing a large pack and saying what she could do for Sasuke right now. She says that this time she will risk her life to bring Sasuke back.
Back in Naruto’s hospital room he tries to free his hands from a rope. Shizune says that it’s pointless that he can’t break those ropes. Naruto tells her that she should check up on him more often. He says he needs to start training so he can become stronger. Shizune says that he should listen to the medical team and rest quietly. Just then somebody knocks on the door. Shizune tells the person to come in. Sakura is the one at the door. Naruto waves to her and says he is sorry about him being tied up and if he could he would be moving a lot sooner. Shizune says that his regenerative powers are amazing but he can’t over do it. Naruto says that he is fine. But Shizune tells him to bear it a little longer the Shizune leaves. Naruto asks Sakura if she could just wait a little longer and says that he will keep that promise no matter what. Sakura says that it is fine and that all she did was depend on Naruto and she did nothing. Naruto ask if anything happened. Sakura says no and also states that now that she has seen Naruto’s cheerful face she is relieved. Sakura goes to the door and opens it and says that this time she will do her best then she leaves. Jiraiya appears on Naruto’s bed and says that he heard Naruto suck out of the hospital. He also states that Naruto wants to train that badly. Naruto is surprised to see Jiraiya there and he says that he is eating his apple. Jiraiya says that Naruto seems to be doing fine. He also states that Naruto is doing better then he thought and that he could untie those ropes right away. Naruto mentions the training and that they could wait a little bit because he has something to do. In the 5ths office Jiraiya appears and the 5th asks if he was peeping, Jiraiya says he does not peep on old women and the 5th gets mad. Jiraiya says it was a joke and has a favor to ask of the 5th. Later at night, Naruto remembers when Sakura came and said that this time she will do her best. Naruto says that she might be going after Sasuke. Naruto struggles with the ropes and finally rips them off. Sakura is then shown running though the forest. Sakura looks back and that village and jumps down from the branch she was on. She says this might be her last farewell and Naruto appears behind her. Sakura says that she knows what Naruto is thinking and that no matter what she tries she can’t do anything. But she was always just sitting around doing nothing on depending on everybody else. But this time she will do things by her self. Naruto says he won’t stop her but he is going with her. Naruto says that even though it is only he and Sakura there are a three man team! Jiraiya appears and Sakura says that he is one of the legendary Sannin. Jiraiya says that if Naruto and Sakura leave the village they will be considered missing-ninjas and will be hunted down Naruto says that it is useless to try and stop them. Jiraiya says that he will not stop them and that they have a mission form the 5th. The mission is to investigate
The rice filed country where the hidden sound village is located, the mission requires a 3 man team and Jiraiya accepts both of them as his students from there on out! Back in the 5th’s office. She remembers what Jiraiya told her and that he wanted her to issue a special mission. Jiraiya says that he will protect Sakura and Naruto with his life. Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya run though the forest and Sakura sees Sasuke running though the forest in front of them. The team arrives at the county in the morning and Jiraiya says that this is Orochimaru’s stronghold. Naruto says it disappointing because he though Orochimaru’s men would rush out. Jiraiya says that they are not in the hidden village they are in just another country. Naruto asks where the hidden village is. Jiraiya says that he does not know and that is why they were sent to look for it. Jiraiya says that they will go looking for people and where there is people there are women. Naruto say that Jiraiya’s bad habit is kicking in. The team arrives at a deserted street.. Sakura and Naruto say that it looks like nobody is there bur Jiraiya senses people. Jiraiya tells Naruto to give him his wallet and Naruto does and Jiraiya heads off into the town. Jiraiya look around the town and a butch of red eyes are glaring at him but he does not seem to notice. He goes up to an old building and says he smells face powder and goes in. Women greet him and some of the girls call him a sucker and are going to get all of his money. Jiraiya goes and sits at a table and asks for women and sake. Naruto is sitting on a rock and Sakura standing next to it. Naruto says that even though they gave him money he won’t gather information. Back in the building, Jiraiya says that countries differ but he is glad there are pretty young girls every where. One of the women asks him if he wants to move into a different room. The other says that they want a more in depth talk with him. The owner comes up and gives Jiraiya the bill. Jiraiya asks if she is drunk because the bill has too many zeros. The woman says that it is a joke and rings a bell on her skirt. A door opens and a huge group of men are there. The three girls run and Jiraiya looks over and the men all have huge weapons! The woman says if he wants to live he will leave his stuff here and run. Jiraiya laughs and says that is what it is about. Back with Naruto and Sakura, Sakura says that Jiraiya is late. Naruto says that he is sick of waiting Sakura hears a sound in the bushes and multiple kunai’s come flying at them. Naruto dodges and throws some of his own kunai’s at the person in the bushes. The person jumps out of the bushes and pulls out more kunai’s. Naruto lands and asks the person if he is one of Orochimaru’s students. The person says he got it wrong and pulls out a smoke bomb and throws it at the ground below and disappears in the smoke. When the smoke clears spikes cover the ground below. Jiraiya screams and runs out of the town. Naruto asks Jiraiya what he did. Jiraiya says they will discuss it later but they should run! Naruto says that he will use his Kage Bushin No Jutsu (Shadow Clone Jutsu) But Jiraiya tells him that the people are just bodyguards and there is no point in using ninja arts! Naruto and Sakura run and Sakura says how they will find Sasuke this way. The person that attacked Naruto and Sakura before is seen running though the forest. The person is running to a entrance!

Episode #137 Town of Outlaws. Shadow of the Fuumaa Group

The episode opens with Jiraiya, Naruto, Sakura in a hut somewhere in the Rice country. Jiraiya plan what the groups next move, Jiraiya decides to go to the next lodging town on the map, which Naruto & Sakura response by said that Jiraiya just wanted to go to some more bars and hit on women.Once they entered the town they'll discover that this town was worser than the last. Once Jiraiya spotted an bar naruto and Sakura said that they don't have any money left but Jiraiya give them some money to get some food and go to the edge of town and wait for him, he then went on to said that getting info at the bar isn't an place for their young eye's to see and he'll sacrifice himself and go investigate. Naruto and Sakura then grab something to eat and walked to the edge of town, Sakura then said that she thinks that Sasuke isn't in the country anymore which make Naruto resure her that they won't know if they don't look and said that they'll will find him.

They then meet the ninja that they encounter in the last episode and discover that the ninja is hurt. Then bunch of kunai are throw and naruto grabbed the injured ninja and sakura start to ran away. They then encounter two other ninjas and have a small fight with but used jutsu to escape. Ninjas that attacked them are reviled to be working with Orochimaru and have an tracker place on naruto and sakura to know where they went and disappear with the wind.

We then return to Jiraiya who is with two women and ask them if they heard anything about the hidden sound village which they response that they don't know anything about any sound village, then one other women who overheard them said that she have an good customer that knows a good deal of info about it and she will let jiraiya meet him. They then walk into an alleyway which turns into an trap for jiraiya. A group of ninja then try to rob him not knowing who he is, they then shot arrow at him but he cover himself with his ninpou hari jizou and have the arrow bounds off of him. Piss off he again ask that anyone knows anything about the hidden sound village, the leader of the group said that the group is an clan of shinobi and will spare jiraiya life if he give's them some money, once knowing this jiraiya then said he now he dosent have to hold back now and explains that an ninja isn't someone who don't use ninjutsu for stealing, the leader then charge jiraiya and jiraiya use rasengan on him, the leader then

gets back up and bow down to jiraiya and asks for his forgiveness and his name. Jiraiya then tell him who he is and the leader tells the others to bow down too or they might be killed which they all do and the leader apologize to jiraiya not knowing that jiraiya was one of the legendary Sannin of Konoha and begs for forgiveness. Jiraiya then said its ok and asks them again about the hidden sound village which the leader explains that are many clans in the Rice country including themselves,the Fuuma clan, were doing their duties without any problems until orochimaru showed up.

We then return to naruto and sakura who caring to the ninja they saved, sakura then offer to heal the Ninjas wounds,she then finds out that the ninja is an girl and kicked out naruto out of the hut they were in, Naruto not knowing that the ninja is an girl is mad that he got kicked out and then try to take an peek in the hut but then gets punch by sakura who then went to heal the ninja wound. While on the ground saw an spider and got up from the ground, sakura then calls for him and he finally finds out that the ninja is a girl and is shock but then remember when he grab her he felt something and then got hit again by sakura. The girl then reviled that she is Fuuma Sasame, naruto then asked her why the ninjas from before was after her and sakura then said that they might be able to help her, sasame then explain that the ninjas were sound nins and the guards of orochimaru mansion and apologize for being mistook as an sound nin, naruto and sakura then tell sasame that they are also looking for orochimaru and ask her if she knew anymore which she said yes.

Sasame then explain about how the feudal lord wanted to increase his supply of provision and a war began in the kingin country, she explains how the Rice country is an small country and how the number of shinobi is limited. The war was an hopeless war that they knew they were going to lose and the suffering they got from the war, even them, the Fuuma clan suffered, for those who survived the war, some of abandoned the Rice country and even lose their dignity and became thieves. However the Fuuma clan believing that one day they could have an revival hid in the shadows and continued to survive, at that time an messenger of the newest person who wanted to expand the Rice country was Kimimaru and he asked the Fuuma clan if they could give some of their jutsu to orochimaru and told them that might even get the chance to be in the service of the feudal lord if they work for orochimaru. Her Cousin, Arashi, was the clan's hope of revival went with kimimaru as the clan's representative to the sound village but wasn't heard from again. Sasame then explain that she wanted to save arashi and that her reason why she wanted to go to the hidden sound village alone, Naruto then said that he'll help Sasame and save her cousin. They are then attack by the sound nins from before and naruto fall in a massive pit.

Episode #138 The Promise Betrayed, The Fleeting Request

Naruto clones are sinking into a massive quicksand pit Kagerou´s jutsu created. Jiariya appears, summons a mid-size frog and it uses its tongue to save one of Narutos. Kagerou throws a kunai and hits, but it was only a clone. Naruto uses another clone to attack Kagerou, who dodges by jumping out of his hole. Naruto forms Rasengan and hits Kagerou in air, causing him to fly in a spin and hit a rocky wall behind him hardly. Naruto then wants to deliver final blow but is stopped by Jiraiya´s warning about two another enemies. The other shinobi quickly appear, catch wounded Kagerou and escape. Naruto then controls the state of Sakura and also Sasame, which makes Sakura jealous.
After a few walking Jiraiya asks who the girl is and is misunderstood by both Sakura and Naruto for being more perverted than they imagined. Argument is stopped then, Sasame is introduced by Sakura as Fuuma clan member, so Jiraiya tells the other about the Fuuma clan members he fought in the town and he also has to tell that he still doesn´t know Orochimaru´s hideout location. Sasame says she knows the way and will lead them.
In the very end of forrest they come to mountains where according to Sasame Orochimaru´s lair is. Jiraiya persuades the other to make an eating delay and gives some food to all. Sasame offers to prepare some tea and slips a poison into the cups. All Konoha shinobi drinks and fall asleep. Sasame fires a flare, which is seen by the three shinobi who was going after Sasame before and fought Naruto lately. They announce that Sasame is doing well and that Orochimaru-sama will acknowledge the power of Fuuma clam more when they bring him some heads of Konoha ninjas. Hurt Kagerou is told to stay behind and the other two leave immediatelly.
Sasame runs in forest, as she fallls in a rope trap set by the three. When she´s freed, first she asks them about the fate of Arashi and is told that he´s training with Orochimaru and she will see him, if she will serve Orochimaru as they do. After arriving into a place with poisoned Jiraiya team, Sasame refuses to kill them, so one shinobi hits her with his weapon, but she´s caught by Naruto, which reveals that they used Kawarimi no Jutsu - replacement technique. Sakura then takes care of Sasame, as Naruto steps forward to find things out. Fuuma Shinobi tells to Naruto´s question that Sasame wasn´t forced into this trick, and in flashback is an agreement among Sasame and the three, that she should use a potion to make them sleep and take them to interrogation to Orochimaru´s stronghold. She agreed in order to meet Arashi. Naruto then fights the guy, who is using weird scissors-looking weapon and defeats him quickly using Kage Bunshin and then Naruto Rendan. The other guy tries to escape, but is stopped by Jiraiya, who splits the poisoned tea into his face and then hits him with Rasengan. All looks like the fight is over, but suddenly Sakura shouts and Naruto is lucky to dodge kunai knives thrown by Kagerou. Jiraiya informs Kagerou, that his Doton techniques are off use in rocky area. Kagerou has to admit it, thinking about the life stages of ant lion. He quickly turns into a metamorphosis stage and rises as a young winged woman. Then he says that in order to rise the clan she will use a once-in-a-lifetime technique. The technique is called Kagerou Ninpo, Uta-kata (My secret arts: Ephemeral Vengeance) and causes her wings to change into lightnings and attack Naruto and Jiraiya, who uses Frog Mouth Trap to save them. Kagerou is sad, praying for glory for her clan, and teleports herself and the two beaten Fuuma. Naruto sees that they have no other wish than revive the clan and has respect for the self sacrifying jutsu, but also sees that Orochimaru is their enemy and the land´s greatest plague.
Kagerou teleported herself and the other two close to Orochimaru´s lair. Two Fuuma beg Orochimaru to use a medical jutsu and save their comrade´s life. Orochimaru refuses, so Fuuma shinobi attack him as a betrayer, but are so quickly slain, that Orochimaru himself even doesn´t have to stand up. (Interesting also is, that Orochimaru looks like he does before he use his immortality jutsu.) Orochimaru just laughs...

Episode #139 Fear! Orochimaru's Castle!

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Episode #140 Two Beats, Kabuto's Trap!

The episode begins with Orochimaru, Kabuto and Sakura having their encounter within the hidden sound village domain. Sakura questions Orochimaru on whether Sasuke is alive or not. Orochimaru tells Kabuto to tell her the truth which is that Sasuke wasn’t strong enough to maintain the power of the curse seal and died after his battle with Naruto. Sakura is in disbelief and begins to cry and Kabuto decides to put her out of her misery and kill her. As a kunai is thrown straight at her, she remembers past events and at the same time, Naruto calls out for Sakura telling her not to believe anything he says, it’s all a lie! Naruto fights with Kabuto and uses the kage bushin no jutsu and begins to play around with Kabuto making him waste his kunais. As the clones come out of hiding, Kabuto uses a fire technique that blows all the clones away. Kabuto thinks he won but behind him Naruto strikes with the Rasengan!!
Kabuto gets blown away towards the wall, as Sakura and Naruto walk towards him to confront him, Naruto stops and Kabuto tells him about the chakra threads he put on him just before he went flying. He told Naruto to look closely on where the threads led, it turns out that the threads led to his heart telling Naruto that if he kills himself, he’ll take down Naruto with him. Kabuto then pulls out his own heart and to the fright of Sakura. He then tells Naruto to make sure he says hi to Sasuke up there and he squeezes his heart to pressurize the chakra threads and they begin to hurt Naruto.
Sakura tries to cut the threads with a kunai but it won’t cut because their made out of chakra. All of the sudden, Sasame comes from nowhere and hands Sakura a seal and instructs her to place it on the handle of the kunai and the threads will cut. Sakura does it and it works. Naruto and Kabuto separate as the chakra seems to have hurt both parties badly. Naruto falls over and Sakura goes over to see how he is. Naruto looks dead and Sakura begins to cry saying out Naruto’s name; then his heartbeat returns and Sakura looks up to see Naruto’s face all red. Naruto says his chest hurts and gets a punch for making Sakura worry.
Naruto explains afterwards that Sasame was the one who saved Naruto and Gamakichi from the underwater trap and Sakura asks how Sasame’s seal cut the threads. Sasame explains that the heart chakra thread technique used is one of the Fuuma Clan. Naruto goes over to the dead body of Kabuto to reveal he is actually a Fuuma clan Jounin where he continues to tell Naruto and the others where Orochimaru is. He points to a huge door on the other side of the room and when they go there, they begin to open it to find, none other than Arashi, Sasame’s cousin.

Episode #141 Sakura's Determination

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Episode #142 The Evil Trio of the High Security Installation!

at the beginning all the genin are training. Lee seams to be fit enough to train very hard. All the kids at the academy are saying goodbye to the sand ninja as they leave kohona. Jyiara visits naruto and tells him that he won’t be able to train which annoyed him off a lot. At the ninja felony prison some guy with purple hair steals a tool (guessing to use as a weapon). There are 2 fat guys Fuujin and Raijin who have a very large appetite break out of their cell with out any problem (very strong) and encounter a guard. They get very mad when they find out he has no food. Luckily another guard has some food which apparently save his life because they get out of control when they get mad. But when they get back to their cell they smell food and go searching for it. They encounter someone they called their brother(same guy that stole the tool). Tusende calls Asuma and kurenai sensei and asks them to investigate something that has to do with the incident when naruto stole the scroll at the beginning of the series. She also says it has to do with Orochimaru it turns out that Naruto was listening and looks like he is really pissed. When asuma and kurenai get to the ninja prison the are met with the 2 fat guys. But later on they realise that all the inmates have escaped. Naruto finds Asuma and kurenai on the ground and looks really scared.

Episode #143 Run, Ton-ton! I'm depending on your nose!

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Episode #144 Newly formed three man cell! Two people and an animal!

At the beginning, Iruka is fighting Mizuki while Naruto surrounds Fuujin and Raijin with his clones using Kage Bushin no Jutsu. Naruto's clones attack three times but fail because Fuujin and Raijin are too strong. Iruka asks Mizuki why he's betraying his Konoha comrades and he says he wants power, Orochimaru's power. Meanwhile, all of Naruto's clones are gone. Mizuki runs away and Iruka follows. Then Naruto leaves to follow Iruka and Mizuki. Fuujin and Raijin think this is a game of tag. (Yeah, they're dumb) While Naruto follows the others, he gets caught by Fuujin and Raijin. Iruka and Mizuki start fighting in somewhere desolate. Naruto tries to distract Fuujin and Raijin with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, but they use strength to defeat all clones. Naruto again uses Kage Bunshin, but they surround the brothers (Fuujin and Raijin) and run around them in circles. Naruto traps them and tries to use Rasangan. Meanwhile, there's a flashback on Iruka and Mizuki's childhood. The rasangan fails and as the brothers are about to kill Naruto, Shikamaru comes to rescue him along with Ino and Chouji.

Episode #145 Explosion! New formation! Ino-Shika-Cho

At the beginning, Shikamaru has Kagemane no Jutsu on Fuujin and Raijin. Ino and Chouji are with him. Shikamaru tells Naruto to leave and let them handle Fuujin and Raijin. (Naruto is chasing Mizuki) Meanwhile, Iruka is fighting Mizuki. Back to Shikamaru and others, Fuujin and Raijin are resisting against Kagemane. Ino controls one of the two with her Shintenshin no Jutsu. Meanwhile, Mizuki is talking to Iruka about his life as a Konoha ninja and how Iruka is so spoiled. Later, Mizuki is fighting Iruka in the building where they had the test to become an academy teacher. Meanwhile, Ino loses control of the body and Shikamaru uses Kage Kushibari no Jutsu. (Kagemane turns into a hand and starts gripping enemy) Then Ino uses Shinrenshin no Jutsu. (mind-body confusion technique) Chouji then uses Babun Baika no Jutsu,(partial multi size technique) and thats Ino-Shika-Chou new formation. At the end of the episode, the building Iruka and Mizuki are fighting in explodes.

Episode #146 Leftover Ambitions and Orochimaru

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #147 Fateful Showdown! You Won't Defeat Me

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #148 Super Pursuit Power Even Akamaru Is Jealous Of! Seek The Mysterious Bikouchuu

The episode starts off with Hinata, Kiba, and Shino at the hospital on their way to visit Kurenai. They run into Tsunade and Shizune (Tsunade doesn't wanna work). Then Kiba and Shino start teasing Hinata on the fact that she fainted the last time she went to visit Naruto. Hinata opens the door to Kurenai's room to find herself face to face with Naruto who is hanging from the ceilling. Hinata turns bright red being so close to Naruto and nervously headbuts him sending him flying across the room. Then Hinata faints (again) and finds herself waking up in a hospital bed an hour later. Kurenai is talking with Shizune reguarding the Mizuki affair (F.Y.I. he came back after Orochimaru experimented on him and was defeated by Naruto and Iruka). He doesn't know anything about Sasuke, or Orochimaru's whereabouts (big surprise). Everyone then notices Naruto outside arguing w/ Granny Tsunade concerning Sasuke's rescue mission. Tsunade still won;t budge since they have no clue as to where he is. Cut to Neji training with Hinata's dad with Kiba and Shino waiting outside. Hinata leaves w/ Kiba and Shino to go train. Meanwhile Neji is told by Hinata's father that protecting Hinata would be a good training meathod (wut an ass). Cut to Hinata breathing heavy in the forest with waves of Shirukens coming at her from the right and left. She activates her Byakuugan and in a sec there's about 100 broken shirukens on the ground. Break time! Kiba and Shino complement Hinata's diligence. They both think she's almost mastered "IT". They all then talk about teamwork which leads to how shitty Naruto must be feeling right now. They want to help Naruto but they don't have any clues. Correction, only one: the legendary Bikouchuu (no it isn't a pokemon...). In Tsuande's office Shino explains that if they find the Bikouchuu, then Sasuke can be found. Tsunade explains that the Bikouchuuu is rare bug with a powerful sense of smell. They only lay one egg every several years in only a very specific area. When the egg hatches, whatever the smell is, the Bikouchuu will go after it to finnd the source. Guess what, it's breeding season! There's only a 10% chance at finding a Bikouchuu but u all know how Tsunade loves to gamble! Tsunade assigns them to their mission, but not before throwng a shiruken at the ceilling, revealing Naruto who was listening to the entire conversation. Of course he gets to go but on one condition. If he can't find the Bikouchuu, then he has to give up on finding Sasuke. The nect day everyone is leaving for the mission. At Hinata's, her father tells her to try and not get in everyone's way (wut an ass). On her way out she turns a corner and comes face to face with Neji. She then does this really quick turn thingy (Neji wonders when she learned to move so quickly). Cut to Shino, Hinata, Kiba, and Naruto on their way. Naruto sprints off in front of everyone, looking back about a mile to see that everyone else is just strolling allong. Shino tells him not to worry about time, and tells Naruto that "I am the leader of this team. I will have you do as I say on this mission." (you'll be hearinig that allot this episode). Back at Tsunade's Sakura is has now progressed to healing injured rabbits (I think she's a level 8 or 9 now, which is really good for her age). Sakura says there is no need for her to go on the mission since they have Hinata's eyes, Kiba's nose, and Shino's knawledge of bugs. She wants to become the best ninja she can right now. Back to the others, the sun sets and Shino decides its time to set up camp. Naruto says thats B.S. and he's not tired. Shino comes face to face with Naruto, "I am the leader of this team. I will have..." OK Naruto understands now. They all go to bed and Naruto falls asleep first (big surprise). In the middle of the night, Naruto gets up to take a piss when he notices a beautiful naked girl standing on the water of a nearby whaterfall (guess who it is). Naruto goes out to see who it is but she runs off. The next morning Naruto sneazes as he tells Kiba of the beautiful girl he saw the night before who was moving the water around her. Hinata turns red again. She starts sneazing now. They all stop for a food break. Shino tells them all to eat only the fruit that is smaller than them because the big kind can cause pain. Of course we see Naruto hanging onto a giant fruit eating his weight in it. An hour later everyone is yelling for Naruto (who has a massive case of the runs) to hurry up. He tells them he's ready as his pants fall down (Hinata turns red again). Finally they reach the Bikouchuu breeding grounds (it's like a huge crater w/ a forest in it). They start climbing down the huge cliff when naruto falls who is saved by Shino's bugs (acting as a rope). When they reach the ground we see three nerdy looking ninjas up in a nearby tree. They realize that they're not only Konoha ninjas, but they're looking for the Bikouchuu. It turns out that they are from a clan like Shino's; the Kamezuruichi clan.

Episode #149 How are they different? Don't all bugs look the same?

This episode starts off with Tsunade relaxing in a hot spring sipping on sake. Shizune comes marching in presenting Tsuande with several huge piles of paper work. Tsunade picks up the first one indicating that the Kamizurui clan is in unrest. Who are they you ask? They are a clan of bug users (from the hidden rock village) just like the Aburame clan of Konoha except they use bees as a medium. Tsunade just crumples the report up, knowing that there aren't enough of those clan members left to cause any problems. Over in the Bikouchuu forest, the three members of the Kamizurui clan (I'll just reffer to them as the three stooges) realize that Shino is definately a member of the famous Aburame clan. Shino shows everyone a picture of the Bikouchuu so they can make a match. Naruto states that he has allready seen many of them in his own home. Shino corrects him, telling him that those are cockroaches. From their hiding place, the stooges decide to let Shino and the others find the Bikouchuu for them. And their off! Naruto just stands around looking for them while Shino uses a technique that attracts bugs with a giant spider web of chakra, but no match. Shino is well aware that they are being watched, but he just ignores it and gets his destruction bugs ready. Meanwhile, Kiba's having no luck sniffing it out, and Hinata's Byakuugan is showing her didly, but she does also see the three stooges who are using an invisibility technique. Everyone now knows of the three stooges wherabouts (these guys suck at hide-and-go-seek). Naruto comes sprinting over claiming that he found a Bikouchuu but its only a helmet beetle. After break time, Naruto comes over again with another Bikouchuu sighting. He did find a Bikouchuu this time, but there is a slight problem; IT'S FREAKIN HUGE!!!. As Shino explains how vicious a Bikouchuu is by nature, Naruto pokes it with a stick in its long horn. The Bikouchuu then goes on a rampage, passing right by Naruto and the others, and crashing right into the three stooges hiding spot. Cut to night. Everyone is asleep except for Hinata whose doing something with the water again. One of the stooges (the girl) are impressed with Hinata's work ethic. That morning everyone is back searching for the Bikouchuu while Naruto is still asleep. Shino senses that it is going to rain soon which means bad news since the Bikouchuu only lay their eggs when it rains. Naruto goes into serious mode knowing that this is his only clue to Sasuke's wherabouts. Over at the three stooges hiding spot (which sucks), they decide that if Shino and the others don't find a Bikouchuu, then they will kill him (like they could). Turns out that the Aburame clan was the cause of their clan's loss of status and power. Now Hinata gets into serious mode after thinking about her father dissing her ("try not to get in anyone's way"). She activates her Byakuugan which is not much more effective since it's rainning. She eventually sees one and Naruto manages to snag it. Later on Hinata is washing herself in the river when some shirukens come flying at her. She easily dodges them. The three stooges are impressed. The ugly girl then summons a bunch of bees. Hinata destroys them all but each one she destroys splatters wax on her, instantly hardening. One of the bees then manages to sting her, knocking her out cold. Shino and the others wonder what is taking Hinata so long when a shiruken with a not attatched comes at them. They'll give up Hinata in exchange for the Bikouchuu. The episode ends with a shot of the three stooges with Hinata tied up behind them in a giant bee hive.

Episode #150 Deceive, confuse, and be deceived. The grand bug battle.

Kiba fills Naruto in on the three baddies who have been watching them. Naruto asks why they didn't tell him. Because Naruto would have made a huge ruckus and scared the bugs away. Shino explains that if they try to battle the Kamizuri clan, the Bikouchuu will most likely be injured. That's why they want an exchange. They waited until Hinata was alone and attacked her with bees.

Shino explains that another bug clan, the Kamizuri clan, lives in Hidden Rock Village. Around the time of his grandfather, the Kamizuri were of the same status as the Aburame. Then, one day, the Kamizuri decided to attack Konoha. Their plan was to release a swarm of bees to create confusion in the village and then attack with the main force. However, the Aburame clan discovered them while they were still within the forest and defeated the intruders. This battle secured the Aburame clan's status within Konoha while causing the Kamizuri clan to lose their status in Hidden Rock Village.

Meanwhile, Hinata awakens to find herself plastered on the wall of a large bee hive as bees swarm around her. She can hear her captors talking below. Since the Chuunin exam, Konoha has been in bad shape. They've lost their Hokage and many of their shinobi. Now, the Kamizuri clan has a chance to restore their name. To do so, they must find the scroll that Suzumebachi's grandfather hid which contains secret bug techniques. If they can find it, their clan will be able to take on bigger shinobi jobs and they can restore their clan's elite status.

Shino sends out a swarm of scouting bugs but only one returns. Naruto refuses to give up on Hinata but realizes that the Bikouchuu bug is their best chance of finding Sasuke. Shino explains that this mission was Hinata's idea and she had argued for it passionately so they'd like to complete it successfully if possible.

The boys decide to go to the exchange place in hope that they can get Hinata back without sacrificing their bug. Suzumebachi holds Hinata as Shino places the bug container before them. When the Kamizuri clan examines the bug, they quickly realize it's just a replacement and smash the glass to reveal a common helmet beetle. Shino calls for his destruction bugs (Kikaichuu) while Kiba rescues Hinata.

Naruto punches Kurobachi while Shino sends his bugs after Suzumebachi and Jibachi. Kiba sniffs Hinata and realizes she's a fake. The others melt into beeswax as well and a swarm of bees overwhelm the boys. Shino quickly sees that some bugs are clones while others are real and puts up his shield, Mushikabe no jutsu (Bug Wall), which is a lot like Neji's Kaiten only made up of bugs.

When the bees retreat, Suzumebachi confronts the genin. She had intended to give Hinata back but not now. She also knows that as a fellow bug user, Shino wouldn't have brought the Bikouchuu into a dangerous battle so she will kill them now then go looking for the bug. She sends another swarm of bees, this time equipped with explosion tags. They hit Shino's Mushikabe and there is a huge explosion. Suzumebachi then uses Hachi Senbon no jutsu (Thousand Bee Stings) and her bees shoot spikes at the boys.

The boys escape Suzumebachi for the moment and Shino assures them that the Bikouchuu is safe. They decide to focus on rescuing Hinata. Akamaru sniffs at the ground where a number of Shino's bugs lie dead and the boys know they are close. They soon find the entrance to the bee hive and walk inside. Hinata is trapped in a cocoon of honey. Naruto pulls her out and the boys chisel the honey away.

When Hinata is free she happily throws her arms around Naruto. Shino throws a kunai at her and demands to know where the real Hinata is. If she was really Hinata, she would have blushed and lost consciousness after hugging Naruto. Akamaru also senses two distinct smells. When Hinata pleads with Naruto, Shino asks what she tried to place on Naruto's back. She opens her hand to reveal an explosion tag then morphs into Suzumebachi. She wore Hinata's clothes to mask her smell.

Meanwhile, the real Hinata is hanging by a thread in the river upstream from a waterfall. Thirteen bees guard the rope. If she moves, they'll slice it, sending her down the river to her death. Sadly, she reflects on how in the end, all she did was get in everyone's way.

Suzumebachi uses explosion tags to trap the boys in the bee hive. Kiba catches them before they land on several ugly, chakra eating larva. Hinata hears the explosions from the river and realizes the boys haven't given up. She shouldn't either. She Byukugans and surveys her surroundings. If she could only defeat all 13 bees at once, she could free herself. With Naruto in her thoughts, she concentrates and controls her chakra. A whirlpool forms in the water and she sends 13 water spikes at the bees. She hits 12, narrowly missing the thirteenth, before the rope is cut, sending her flying downstream towards death.

Back at the bee hive, the boys aren't doing much better. Suzumebachi calls Kuchiyose no jutsu to summon a large bug at the hive's exit above them. Below them crawl the chakra eating larvae. How will they get out of this one?

Episode #151 Blazing Byakugan! This is my way of the ninja!

Kiba and Naruto fall to the ground as their chakra gets sucked out of them. Shino throws a kunai at the queen bee, but the kunai is bounced off. The angered bee showers them with honey.
As Hinata continues to be swept away by the current, she uses her Byakugan to see how far she is from the fall and thinks that she won't make it out in time. She thinks about Naruto and remembers how he would not give up in any kind of situation. She continues to use her chakra to cut through the caccoon.
Meanwhile, Shino is releasing bugs from his neck. To Naruto's shock, he proposes a trade - the location of the Bikouchuu in exchange for Hinata. He tells their captors that they would never find the Bikouchuu by themselves in time, and would regret denying the offer.
We see Shino's bugs making their way to Naruto. Naruto mutters Hinata's name, and Shino tells him that Hinata is far stronger than he thinks. The captors agree to their terms and carry Shino, Kiba and Naruto to where they were holding Hinata. They arrive at the spot and see that Hinata is no longer there, and Jibachi concludes that she must have tried to escape and fallen down the waterfall. A wide-eyed Naruto angrily says that he will never forgive him. Since the agreement can no longer be fulfilled, the three Kamizuri say that they will simply take the boys' lives unless they reveal the location of the Bikouchuu. Shino, left with no alternative, begins to mouth something, but Naruto angrily interrupts him. Jibachi is angered and stomps several times on Naruto's head. Suddenly he sees Naruto's bloody but changed face, due to Kyubi's seal becoming slightly loosened, and panics. Jibachi takes out a kunai and prepares to finish Naruto when a explosion-tagged kunai hits the ground near him
The smoke clears and Hinata is seen. She assumes her traditional fighting stance. At the last moment, she had cut through the caccoon with her chakra and leapt out of the caccoon. Naruto struggles, but Hinata tells everyone to leave the Rock trio to her. The three of them release Hachi Bakudan no Jutsu (Bee Bombardment), Hachi Senbon no Jutsu (Thousand Bee Stings) and Hachimitsu no Jutsu (Honey Attack). The bees begin to swarm Hinata, but she wishes for Naruto to watch her and begins to charge a technique...
Shugohakke Rokujyuu Yonshuu (Guardian of Eight Divination Seals: Sixty-four Strikes). Thin lines of chakra spreading out from her hands in all directions cut through the bees at a speed similar to that of Neji's. Naruto stares at Hinata in disbelief that she is executing such an impressive technique. Shino tells Naruto that the weak, fearful Hinata he knew was no more and she has been steadily improving her skills with her teammates from Team 8 since the Chuunin Exam. The result of her arduous training has been her own style and this personal technique.
Shino breaks out of his caccoon and explains to the astonished Naruto that angering the queen bee and getting themselves trapped in wax was part of his plan. While they were beeing trapped, Shino had ordered the bugs to secretly weaken their caccoons. Naruto breaks out and Shino, while helping Kiba, explains that Hinata has significantly improved her chakra control and this new technique of hers is a result. Her precise chakra control and flexibility have given her a complete range of attack and an absolute defense. He adds that mostly likely, she did this to be acknowledged by her father, by everyone, and by Naruto.
The Kamizuri are additionally surprised that the boys got out. Suzumebachi summons the queen bee, which covers Hinata in honey and rushes at her, sending her flying up and falling down hard. Naruto begins to run towards her, but Shino restrains him and asks him to believe in her. Hinata gets up, focus chakra in her palms and creates a shield of chakra around herself. The queen bee runs into it and is thrown back and into some water.
Exhausted, Hinata begins to collapse, but is caught in Naruto's arms. Naruto smiles right at her and exclaims how amazing she was. A delighted Hinata looks up at him and buries her face in his chest.
The four of them retrieve the Bikouchuu container, which was hidden under a tree, and prepare to return to Konoha. From a distance, Suzumebachi mutters that her bugs would have been able to detect the Bikouchuu immediately. Shino explains that the container was covered with a special Aburame antibug ointment that prevents bees from approaching it. Suzumebachi brings out her queen bee and says that she will not let their mission succeed, even if she has to risk her life. Naruto kage bushins a replica of himself and charges Rasengan. Suzumebachi, mounted on her queen bee, charges the group but meets Naruto's Rasengan, violently clearing a long path through the forest trees in the process.
The pupa is metamorphosing, but Naruto has lost Sasuke's forehead protector. Hinata byakugans, and points Naruto to its location. Before he can grab it, the pupa fully hatches and Naruto farts. Shino opens the container and the Bikouchuu flies out to rest on Naruto's behind. It is too late to expose the bug to Sasuke's scent now.
Back at Konoha, a furious Sakura chases Naruto across the rooftops. Sakura loses him, and stops to see a Bikouchuu fly across her and rest on a young woman's behind. Realizing that she is actually Naruto's transformation, she jumps and hits Naruto on the head. Losing his disguise, Naruto continues to flee from the mad Sakura.
In the Hokage's office, Tsunade says to Shizune that Hinata must be depressed at the mission's failure, but Shizune assures Tsunade that this is not the case. At the home of the Hyuuga, Hinata agrees with her father - with a smile - that the mission was a total failure, and that she would train and try harder next time. Her father tells her to do her best, and we see Neji smiling next to him.
Hinata looks up at the sky and wonders of improving herself more and more...

Episode #152 Requiem for the Living

In the beginning of this episode it's raining and there's a funeral going on in a village.While they were burying the coffin, it was shaking.In the distance, there are 3 men who are about to escape from the village. The guy who was crying said that there's going to be another funeral. While the 3 men were moving along the cliff side, a boulder fell down on them. When one of them woke up, Naruto was carrying the 3 of them on his back from the river. Lee is practicing nearby when he saw Naruto carrying the 3 men, he's determined to surpass Naruto and continues training.
The scene shifts to Master Tsunade's office where the ninjas are reporting to her the success of their missions. Gai-sensei is already over dramatically reporting to Master Tsunade his success in the mission. Master Tsunade asks Gai-sensei to call his students for a new mission and also wants Naruto to go along. Their mission is to escort the 3 men back to their village and defeat the clan that's killing the villagers. Naruto sees Sakura on the balcony and goes to talk to her. He sees how much Sakura has improved in medical ninjutsu when she healed a bird's broken wing. Lee goes over to them to tell Naruto that there's probably a clue to Sasuke's whereabouts in the village where they're about to go.
Neji, Lee, Tenten and Naruto are off to escort the 3 men. Before they reached the village, Naruto and company first stop by the store of Lee's friend, an old woman. The old woman relates to them how Gai-sensei and Lee were able to jog for 3 days while sleeping. After the story they all ate the food but Lee was the only one who liked it because it was super spicy.Lee asks her where the kid working at her store is. The old woman replies that after seeing how determined Lee and Gai-sensei were in training, the kid decided to leave the store and join the clan that's killing the villagers to become stronger. Lee vows that he will bring back the kid and defeat the murderous clan. While they were resting, one of the 3 men went off alone to the village. Alarmed, the ninjas went after him.

Episode #153 The Heart's Notice! Iron Fist of Love

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #154 Natural Enemy of the Byakugan

The cloud from the lightning blast clears, and Neji focuses his Byakugan to see the hidden enemies. But the Byakugan fails him as he cannot see chakra points that are there, but sees them where they are not. Confused? So are Naruto, Tenten and Rock Lee!

Raigan maximizes the advantage and blasts the confused group with lightning and proceeds to kill Rock Lee... but a surprise awaits him. After an amazing show by Rock Lee, Naruto manages to end the fight with a Rasengan attack. The group learns of the nature of Byakugan's failure, and proceeds to complete the final minor tasks of the mission, to find a capable leader for the now leaderless clan. But is the mission truly at an end?

Episode #155 The Creeping Dark Clouds

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Episode #156 Raiga's Counterattack!

The episode starts off with Naruto Neji and Lee in the woods carrying logs. They head back to the curry shop while Neji looks up at the sky. He notices that the storm came from the direction of Katabame Kinzan.
The scene then switches to Raiga. He looks down and sees Ranmaru on the floor unconcious. He tells him to wake up and stop joking around but Ranamaru stays unconcious. Raiga asks Karashi what happened to Ranmaru and says that Ranmary gave up his life so that Raiga could be alive. Tenten then wakes up and looks down the cliff which shows Raiga and Ranmaru. She tells herself that she has to stop Raiga. We then see Raiga turn around to deflect Tenten's weapons that she threw while running towards him. She then has a chain which uses to wrap Raiga but he used lighing to cut it loose. He then uses her own chain to whip her into a rock. He then was about to attack her but she takes out a scroll and takes out a wooden pole. She attacks him but his blade(or wtv its called) gets caught in the pole and she gets knocked out. He now grabs Karashi bythe neck and asks him whose fault was this and Karashi tells himtaht it was probably the ones from Konoha. So Raiga thretens to kill him if he doesnt bring Naruto Neji and Lee to him.
Tenten now regains conciousness and walks towards Ranmaru. It turns out that he's still alive and she tells him to hang on. While he's strapped onto her they find shelter at this little cabin.
Now..back to the curry shop..they just about finished fixing up the shop when Karashi comes running. He tells everyone that Tenten fell off a cliff while helping him train. Lee and Naruto decided to go help her out but Neji doesn't seem to believe him. Karashi then tells him that he'll meet up with them later after he gets the medical kit so Neji Lee and Naruto leave. Suddenly Karashi tells his mom that they have to leave immediately. He then has a flashback of Raiga sayign that if he didnt bring them to him then he will kill Karashi and his mom. But she refuses to leave and grabs onto a pole.
Back to Neji Naruto and Lee. Neji figures that it's probably a trap and that Raiga is maybe still alive.
Now back to Tenten and Ranmaru. He has a high fever and tells her that he'll die soon anyways so theres no point in trying to help him. She tells him to stop joking. The roof starts creeking and Tenten decided that it would probably be safer to go back to Sanshou-baasan's place. ( which is the curry shop)
K so now Raiga's like super pissed when he sees them and they're like "He still alive" :-O Naruto takes out his Kunai and is like charging at him while Neji notices that his Kunai is conducting Electricity and he tells Lee to help Naruto. Lee knocks it out of his hand and the next ting u kno theres like a huge ighing bolt striking the Kunai. Naruto notices that the charge is different this time and Neji tells him taht Raiga is probably using real lightning this time. NAruto uses KAge Bunshin no Jutsu like ten times almost while Neji sneaks up on RAiga from behind. He was just about to use Jyuuken when suddenly he got struck by lighing. (:-o)Next Naruto is struck by lighing and they both like pass out. Then lee shows up and takes out he weights from his legs. Back to Tenten shes carrying Ranmaru and they finally got to the curry shop. Sanshou-baasan starts preparing her curry of life for Ranmaru. Back to the battle They fight for a while and Lee then gets struck by lighing.
Back at the shop it turns out taht Sanshou-baasan messed up the spices so Karashi fixed it. RAnmaru refuses to eat it and asks her why is she tryign to save his life and she tells him taht helping eachother is what people do and she doesnt need a reason to help him. He then decides to try it and ends up finishing the whole plate. Tenten tells him that that's the feeling of living. Ranmaru then starts crying and wants Raiga to eat the curry too and she says lets go.
Back to the fight we see Naruto and Neji on the ground and then Lee who is still being electricuted. When it stops hes stillstanding and yousee Lee walking towards Raiga...Ending plays

Episode #157 Run!!! Curry of Life

We zoom in on Lee's battle with Raiga. Raiga questions why Lee bothers to stand up after being struck by lightning. Lee laughes and claims he is living to become a to prove to Gai-sensei that he's strong enough. Raiga smirks at this and reaches his hands our. Lightning strikes his body, creating an image of a dragon, whose body is made of thunder. Lee attempts to block it.

Meanwhile, Sanshou-baasan rushes Karashi wit a pot full of curry on his back. Tenten leads the way, with Ranmaru on her back. They run up the mountain, trying to locate the others.

Lee gets struck by Raiga's powerful attack. Lee's skeletal images appear as a humorous intent. He rolls off the mountain. Raiga walks towards the edge to see what happened to Lee.
Back to Tenten. She tells Sanshou-baasan that she's going to go on ahead. She picks up speed and hops away. Tenten continues running, until she ran past Lee, who is edged between some rocks, still recovering from being struck by lightning. She takes a couple steps back and sees Lee.
Lee flops onto the ground and Sanshou-baasan and Karashi catch up, as Karashi collaspes on the ground with a heavy pot of curry on his back. Tenten grabs Lee by the shoulders and shakes him hard. He doesn't wake up. Tenten pleads Sanshou-baasan to feed the curry of life to Lee. Sanshou picks up two plates of curry and tells Tenten to find the others while she, herself takes care of Lee.
Tenten drops Lee and picks up a plate. She claims she's going to find Naruto and leaves Ranmaru with the others. Karashi takes the other plate to go find Neji. Ranmaru opens up Lee's mouth and Sanshou scoops a spoonful of curry down his mouth. He remains unconscious...but then, hops back to his feet, and swallows up the remaining curry in the pot.
Tenten finds Naruto and feeds him the curry. He wakes up and spits out flames through his mouth and waves his arms at Tenten, mad. He then asks her "eh? Tenten? Didn't you fall off a cliff?" Tenten looks at him pitifully...
We zoom in on Neji. Karashi feeds him a spoonful of curry. He wakes up abruptly and his eyes turn into circles. But then, he went right back to being unconscious again. Meanwhile, Lee waffows down the curry and his cheeks turn red. Ranmaru senses that something is wrong and flashes back to when Karashi spilled an entire bottle of wine into the curry before they left to find Lee and the others. Lee is drunk...
We go back to Raiga. He looks down the mountain and walks away. he then spots Ranmaru, who walks up to him. They rejoice while Tenten and Naruto spy on them behind some rocks. Naruto is surprised Raiga is still alive and Tenten tells him that Ranmaru revived him with his own chakra. tenten explains the whole story to him.
Raiga happily places Ranmaru up on his shoulders. He tells him they will continue to rob people like they always do. Ranmaru smiles and nods. He makes smoke come out of his clothes and it fogs up Raiga's view around him. Raiga is surprised at the sudden fog but answers that he has nothing to worry about with Ranmaru as his eyes to guide him. Ranmaru lies that the others are dead.
Ranmaru then guides Raiga towards the edge of the mountain to a steep cliff. Of course, Raiga has no idea where he's going. Tenten gasps and figures that Ranmaru is purposely leading the both of them down the cliff to commit suicide, making up for all the evil they'd done. Naruto gasps and runs towards Raiga and ranmaru to stop them, but not before he hears Lee's drunken voice.
raiga is surprised that Lee is still alive. Lee, with his drunken mood, charges at Raiga, breaking the fog away. Raiga takes a step back and the rocks crumble away at his feet, as he was nearly about to step off the cliff. Raiga then, raises his weapon and strikes lightning at Lee, who dodges every attempt. He runs up to Raiga and kicks his chin, sending Ranmaru toppling off a hill, fortunatly, Naruto catches him. Naruto tells Ranmaru to stay put, but Ranmaru begs him to take him with him.

Raiga is mad at Lee for losing Ranmaru and sends electric charges through his own body, preparing to attack. Lee smirks and wobbles around. They both charge at each other, sending both of them toppling the opposite direction. Raiga gets up, and prepares to kill Lee who was lying on the ground, too drunk, before Naruto and Ranmaru jumps in front of Lee. Ranmaru blocks Lee from Raiga.

Raiga questions Ranmaru's actions. Ranmaru wants Raiga to taste the curry of life. He wants him to stop doing evil. But Raiga covers his ears and says that they can no longer be one if Ranmaru is so selfish. Raiga then raises his lightning staff prepared to kill Ranmaru, before Naruto steps in front, creating a bunch of Kage Bunshin clones to block Raiga. Raiga smirks. lee wakes up and looks around, seeing a bunch of "Naruto-kuns". But he falls back to sleep.
Meanwhile, Karashi attempts to wake Neji up. neji opens his eyes...Tenten is standing above him with Karashi. She shakes her head and takes the plate of Curry. Tenten starts feeding Neji and tells him to get up since they are in trouble. Karashi waves his hands around, warning Tenten to put the curry down, but it's too late. Neji's face turns red, he makes choking noises and waves his hands around and gasps for breath before falling back unconscious. Tenten goes, "Eh?"
Back in the battle with Raiga, he taunts that he and Ranmaru cannot be together again if Ranmaru is so selfish. But Naruto convinces Ranmaru that it's better to laugh with everyone else. He says that Ranmaru is now free from Raiga. Naruto faces Raiga and questions about Kisame and the other Seven Shinobi lords. Raiga says he hates them and wants to prepare a funeral next time they meet.
Raiga then takes his staff and lightning strikes all the Naruto clones and makes them vanish. But, several extra Naruto clones rush at Raiga, attacking with a new technique that knocks Raiga on the head numerous times. the Naruto clones then pounce on Raiga and he falls off the cliff.
But before falling off, Raiga smiles and says, "'re free now." Ranmaru stares at Raiga with shock as Raiga continues to fall down the cliff. He summons the lightning to kill himself.
THE MISSION IS A SUCSESS. The 4 genin are back at the Curry house. Karashi is lecturing Ranmaru telling him that the curry he made is all wrong. Sanshou runs up to Karashi and knocks him on the head. She says that he needs to retrain his curry-making skills because he is too young to be making real life curry. Ranmaru giggles.
The three genin are about to leave, after saying some last words. But Sanshou tells them to first eat a special curry she prepared before leaving. Naruto and the others turn around and see a dark red, bubbling curry on the table.
They all flinch and Lee stares admiringly at the curry. "AHH! DOESN'T THIS LOOK GOOD?" The others shout at him like he's crazy saying, "ARE YOU SERIOUS, LEE?"
Neji then makes an excuse that tsunade will be mad if they took any longer and Naruto plays along, dragging Lee away as they leave the shop. tenten runs after them shouting, "WAIT UP!"
They leave the shop.

Episode #158 Everyone, Come With Me! Great Sweat and Tears Survival Plan

The young students from the ninja academy gather around a post board, excited about the day's events; Konohamaru and his two sidekicks are physked. However, Uzumaki Naruto is one un-happy ninja, who has just been informed by Tsunade that they will be going on a 'survival' mission with the ninjas-to-be. Almost everyone's there, including Neji, Tenten, Lee, Ino, Chouji, Shino, Kiba, and Hinata. Finally, after bribing Naruto into believing that helping the students will help him become a better Hokage, the genins are assigned their groups; Naruto's group consisting of Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon.

They discover from Iruka-sensei, that their mission is to safely arrive at Mount Takamuri and will last for two days and one night. They are given maps and are instructed not to stray from the designated route. There will be a scroll awaiting them, and they are to take it before returning to the village. Everyone, except Naruto's group leaves, as he is 'securing food' for their mission. Neji and Chouji both demonstrate ways to secure a safe mission, which completely astound their young charges.

After travelling for quite some time, Konohamaru and co. begin to think that they're completely lost and each of them take turns in attempt to find their way to Mount Takemuri. Sadly, after a few interesting encounters, they find themselves back at square one, again. A brief glimpse of everyone's group is shown, some being humorous, while others helpfully teaching the students the ways of the shinobi. Finally, Naruto's group manages to catch up a bit closer to the others, and Iruka-sensei along with the other chuunins launch a simulated attack. Naruto, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon give all except for Shikamaru a nose bleed, due to their 'technique'. The all-time favourite technique of Jiraiya; the Sexy-Jutsu!

After being trapped in the rain, Naruto and co. give up on trying to build their camp and continue their trek on what Naruto dubs a 'short-cut'. Meanwhile, trouble brews elsewhere, and it is decided that the mission will be canceled. Apparently the village of Konoha will take a direct attack by the morning. No other information is revealed. All the groups have been notified and returned to the village, except for Naruto's group, whom they find has taken a dangerous route. Naruto and his companions find refuge in a small cave inside the mountain, but unfortunately for them they've lost most of their food and camping supplies. After some light brawling, the young ninjas listen as Naruto tells them how important teamwork is to a ninja and his mission. Each discover what a 'survival' mission is all about. They each munch on some of Naruto's angel cake, waiting for the storm to subside.

Shikamaru and Iruka-sensei are chasing up the mountain, in an attempt to find Naruto and his group before they find themselves in even more danger. However, it seems they arrive a little too late, because Naruto can never stay out of trouble for too long. They encounter somewhat of a rockslide and Naruto must rely on his charges to help him. Eventually, the chunnins come to their aid, and Naruto blasts out of the rubble with his 'Rasengan' attack.

The episode comes to a close with Naruto finding himself in Hokage's office suffering another lecture. It seems his young charges are not so loyal as he thought, although they do know the meaning of teamwork. Together they team-up on Naruto, who suffers even more of the angry Tsunade's wrath. The episode ends, as the Fifth chases Naruto from the building, demanding that he 'get back there, or else!'

The preview for the next episode shows Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, and Shino investigating Gasenkugi, a professional theif! On the way they meet an assasin who weilds a Japanese wakizashi! It seems he is also after Gasenkugi! Naruto isn't so keen on allowing the bounty-hunter taking all the action or the credit! What is the outcome of episode 158? Next time: Enemy or Ally? The Bratty Bounty-Hunter!

Episode #159 Enemy or Ally?! Wilderness Bounty Hunting

The episode starts off with Kiba and Akamaru running through a field, then it cuts to Naruto and Hinata having a picnick. Naruto gets mad because he is in a hurry to finish the mission and they are messing around. The mission requires Naruto, Kiba, and Hinata to go to the stone country and apprehend a thief who broke into someones house in Konoha. As they enter the country they come to a desert ghost town where they meet a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter helps them out in the town, but he turns and them when he finds out they are after the thief guy (apparently the thief naruto and company are after is a major wanted criminal in the stone country). Anyway the bounty hunter easilly knocks out Hinata, Kiba and eventually Naruto. He then catches up with the thief (who is a shinobi), as the bounty hunter fights some henchmen, the thief guy uses a ninjutsu that makes nails come out of the ground. He is about to kill the bounty hunter when Naruto's team shows up and scares them off. They take the bounty hunter to a house to rest when Hinata senses that someone is going to attack them. A man (another bounty hunter) crashes through the door but he is attacked by Naruto and Kiba. As he runs off, he drops a wanted poster showing a man with a bird scar on his chest. Hinata suddenly realizes that the bounty hunter guy has a bird scar on his chest...

Episode #160 Take or Be Taken?! Showdown at the Okay Temple!

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.