Naruto Episode Guide 25-100

Episode #25 This is it! The Last Stand, Question #1

The episode starts out with all of the remaining Genin getting ready for the 10th question. Kankuro comes back from the bathroom and gives his teammate Temari the answers to the first 9 questions. Morino Ibiki (the proctor of the 1st exam) gives a choice of staying or leaving for the 10th question. Some squads leave and the rest stay. Sakura has a flashback about Naruto always saying that he wants to be Hokage of Konohagure. Sakura doesn't want it to be taken away from him, so she gets ready to raise her hand. Naruto raises his shaking hand instead. He then slams it down and yells, "DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME! I'M GONNA BE THE NEXT HOKAGE! BELIVE IT!" He sits down and crosses his arms. Ibiki asks Naruto one last time, and he still refuses to give up. The other teams have enough confidence. 'Seventy-eight teams.. More than I expected.' is what Ibiki thinks. However, he continues with the exam. He says that they all pass the first exam. He then explains that there was never a written 10th question. Eventually, someone breaks through the glass. 'Not her.. Not now.' is what Ibiki thinks. The person introduces herself as Mitarashi Anko, the proctor of the 2nd exam. Sakura thinks that she's another Naruto. Ibiki explains that she's early again. With a scene shift, we go to Training Area 44... Also known as The Forest of Death. Anko explains that they have to get either a Heaven scroll or a Earth scroll. With another scene shift, Ibiki sees Naruto's paper. He notices that he didn't answer a single question, which means he was sitting there the whole time being scared. Well, anyway, Ibiki says, "Naruto Uzumaki. He's a funny kid..."

Episode #26 Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death!

For about a half hour before the episode actually gets anywhere with the chuunin exam, there are some basic introductions to all the characters big and small. The reintroduction of everything (which happens in all anime, basically) is made much smoother by Konohamaru saying he has to review all this stuff for his school report. Supposedly the Hokage told Anko (the next examiner) to make the genins cooperate. There are re-statements of all the key elements in the ninja world, like chakura, ninjitsu, the ways of the shinobi etc.

Finally the report is over and Anko opens the gate to the Forest of Death, explaining that all the teams are supposed to fight over two kinds of scrolls: the scrolls of heaven, and the scrolls of earth. Hlf the teams will get the scrolls of heaven, and the other half get scrolls of earth.

But in order for your team to pass the exam, it must present both a scroll of heaven AND a scroll of earth. So in other words, they have to steal a scroll from another team, and keep their own scroll from being stolen. All this in a maximum of 120 hours [five days]. Of course there are man eating beasts and poisonous gross stuff, otherwise they wouldn't call it the forest of death.

Later when they've entered the forest, Naruto goes for a piss behind the bushes, and when he comes out, he has his holster on his left leg. Sakura doesn't notice, but Sasuke sees it instantly, and they start to fight..sasuke claiming that the person is not naruto. He's right. Sasuga Sasuke-kun! He's pretty AND smart!

Yeah. End of summary.

Episode #27 The Second Exam Starts! Surrounded Completely by Enemies!

After the group pick a password that is very long they start to head out but just as Narotu gets up a big blast of wind hits them. Sasuke and Sakura hide in the brush and a person comes out. It's a guy and he uses a jutsu that allows the two to see their deaths. It freaks them out so much that they can't move. The guys about to kill them when Sasuke stabbes himself to move and they run for it. Naruto is just getting up from the blast and sees a huge snake. The snake eats him he uses the replication clone and bursts through the snake. Sasuke and Sakura are hiding but he finds them. He is inside the snake when he attacks Sasuke and Sauke hits him with his shurkins. The snake dies and shows the man coming out of the snake. Hes about to attack Sasuke when Naruto shows up stoping him (the man is Ochumaru)

Episode #28 Eat or be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait

This eps. starts of with Sasuke handing the scroll to Orochimaru. Naruto wont stand for this and grabs the scroll before Orochimaru can get it and hits Sasuke in the face. Naruto tells him he is a coward and an itiot because Sasuke is the one how doesn't understand. Orochi. says Naruto your corret I will kill you all. Then he summons a giant snake and hits Naruto sending him up into the trees causeing him to spit out blood. Naruto then falls down and is about to be eaten by the snake but then he changes into the other form with the diffrent eyes. He goes bersurk and hits the snake numrous times causing the snake to hit the tree branches. Naruto attacks again but Orochi. hits him with the fire tech. sending Naruto falling down on a tree branch. Orochi. knows that Naruto is the 9 tails. Then he thinks this is very interesting and attacks Sasuke but before the big snake could strick Sasuke Naruto stops him calling Sasuke a scardy-cat then Orochi. grabs Naruto with his toung and holds Naruto and does the five seal part sealing the 9 tails chakra completely.

Episode #29 Naruto Strikes Back! I'm Not Going to Run Away!

Orochimaru has taken part in the chunin exams without anyone noticing his skills are at least S-rank but his goal here today is Uchiha Sauske. he has him and his teammate Sakura trapped. After seeing their own deaths, sauske is paralyzed by fear unable to move. he thinks to himself " its either the scroll or us i have to give it to him...".
he tosses the scroll into the air, but naruto appears out of nowhere and catches the scroll in midair. "Sauske what are you doing!!" he screams. "Naruto give him the scroll NOW!" sauske screams back. "NO."naruto replies sternly"you cant be the real sauske because hes not a coward"
"Orochimaru summons a giant serpant it nearly reaches sauske and sakura, luckily naruto comes and defeats it easily. his seal is beginning to brake open again slowly, orochimaru notices this.
naruto begins to attack orochimaru no matter what he did they were almost evenly matched. suddenly he grabs naruto and swings him upside down with his tongue. he lifts narutos shirt dispite his screams of anger. "ahh so your seal has surfaced" he hisses then performs the five elemental seal and locks the demons chakra from getting to naruto, knocking him unconcious. with naruto out of the way he can continue with the other two. he tosses naruto aside only thanks to sakura did naruto not hit the ground. "sauske why didnt you help him" she screamed. sauske began to move thinking of nothing more than how to defeat orochimaru.

Episode #30 Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move - Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique!

Sasuke and Naruto are both hurt and are sleeping or outcold or something.
Sasuke was bitten but Orochimaru and has that seal on his neck. and Naruto was just badly injured by Orochimaru. Sakura is watching over them under this big tree root thing. But she doesnt know that some ninjas from Orochimaru's village (sound) were watching her and they decide to kill them. Later on Sakura sees a squirrel coming towards her but she throws her kunai in front of the squirrel making it run away. She didnt know there was an explosion note on the squirrel. she only threw the kunai at it because it was about to step on the trap she set up for any ninja's.
-Now to Neji, Rock lee and tenten. They split up to look for other groups with scrolls. Rock lee is leaping threw trees and is thinking of Sakura. Then some leaves fall off a tree that he jumped on. so he thinks...''if i can catch 20 leaves before they fall on the ground, Sakura will begin to like me!'' so he starts catching all the leaves. now he's at 19 and theres still one leaf left. but then he sees a squirrel with an explosion note on it and saves the squirel instead of catching the last leaf.
-now back to Sakura-
The sound group gets tired of waiting and decideds to attack now. so they come and Sakura see them so she cut this clear string and giant logs came falling from above but the Dosu(one of the sound ppl) easily blows them up.and they find sakuras trap on the ground. Sakura is scared and doesnt know what to do. but lucky for her Rock lee comes to help her! and then he says.."Sakura i will protect you untill i die" and stuff

Episode #31 Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!!

Sakura is looking after Naruto and Sasuke after their fight with Orochimaru but is finding it hard keeping awake from the strain she is under. Mean while Neji's team splits up to gather food and water. The sound ninjas have taken position in the tree tops by where Sakura is taking care of Naruto and Sasuke and are planning an attack to try and eliminate Sasuke while they have the chance. They attempt to blow Sakura and co. up with an explotion tag attached squirrel but she scares it away before it gets close enough. The sound ninjas wonders if she could have seen the tag but figures she couldn't have and there was another reason behind her scaring it off. Meanwhile while training catching leaves to win Sakura's heart, Lee sees the squirrel about to explode and saves it in the nick of time but making him suspicious of whats going on around him. At the time Neji has stumbled apon Ino's team who though hidding have obviously been spotted by Neji. He tells them to come out though not revealing he knows their exact location. Ino and crew jump out with plan 2 after plan 1 (hidding as quickly as possible) fialed. They suck up realy badly and Ino trys to suduce him but he just says;"Oh its you three." followed shortly by "Begone" so the three run off. Mean while Sakura is growing ever sleepier and the sound ninjas reveal themselves to her seeing she is weak and her team mates helpless. She gets ready to defend herself and questions them about the mark on Sasuke's neck and Orochimaru. This puzzles the sound ninjas but now knowing this they declares that they will kill all three. They also reveal that the knife she trew earlier was not because she had seen the explosion tag but was so the squirrel would not set off the trap she had layed. The three jump into the air towards her but she cuts the cord of another trap and a log swings from the ceiling to hit them. Unfortunatly one of the sound ninjas destroys it by placing his hand on it and forming a seal which causes it to shatter away. But as they are hurteling towards her in jumps Lee with a "Konoha Whirlwind" sending the three hurteling to the ground. Lee repeats the fact that he would protect Sakura with his life and then stands ready to protect her. Now one of the sound ninjas who has bandages rapped round his head covering all but one eye leaps forwards revealing a metal gauntlet with holes on his right arm as he charges for Lee but before he can reach Sakura makes him jump to the air with a knife and then Lee pulls a tree root from the ground up right in the sound ninja's path forcing him back as Lee says,"Your attack has some sort of trick to it, right?" showing his reasoning to want to keep him back. Now all but Lee from Neji's team have returned to their meating point so the other two head off looking for him. There is a breif flash back showing Lee's learning of the Lotus and also Ino's team has caught site of the battle going on. Lee losens the bandages from his arms ready to use the lotus on the sound ninjas. THe same sound ninja as before charges but Lee moves to quicklty and with a chick to the ninja's chest from beneath the ninja is hurteling upwards with Lee not far behind. Lee's bandages rap round the ninja and Lee puts his arms round him to and begins their decent to the ground with the secondary lotus as he starts rotating the two of them. As this is going on though one of the other sound ninjas begins to form seals and punches his fists into the ground sending 2 mole hile like paths under the ground heading to where the secondary lotus is about to hit the ground. This creates a spongy patch of ground which cussions the blow of the secondary lotus saving the first sound ninja who now has the advantage as Lee is slightly worn out allready from the amount of energy needed to use the move. The sound ninja reveals his gauntlet again and charges at Lee once more swipping for him but just missing. Strangly although he missed Lee begins to fel woozy and dizzy his vision blurring. With this he falls to his knees weakened as the Sound ninjas now have a hugh uper hand....

Episode #32  Sakura Blooms! Showing Her Back in Determination

It start's off when Sukra look's at Lee on the ground . The sound ninga say time to end it , to Lee, when Sukra says that's what you think then she thorws' 4 or 5 kuin ninves . And he block's it. Then he siad ,ah I almoust fogot about you . Lee was on the ground in pain while the sound ninga was charging at Sukra and giting redey to attact. Then Sukra pulls' out a kuin nive to defeand her self . Then Lee get's up ran fast then he tryed a kick him but it didn't work since his ears hurt. Then Lee fainted. Then the other ninga sid let's have some fun and kill them alredy . Then right when Zuak was about to kill Sasuke Sukra was about to get up when the feamale sound ninga grabs Sukra's hair and starts yeaking it . She try's to make her let go of her hair.But it did'nt work. Then she insult her hair. Then start's to cry on the ground rember's how Sasuke , Naruto and Lee were always part of the action . When she fle runway or just wacth. Then she gets covendent and said in her head that it no caving. Then Sukra pull out a kuni nive . The female sound ninga says please you think will work on me.Then with a smile on her face Sukra said it's not for you then she takes her weapen and cuts her hair just to survive . Then feamale sound ninga try's to get her with sipin she did a subatite justu. She was in shock . She kept using the same justu . Then the third time he threw 2 kuni nives at her legs . She did the hand sings but not the justu. She tricks him . Then she landed him on the ground biting him on the arm.He started to punch on the head. Then Ino was behind the bushs wathing and rembers when they were little . And Ino was crying a little. Then the ninga punch Sukra on the agina a she tumbled off. Then he said your going to get now . Then when he was about to stire Ino team gose in front of her and gives a helping had . That's the end of the epiosod.

Episode #33 The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Ch

In this episode Sasuke has a dream how he wasn't strong enough to protect his clan. Then we come back to Sakura, Ino and her teammates who are protecting Sakura. Choji saw that the sound ninja are too strong and he to run away. Zaku said better a live sheep than a dead lion right FATSO!! Choji told him to say it again and Zaku said again and then Choji got all mad and say Who are you calling fat! The all of a sudden Sasuke woke up with the curse marks on him. He ask Sakura "Sakura who did this to you?" She ask him what's happening he said he's fine and said again Which of these people did this to you. Zaku said it was him and Sasuke turn to Zaku. The marks on him has covered his whole face. Zaku started to use his technique and so did Sasuke. When Sasuke was done with Zaku he went to Dosu. But Sakura ran up and hug him. Sasuke saw that Sakura had tears in her eyes so the curse disappeared. As the episode end Shikamaru and Choji went up to Narutoand saw him saying he will protect Sakura.

Episode #34 Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability

Naruto awakens with a hit on the head by Choji. He immediately tells everyone to drop as Orochimaru must be in the air. Naruto immediately notices Sakura cut her hair and asks what happened. She says it’s a new image. Then Naruto asks why ShikaInoChoji is there. Sakura then replies that they helped them out. Tenten arrives and awakens Lee. She explains that Sasuke drove the Sound nin away then lectures him on stepping in by himself. Tenten is certain that if he didn’t act alone, he wouldn’t have lost. Still groggy and unaware of what just happened, Naruto makes fun of Lee. Sakura flips out. She then thanks Lee for helping. Lee vows to become stronger and that when they next meet, he will be stronger. Meanwhile, Sasuke can’t believe Lee lost to the Sound nin he just beat. As the commotion dies down, Ino offers to fix Sakura’s hair, while Neji looks down at Sasuke from the trees, certain that he is a powerful rival.

Kiba watches over Akamaru who has been shaking and crying for the last 12 hours… ever since that incident. Kiba and team were happily making their way to the tower after getting their final scroll. They stopped and Hinata used a Byokugan to spot Gaara about 1 km away. Kiba was a bit too sure of himself and decides to go after the other team. He tells his teammates that he only wants to observe. If the other team is too tough, they’ll just leave quietly. However, even before they arrive, Akamaru senses Gaara’s chakra and becomes extremely frightened. Meanwhile, 3 Hidden Valley of Rain nins challenge Gaara. The main Rain nin does Ninpou Jouro senbon! (Sprinkling Needles) to send hidden needles at Gaara. Gaara emerges from the attack unscathed, his sand acting as a shield. The Rain nin tries again, but again, the sand catches the needles. Gaara vows to make it rain blood. Kankuro explains that Gaara controls the sand inside the gourd. He hardens it with an enormous amount of Chakra. Only Gaara can use it, and he uses it to protect his body. Regardless of Gaara’s will, the sand shields him, so all attacks are nullified.

The Rain nin is now pissed and charges. Gaara does Desert Coffin , and the sand engulfs the Rain nin so he can’t move. Gaara slowly walks towards him with one of the Rain nin’s umbrellas and shields himself as he lifts the sand cocoon up and does Desert Funeral. The cocoon explodes, killing the sound nin. He assures the remaining Rain nins that their teammate felt no pain. The blood and tears then mix with his sand to further fuel the war. The remaining Rain nins then give him their Scroll of Heaven and plead for their lives, but Gaara repeats Desert Funeral, killing them. Kiba’s team flees from their hiding place.

Meanwhile, Gaara spots Kiba’s team and tells his teammates he hasn’t had enough. Kankura tries to talk sense into him. They only need one set of scrolls. He demands Gaara listen to his older brother once in a while. Gaara tells the two that he’s never thought of them as siblings. And if they get in his way, he’ll kill them. His big sister then attempts to calm him down. Gaara powers up, ready to use a sand attack on Kiba’s team, but another plea from his sister calms him. Gaara then walks away, as Kiba’s team narrowly escapes.

At the tower, Kiba’s team waits. Kiba admits that Akamaru said that the big guy is going to get killed by the kid from the Sand. The puppy is still shaking. The team hears voices and they see Gaara’s team waiting at the tower. They’ve already been waiting for 12 hours.

Meanwhile, Anko tries to explain that they can’t cancel the Chuunin exam. Another instructor comes in with a video tape of Gaara’s fight. He explains that 1 hour and 37 minutes after the exam started, Gaara’s team had finished. They finished in 97 min, breaking the old record by 4 hours. Anko is especially impressed that not only did they make it in that short of a timeframe, but Gaara is unharmed, a feat impossible for most Chuunins

Episode #35 Absolutely No Peaking! The Secret of the Scroll

It all started on the fourth day of the exam, Naruto and company hunt for food, they even used their skill to catch some fish. While they're waiting for the fish to be cooked, Sasuke talked to Sakura that they must have the white scroll as soon as possible since it was burned by Orochimaru on the previous days. Sasuke asked for an excuse to fetch some water. As he left, Naruto is looking on their black scroll since he was worried about on how to get the other scroll, he planned to cheat, like making another look-alike scroll. But Sakura stopped him. She explained the seal says it all. Then next thing that comes to Naruto's mind was to open the black scroll which is strictly prohibited. Meanwhile on the other side of the field, 3 examinees took a rest and their leader tried to look some food to each since all of them are tired and hungry. One of them tried to open the scroll same thing as Naruto is doing. When they tried to open it, all of a sudden, they shouted. Their leader suddenly became worried so he went back to check them. But its too late, his two teammates are left unconscious. Going back to Naruto's place, he was about to open it. Suddenly out of nowhere came Kabuto. He stopped them. He explained how dangerous it is to open. There's a hypnotizing script inside the scroll that will make them unconscious and as they woke up, they'll forbidden to take ninja exam for life. When Sasuke came, he saw Kabuto he thought his teammates were in danger. Kabuto explained that they should aware of their surrounding, there might be someone spying them. The spy realized that he have been noticed watching and he suddenly rushed away. Sasuke tried to ask for a fight since Kabuto showed the two scrolls but he just said, ninjas dont even ask for a fight just to get something. They'll suddenly attack their opponent.

Kabuto guided them on their way. Since he's a veteran, he told them that the more you get closer to the tower, the dangerous it is. There's no problem in looking for opponents as you go closer to the tower for sure they are just around waiting for them. Sasuke just realized why Kabuto was helping them. Kabuto needs companion since he cant make it alone on the tower.

They are near to the tower, Kabuto told them to be careful. He knows that many opponents are just watching them. He explained that there also the enemies aside from those examinees, there are some called the collectors. Collectors kill those examinees and get the scroll. They used the scroll for their need. Sometimes they can sell it to others.

Naruto got almost killed when he stepped on the string when suddenly lot of daggers appeared going to strike Naruto, Kabuto covered Naruto and the daggers striked Kabuto's back. Using his technique same with Orochimaru, they tought Kabuto was dead suddenly the dead body turned into a log and noticing Kabuto was just on the other side. Later on, Sakura got exhausted and she feels like they're just walking around on the same place. She thought they're near to the tower but howcome they keep on walking like for almost long way. They just noticed that they fall under the trap of Genjutsu (illusion technique). It was Kori Shinchuu no jutsu. A technique that causes enemy to travel around in circles wherein if they were unable to detect the illusion, they might end up being exhausted since they are walking the same path over and over. Then the enemy casted another Genjutsu technique which Kasumi Juusha no jutsu. It creates false ninjas that can attack Naruto anytime. They ended up being surrounded by those false ninjas.. What will happen next?

Episode #36 Replication Match! I'm the Main Character!

In this episode Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kabuto are still in the forest. They are caught in an illusionary tactic by some rival ninja. They are attacking with fake shadow clones that when hit give the appearance of melting instead of vanishing. Naruto challenges them with his own shadow clones until he is almost worn out. The crew and Naruto have a plan though. Naruto turn three of his clones into his team mates so they can hide. The ninjas come out to finish them off and naruto makes the clones vanish when the remainder of his crew pop up behind the ninjas. Sasuke tells Naruto that he'll take it from here, but Naruto won't hear of it. He tell Sasuke that he isn't getting all the glory for this one and punches the three ninjas in one hit causing a domino effect. Everyone if suprised that Naruto still had enough energy to fight. They collect the needed scroll of heaven and head for the tower. Kabuto separates from them to go with his own crew which commences to tell him how late he is. They all enter their own doors and read a billboard thats on the far wall. Credits.

Episode #37 Second Exam Completed! All of Them are Here, the Rookie Nine!

In this Episode the three man crew has entered the tower. Sakura is trying to decifer a billboard with a message on it. As best she can gather she thinks it is saying something about opening the scrolls. Sakura and Naruto are sweating while contemplating opening the scrolls. They look at each other for a minute before they open them together. The scrolls start to bubble in the center and Sasuke tells them that it's a summoning charm and to throw them. They throw them across the floor and they land in an X position. Their faces can't be decribed when the smoke from the charm clears and they see Iruka standing there. Iruka tells them that they passed the second exam. He then tells them that he is gonna treat them to ramen. Then Naruto goes nuts as only Naruto can do at the mention of Ramen. He is jumping up and down when Iruka tells him he is still hyper. Sasuke just stands there thinking how much of an idiot Naruto is, and Sakura has a puzzled look on her face. She askes Iruka about the Board on the wall. He explaines that Heaven is your brain and Earth is your body. If you have Brains then you need to work hard to posess strenth in body (Directed towards Sakura). If you have Body then you need to work hard to posses knowledge (directed at Naruto). If you have both then dangerous missions become more easy (directed at Sasuke). He then escorts them to the main hall where the Jeninn giving the test are along with the Hokage for the next test. Credits.

Episode #38 Those Who Pass Cut Down to Half!? It's an Unexpected Fight!!
This episode begins with the now remaining chuunins. They are all told of a 3rd exam. This exam is like no other up to this point, few of these "chuunin" have yet had to kill. The main point of this exam is Life or Death! Everyone will have a randomly chosen one-on-one match. All remaining chunnin are given the choice to quit in the beginning of the exam. All stay but one, Kabuto (the spy from the hidden village of sound, also hired by Orochimiru(evil snake guy, first appears in chunnin exam)) Sasuke is in a massive amount of pain from the "bruise"(as Sakura likes to call it) also know as a Cursed Seal...Sakura is mind-set on telling the teachers about this "bruise" but Sasuke doesn't let her. Now that everyone is ready to begin this exam, a screen opens up on the wall, it shows the first two fighters names. And guess who it is...Sasuke and a guy off of kabuto-sans team!! Before the round starts all other persons in the room are advised to go up to the balcony. While on his way up to the balcony Kakashi sensei is worried about Sasuke and tells him not to use his Sharingan, knowing it could cause his pupils death. Sasuke also comes to the conclusion that it only hurts when he tries to mold chakra. He now knows hes got himself quite a difficult fight ahead of him. the rest is for you to see!!

Episode #39 Super Eyebrows Jealous "Lion Combo" is Born!

This episode starts off in the midst of a fight between Uchiha Sasuke and one of the generic sound ninja spies. The fight starts out by the sound ninja gathering an energy to his hand and putting it on Sasuke's head. The glowing in his hand turns out to drain an opponent's chakra if the hand is touching them. Sasuke gets schooled for a minute having pretty much all of his chakra drained. Sasuke then whips out his version of Rock Lee's forbidden attack. It starts with a kick into the air and Sasuke appears behind generic sound ninja, and that is the part he copied from Rock Lee. Its all original from there. Shishi Rendan (Lion Combo) is pretty much Sasuke just beating the generic nin in mid air then as he hits the ground is a rolling kick that looks like it about snapped generic nin in half. Sasuke wins. The next fight is annoucnced the combatants are Zaku Abumi(the dude who got his arms broken by Sasuke) and Aburame Shino(the bug dude). Aburame Shino starts off the fight by warning Zaku that if he paticipates in this match he will never fight again. Immediately after saying this Aburame gets beaten down by Zaku. By this point Kakashi has taken Sasuke to a room in the back to put a seal on the cursed seal that Sasuke recieved from Orochimaru. After finishing the seal Kakashi informs Sasuke that the strength of the seal comes from Sasuke's own will to keep it under control. Orochimaru shows up in the room with Sasuke and Kakashi. Orochimaru and Kakashi talk trash to each other and prepare to fight next week.

Episode #40 A Touch-and-Go Situation! Kakashi VS Orochimaru

The episode opens with Kakashi putting the evil suppresser seal on Sasuke. As Kakashi finishes, Orochimaru appears and tells Kakashi why he is here. Then it switches over to the fight between Zaku (a Sound Ninja) and Shino. Zaku fights with his left arm and Sound Cutter Shino, but it turns out Shino is fine. At this point Shino offers Zaku a deal, to quit now so he can fight next year. Zaku sees the bugs that have him cornered and then he flashbacks to his first time meeting Orochimaru and then decides to show his trump card. Zaku busts out both of his arms and showshe can blast both Shino and the bugs away. As Zaku does this his arms explode. Shino tells Zaku he ordered the bugs to sneak into the arm holes and plug them. Zaku lays there and Shino is declared the winner. The episode ends with Kankurou starting his match against a hidden leaf ninja.

Episode #41 Rivals Clash! The Hearts of the Girls are in Serious Mode

The episode starts off with the match between Kankuro and Tsurugi Misumi. Both tell each other at the start of the battle that they will end this match quickly. Kankuro removes the enormous bundle on his back but Misumi doesn't waste any time. He strikes Kankuro with his arm but Kankuro blocks it with his wrist. Occupying one of his arms, Misumi wraps his entire body around Kankuro, imobolizing him (sort of reminds me of Luffy and his rubber body). Misumi tells Kankuro that he can take his joints off their hinges and use his chakra to loosen his body. Misumi has one of his arms wrapped right around Kankuro's neck. He threatens to strangle Kankuro until his neck breaks if he doesn't give up and surrender. It seems as though Misumi is in the upperhand of the battle but Kankuro seems nonplussed by it all. Misumi continues to strangle him until Kankuro's neck snaps. Everyone is stunned, it seems that Misumi has won.
However right at that moment, Kankuro's head swirls back in place facing Misumi and in shock Misumi sees that it isn't Kankuro at all but instead a marionette. "Kankuro" declares that it's his turn,and marionette reveals itself wrapping it's arms around Misumi. Suddenly emerging from the bundle of bandages is the real Kankuro. Strings attached to the marionette are what Kankuro used to control the puppet. Chakra flows from from his hand along the strings to control his puppet "Karasu". Karasu begins squeezing Misumi, Misumi struggles in it's grip then declares that he gives up, but Kankuro merely replies that he can become softer if he breaks his bones, and proceeds into doing so. Misumi collapses and the match ends. Kankuro is declared the winner. From up above, Naruto complains to Kakashi saying that is isn't fair having two against one. Sakura explains to him that Kankuro was using "Marionette no Jutsu" saying that he controlled the doll with his chakra. It's technically the same as using a shuriken or any other tool.

Later in the next scene, Sakura is seen washing up in the bathroom. Ino appears teasing Sakura and telling her that she should retire from the matches. Sakura hesistates but when she looks at her reflection in the mirror she remembers back to when she cut her hair. She then tells herself that she can do her best in this too and the confidently leaves the bathroom replying to Ino that she can't wait for her match to start.
Coming back to the fighting area, they are about to announe the fourth match. As the names appear on the screen it reads: Haruno Sakura vs Yamanaka Ino. Both girls are shocked to see that they are facing each other.

The fight begins and Sakura starts off the match charging towards Ino with a kick, but Ino dodges. Sakura goes into offense but Ino manages to block all her attacks. Sakura throws three kunai at Ino, but Ino dodges them and throws one of the kunai back at one of them to stop it from coming. Sakura then again proceeds with another attack.
Naruto watches pleased to see that Sakura is at an advantage, but Shikamaru tells him he's an idiot. Neji tells Naruto that they're female kunoichi after all, saying that their physical combat skills are lower than normal. TenTen begs to differ saying that it's not because their kunoichi. They're just going soft on each other. she tells naruto that sex doesn't matter in battle.

Back to the fight scene, both girls pant and pause to catch their breath. Sakura charges and Ino once more, they continue to fight, Ino manages to jab Sakura in the stomach. now gaining her chance, Ino starts to throw a final punch at Sakura, but just as she starts to land her blow, and image of a younger Sakura appears in her head and she stops her punch in mid air. The two pause and Sakura thinks back to when they were younger.

flashback: The kunoichi class is doing flower arrangement as their topic. Sakura runs to catch up with Ino but then trips and falls. Ino sighs telling her she's such a klutz. It appears Sakura isn't good at flower arranging, she asks Ino for help and Ino tells her the key to flower arranging. She tells Sakura that in flower arrangement, once you pick your main flower, you add other flowers the accompany it. She picks the cosmos as an example, telling sakura that the thoroughworts that she picked would be used as extras. She tells sakura that the cosmos are different from spring flowers but are the most beautiful flower in the fall. It also means harmony so it fits with any other fall flowers. Ino takes one of Sakura's thoroughworts holding it in her hair and asks her if she looks like a cosmo with them. Sakura looks away a little depressed and them agrees. Suddenly three girls approach them and them start to bully Sakura about her forehead. Ino then throws flowers into the leader's mouth. Furious, the girl Ami, yells at Ino but she simply replies that the flowers she just threw were a ninja flower called aconite, which is poisonous. The three girls horrified, run away yelling for their sensei. Ino laughs as they run away telling Sakura that only the roots have the poison, not the flowers. Sakura looks at her admiringly commenting her on how talented she is in knowledge and ninjutsu, and them compares herself to her. She then asks Ino if Ino was a cosmo, would that make herself a thoroughwort. Ino looks at her and then replies that she thinks that Sakura isn't even a flower yet, just a bud. Sakura laughs sheepishly and agrees, but then looks away with a sort of sad look.

Going back the battle, Sakura then looks at Ino and then declares to her that if it came to this, she wouldn't even want to fight with her over Sasuke. then she proceeds to insult ino telling her that Sasuke and Ino don't even match and then declares right now she is stronger than her. She tells ino that she isn't even a rival to her. This pisses Ino off greatly and Ino yells at her for talking to her like that and tells her that she's just a crybaby. Naruto from the balcony is freaked out by Ino, and says that maybe Sakura said a little too much, Kakashi replies to him saying that it's because Sakura doesn't want Ino to go easy on her. Sakura then asks, "am i still a bud?"

back the flashback: Sakura then asks Ino why she gave her that ribbon. Ino then tells her it's because she thought it would be a waste for Sakura to wither away as a bud saying that there's no meaning to a flower unless it blooms. she then says that, that bud might turn out to be a flower more beautiful than a cosmos. Sakura blushses and then looks away with tears in her eyes. She thanks Ino-chan for saying those kind words to her.

Back to the battle, Sakura then thinks of those words again saying to herself that she always believed in those words that Ino had told her on that day thinking that it would be nice if that were true, and always wanting to be like her and now thanks to her she is where she is today. which is why she wanted to fight Ino seriously. she then removes the leaf headband protector from her head and leaving her hair flow loose. Naruto stares at Sakura in confusion and asks Kakashi why she did that. Kakashi sighs because Naruto doesn't realise that Sakura and Ino were acting like him and Sasuke. Ino then thinks back to when they were first divided into teams.

flashback: Sakura and Ino are in a patch of trees. Sakura declares to Ino that she is now in Sasuke's team and that she will never loose to her again. Ino sighs nonplussed by the fact but then Sakura hands her the ribbon saying that she is going to return it. Ino tells her that she gave it to her, and that she should wear the leaf protector on her forehead, because that's where it's supposed to go. Sakura then replies saying that she is no longer the girl who used to chase her. she then tells her that when she puts the protector on her forehead, it is a symbol meaning that she can't lose to Ino as a female ninja. Ino smiles and then shakes her hand in agreement. saying that she will do the same thing when the time comes
back to the battle: the two then both put on their leaf protectors on their foreheads together. they are now in serious mode and decide to use their full power in their fight. The two charge towards each other throwing a punch, their fists meet, and everyone in the audience stares. the two back away with serios looks and attitudes towards each other. This time they won't go soft on each other anymore.

Episode #42 The Best Battle is All Right, Damn it!!

this episode starts off with ino and sakura both saying "let us have a fair fight" sakura starts off with a replication jutsu. Sakura starts to accumulate her chakra and stomps the ground,then she punches ino and yells"if you're going to take me as the little crybaby sakura you're going to get hurt.Fight me seriously ino". Then Ino says i'll give 100% like you requested. Then naruto says "she's good, really good." Kakashi sensie replies" yes sakura is quite complete the ability to accumulate chakra and use it at the right time she could even beat sasuke,but in sakura's case she was really good at chakra control to begin with".The examiner says that this is a long fight they've been at it for ten minutes already. Then ino says there is no way she is my equal. sakura replies there is no way a slovenly person like you is my equal. Ino decides to cut her hair to prove that she is not a slovenly person. ino says,"ill win this battle by making you say I give up then she uses mind transfer jutsu but it was actually just a trick by running chakra through her hair she made sakura stop moving so she could actually use the mind transfer jutsu. It finally works and ino almost wins but when sakura heard naruto say,"Sakura you'll be a disgrace if u lose to that sasuke obsessed freak." sakura's other mind kicks ino out. Finally they both say this is the last attack and when they are both about to punch each other they have a flashback about when they were little kids and then when the both became genins(lower class ninga)and sakura gave ino back the ribbon. They both get a direct attack but unfourtonatley they both lost. kakashi and aburami pick up the girls then sakura and ino start talking about what they said when they were young. Then the next match Tenten vs Temari.

Episode #43 Shikamaru Staggers!? Female Ninja's Heated Battle

Tenten of Konoha dukes it out with Temari of Sand. Sadly, Tenten's attacks are largely Taijutsu-based
(based on physical, or hand-to-hand fighting techniques). She applies the use of weapons to defeat her
opponent. Hokage comments that Tenten has a good sense of distance, being the right amount of area away
from her opponent to be both offensive and defensive.
Tenten begins by a few shurikens, Temari reflecting by flashing her fan, its wind power stopping the
shurikens from landing any damage. Tenten next pulls a fierce hurricane tactic, spinning herself into the
air and allowing a special scroll to spiral around her from which she can extract a variety of weapons
which she sends to Temari, who merely stands there and flashes her fan, its wind force stopping every
weapon in its track. Temari explains that her fan has three stars. Tenten had already seen the first one,
and if she saw two more, she would lose.
Tenten withdraws two scrolls to perform her ultimate technique, placing them on the ground vertically
and performing Soushouryu (Rising Twin Dragons). Two dragon-shaped smoke trails shoot into the air, then
dissipate into twin scrolls from which Tenten swirls into the middle and withdraws a second flurry of
weapons launched at Temari, who reveals her second star and stops them all. Temari scoffs at her
opponent's pathetic onslaught, as Tenten remarks she isn't done yet, launching herself into the sky and
using chakra strings attached to her fingers to pull the weapons up and re-launch them at Temari, who
replays her same attack, sending Tenten flying through the air and crashing into the ground, upon which
Temari reveals her last star, flying through the air on her fan. She then lands on the ground and waves
her fan, performing Ninpou Kamaitachi (Whirlwind Attack). Tenten is send into a blinding whirlwind with
chakra embedded into it that begins to tear and cut Tenten to shreds. She lands, cracking her back on
Temari's fan. The match is over.
Temari labels Tenten as trash, and Rock Lee, to avenge such dishonorment to his teammate, attempts his
Konoha Whirlwind, only to have it blocked by the quick Temari.
The next match: Nara Shikamaru vs Kin Tsuchi

Episode #44 Akamaru Joins the Fight!! Which One Will Be the Underdog?

The match begins with Kiba and Naruto taunting each other, each arrogant and overconfident. Naruto mocks Akamaru, Kiba's puppy, saying it's an interference and a handicap, asking the judge if it's alright. The judge nods, saying bugs and animals are treated as weapons. Kiba's jounin is overconfident, all of the spectators believing Naruto to still be the weak, inferior fighter and dropout he once was.
Kiba has a flashback of mocking Naruto and having the whole class laugh at him for not being able to perform Henge, the transformation technique. Naruto is still confident, claiming Kiba cannot defeat him, and the match begins.
Kiba claims he can finish the match in one blow, using Gijyuu Ninpou Shikyaku no Jutsu (Beast Mimicry Ninja Technique, Four Legs). His body exudes an aura of blue chakra as he becomes more beastlike, his nails growing sharper and his taijutsu skill increasing along with strength and speed, as Kiba elbows Naruto in the chest, the young ninja being knocked back and forced to lie for several seconds on the ground, inable to move. Everyone sees the match as over, and Sakura flashbacks into several scenes of Naruto's fighting for his dream.
Naruto is able to move still, and stands up, ready to continue the match, taunting Kiba into using his dog, Akamaru. Kiba uses a smoke bomb to cloud Naruto's vision as he and Akamaru repeatedly attack him, Naruto inable to sense the attacks. When the smoke clears, Naruto is seen lying on the floor, and Akamaru rushes to Kiba.. and bites him. Naruto had used Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique) to transform himself into Akamaru. The real Akamaru was with the Kage Bunshin (Shadow Replicate) that Naruto had left that was lying down amidst the clearing of the smoke cloud.
Kiba claims he will get serious now, feeding food pills to both Akamaru and himself, the power of the food pills, which are a special medicine that allow a soldier to fight three days and three nights straight; it is high in protein and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and also has substances that act as both a stimulus and a tranquilizer. This causes both Akamaru's and Kiba's chakra to double, Akamaru turning red and his fangs growing longer. Kiba repeats his initial technique, Gijyuu Ninpou, this time adding Jyuujin Bunshin (Half-beast clone), Akamaru transforming into a clone of Kiba. They next together perform Four Legged Technique, Naruto bouncing back to avoid the attack as they crash into the ground. Naruto spends his time dodging, but without the boost of such items as a food pill, is inable to hold up such dodging for very long. He leaves an opening, being left vulnerable to Gatsuuga (Double Fang Destroyer). Naruto lands on his head, on the concrete floor, yet refuses to give up, blood dripping from his head and mouth, a pool of blood dripping onto the ground beneath his body. Kiba begins laughing, taunting and testing Naruto's will to fight.
Hinata flashbacks to her witnessing of Naruto working extremely hard to achieve his goals, his constant practicing, and suffering through social ostracization due to his possession of the nine tails fox's chakra and seed.
Naruto gets up yet again, ready to fight, stating, "If you're going to compete with me over the title of Hokage, you're going to be the Underdog."

Episode #45 Hinata Blushes! The Crowd Open Their Mouths Wide, Naruto's Trump Card

Naruto tells Kiba that if he will challenge him for the title of Hokage, then Kiba will be the underdog. Kiba and Akamaru both do the "Beast Imitation" technique, where in Akamaru transforms to look exactly like Kiba in "beast mode". They attack using a "double-whirlwind" attack (Ground Fang) and Naruto goes down. But Naruto rises up again so Kiba and Akamaru keep on attacking him with the same technique. Then Naruto suddenly comes up with an idea. When the smoke clears from the last attack, the crowd is shocked to see THREE "beast-Kibas" in the ring!! Naruto transformed himself into Kiba so that the real Kiba and Akamaru won't know who is who. But the real Kiba's "Beast Imitation" technique gives him a sense of smell 1000 times that of normal, so he literally "sniffs" Naruto out and punches him. The transformation is dispelled as "Naruto" falls to the ground. But Kiba is shocked when he sees that it is Akamaru who is lying there! This confuses him so he hits the "other" Kiba behind him, thinking he was Naruto, but it turns out that it was the REAL Akamaru! After being "sniffed out" and punched by Kiba, instead of transforming back to his original form, Naruto quickly transformed into Akamaru. Naruto gets an opening and kicks Kiba. Kiba is furious because he played into Naruto's trap and thus calms himself down. With Akamaru out, the match is now "even". Naruto then tells Kiba that he still hasn't whipped out his "new move" yet, and he's going to do it now. Naruto begins to perform the seal, but Kiba uses his "Beast Imitation" speed to disrupt it. Naruto has no chance to finish his seals as Kiba keeps attacking with his speed, and all Naruto can do is avoid tha attacks. Kiba finally finds an opening when he positions himself behind Naruto, just below his waist. He is about to attack when *POOF*, through all the excitement, Naruto FARTS DIRECTLY IN THE FACE OF KIBA!? Since "beast-mode" Kiba has a sense of smell 1000x normal, the fart proves to be devastating! This gives Naruto the opening to do his "new move": He does Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to create 5 clones of himself. One clone hits Kiba low, three clones kick him simultaneously up in the air, while the real Naruto jumps up over Kiba...and hits the "Uzumaki Naruto Combo!!" (a similar move to Sasuke's "Lion Combo") Kiba crashes hard to the ground...KO! Naruto wins the seventh preliminary match!! As Naruto walks up back to the audience area, Hinata gives him an ointment to cure his wounds. Naruto thanks Hinata and says that she is a good person.

Episode #46 Byakugan Unleashed! The Shy Hinata's Daring Determination!

Hinata gives Naruto some ointment for his wounds after his fight with Kiba. Kakashi notices that Naruto's wounds once again heal instantly, due to power of the Nine-Tails Fox Demon within Naruto. Hinata approaches Kiba (and Akamaru) who is being lifted out in a stretcher for medical treatment. Kiba advises Hinata that should she match-up against Gaara of the Desert or Neji Hyuuga, she should give up right away, particularly with Neji, who Kiba says will be "strict" with Hinata. Hayate now announces the next match-up: Hinata Hyuuga vs. Neji Hyuuga! Hinata is frozen with shock and fear. Naruto and Sakura are surprised that both the fighters are Hyuugas. They assume that the two are relatives. Rock Lee then explains that the two are NOT relatives; however, they are related in that they both come from different "divisions" of the same clan, the Hyuugas. Hinata is from the "main" clan, while Neji is from the "branch" clan. There seemed to be a rift that occurred between the two "branches" of the clan a long time ago, causing them to become more estranged as time went by. Back in the ring, Neji "psyches out" Hinata by telling her that she didn't really want to participate in the Chuunin Exam, but she didn't want to let her teammates down either. Neji goes on to say that her "weakness" (shyness, lack of confidence/self-esteem) and "indecisiveness" is her destiny, as "failures" are always "failures" and people can never change. Neji even uses the Byakugan to confirm his statement that Hinata already knows what will be the outcome of this match even before it started, that Hinata will lose. Neji continues to "talk down" a terrified Hinata, telling her that she should end her suffering and give up right now. Naruto, hearing all those words, gets angry and shouts to Neji: "You're wrong! People CAN change!" Naruto then asks Hinata: Why is she letting Neji say all these things to her? She should say something back or beat him up, since all that BS is making the people watching angry. That "pep talk" by Naruto suddenly gives Hinata a renewed courage. Her eyes change from fear to stark determination, and Neji notices this. Hinata remembers Naruto's words during their Ninja Academy training and in the 1st part of the Chuunin Exam: "I'm not going to run away anymore..."and "I will not take back my words". She decides that she will follow those same words Naruto spoke and she will change herself and not look back. This would be her "way of the ninja"! "Neji-san, let us fight!" Hinata tells Neji. Hinata and Neji fight, both using the Byakugan and the Hyuuga style of taijutsu, the "Gentle Fist" technique. Rock Lee and Kakashi explain that the Byakugan enables Hyuuga clan members to "see" the "inner coils" or the "chakra pathways" of an opponent. Since these "chakra pathways" are intertwined with the body's internal organs, an attack that damages these pathways will also damage the internal organs. Hyuuga taijutsu allows the user to force chakra out of their hands/palms and attack an opponent's "inner coils". Thus, direct physical contact is not required to deliver a critical blow! Rock Lee compares the Hyuuga style with his taijutsu in that his taijutsu concentrates on external damage, i.e. breaking bones, etc. while the Hyuuga style concentrates on internal damage, which is more dangerous. Hinata and Neji continue to fight, chakra flying out of their hands while avoiding to be hit. It seems that Hinata has the initial advantage. Then, Hinata sees an opening and let's go with a direct attack to Neji's heart...

Episode #47 In front of the person I admire!!

eventually it is Neji who hits hinata. She lets out a cough of blood and tries to hit him again, but Neji blocks it and hits her "inner coils" keeping her from using her chakra. She is on the floor, but doesn't give up, she stands up remembering and repeating naruto's words "I will not take back my words; it is my way of the ninja" They continue fighting but Neji eventually hits her again and again. The nurses are called in to retrieve Hinata. Naruto goes down there cuz she coughed up a lot of blood, they cary her away. Scene shows Naruto kneeling by the puddle of blood and Neji in the background talking about how it was her fate..Naruto gets mad and touches Hinata's blood with his fingers then faces Neji with a fist(dripping with her blood) and warns Neji that he's going to beat him....and i think thats pretty much it.

Episode #48 Crash Gaara! It's Youth! It's Power! Explode!

Gaara of the Sand vs. Lee of the Konoha Leaf. We've seen Gaara's Sand Control Protection and Desert Coffin Tech's, as well as learned that Lee cannot use any Ninjitsu or Genjutsu. This begins to make the fight difficult for Lee since he cannot pass Gaara's Sand Barrier.

Gai-sensei gives Lee the OK to remove his training weights and begin using his true Taijutsu abilities, which includes being able to move faster than the sand can keep up. Lee finally lands a solid hit, but it is uncovered that Gaara constantly has a layer of Sand Armor around him.

Lee invokes the Forbidden Lotus he used on the Sound-nin in the Second Exam, but the fight is not over...

Episode #49 Hot-Blooded loser! Finally Blossom. Forbidden Secret Technique!

The episode continues from the last after Rock Lee has done his Secondary Lotus. Everyone then notices that Gaara has replaced himself with a sand clone when Lee had cringed from his long combo. Gaara then appears behing Lee with a horrible evil look in his eyes. It appears that Gaara's inner beast has awoken. Gaara continues with an onslaught of sand attacks, and due to Lee's Secondary Lotus, he cannot move at his high speed. Kakashi explains how the Secondary Lotus causes a large amount of strain on the body. After a few flash backs revealing Lee's past of constant training and becoming a drop out, Lee remebers everything that Gai has done for him and becomes revived by the smile of his sensei. His movement goes back to normal and Gai reveals that Lee is capable of opening five out of the eight chakra gates and use Primary Lotus. Kakashi explains about the eight gates in the chakra circulatory system. It is said that if all gates are open the user will gain temporary power that is more that a Hokage, but die afterwards. The episode ends as Lee opens the third gate, the Life Gate, and prepares to use Primary Lotus.

Episode #50 Oh Rock Lee! This is the way a man lives!!

Lee continues to open Gates to increase the power of Primary Lotus. Fight on! Gaara's sand cannot keep up, and the Sand Armor is crushed! The attack fails! How is this so?! Gaara is still conscious, and Lee can no longer move. He succeeds on using the Desert Coffin on an arm and a leg of Lee, and would have done more if Gai-sensei had not stepped in. The fight is almost called in Gaara's favor, but Lee stands? How is THIS so? Lee is given some devastating information...

Episode #51 A shadow moving in the darkness. Crisis approaching Sasuke!

The 10th and Final Match! Awww! Dosu, the last Sound-nin VS. Choji's Meat Tank! A very quick fight, unsuprisingly ending in Dosu's favor.
Hokage-sama explains the the Final Exam is a Tournament that will take place in one month before the village leaders, like himself, and the feudal lords (as so to show off each villages power, which was explained as the whole reason of the Chuunin exam at the beginning of the prelims). The finalist now know their opponents, their potential opponents, and have time to do recon. Kabuto, the Leaf Spy, speaks to Orochimaru, who ask him to capture Sasuke. He makes his attempt, but is foiled by Kakashi. Naruto ask Kakashi to train him for the Finals, but Kakashi pawns him off on a familiar face...

Episode #52 Ebisu Again! I won't let you do such perverted things!

Naruto refuses to take Ebisu, the closet pervert, the one he defeated with Harem no Jutsu, as his trainer. Ebisu claims that he was only taken by suprise, that he truly is powerful, and if Naruto can escape him in a game of tag, he will convince Kakashi to train Naruto. Of course, Naruto loses.
Ebisu takes Naruto to a nearby hotsprings to start his training. They begin with the next step in chakra training. If walking on trees was step one, then water walking is step two.
While Naruto is practicing, Ebisu discovers an open pervert and will not tolerate this act! The open pervert summons a frog to defeat Ebisu?! Who is this open perv??...?

Episode #53 Long Time! Pervert-Sennin Appears!

Naruto is PO'd that the Frog Hermit KO'd Ebisu and disturbed his training. He demands that the Pervert Hermit train him since he is reponsible.
Frog Hermit blames Ebisu for stopping his "data gathering" for his novels and claims he has nothing to do with stopping the training. He will not train Naruto. Of course this does not stop Naruto, and he eventually gets his way.
The water-walking continues with Naruto getting naked, and Frog Hermit sees the Nine-Tail's seal being disturbed by Orichimaru's seal. So he removes it. Wow... who IS the perverted hermit??...?

Episode #54 Taught by Pervert-Sennin It's the Summoning no Jutsu!!

Dosu of the Sound seeks out Gaara of the Sand in hopes of defeating him outside the tourney and being one closer to fighting Sasuke as he is told...
The Examiner from the prelims discovers the Sand Gennin's Sensei receiving secret plans from Orochimaru to bring to Kazekage (the Wind's version of Hokage), but does not go undiscovered himself...
Frog Hermit has Naruto expend his regular blue chakra to tap in to his red Nine-Tails chakra. A blood contract with frogs is signed, and Naruto attempts Summoning no Jutsu...

Episode #55 Painful Feeling, A single flower with Wish

Hokage talks with the Jounin about how to proceed with Orochimaru, and Kakashi goes on his training and is met with an old aquaintence...
A short look is given into the training of the other finalist, as well as Naruto's continued attempts to use Summoning no Jutsu...
Sakura-chan plans visit Sasuke in the hopital and decides to bring him a flower. She mistakenly goes to Ino's shop, and Ino quickly deduces who the flower is for. She decides to tag along.
Shock! Sasuke is NOT in the hospital! NOR is Lee-san! Boys!

Episode #56 Life or Death!? Risking your life to learn a technique!

garra and sasukun were fighting and than garra uses his sand and make a ball circle sasukun tryed to break through but he couldnt so he ran up on the wall and uses lightning strike (meaning thunder edge)it can break through almost everything) so sasukun broke throughthe sand shield and garra blood was dripping and he yelled out BLOOD!!!! MY BLOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! than sasukun tryed to take his arm out he did but a monster hand cam out it was garras arm than the mask people made everyone go to sleep th only one that didnt go to sleep is sakura san and all the sensi and all the people that is not on the statium....

next on naruto,,,,,, the hokage that was sitting beside the leaf clan hokage tryed to kill the leaf hokage and the seal can out bigg snakes and naruto can hear but can not see

Episode #58 Fly! Jump! Dive! Gama Oyabun Appears!

When Naruto eventually does something, he does it BIG! Not only does he finally summon a frog to save his life, but he summons Gamabunta, the Frog Boss! The last person to summon him was the Fourth Hokage, and that was on the day the Fourth defeated and sealed the Nine-Tails in Naruto.
Gamabunta refuses to acknowledge that Naruto summoned him, and Naruto refuses to not be acknowledged. He tells the Frog Boss that if he can stay on his back all day, Gamabunta will accept him as his master. Frog Boss VS Naruto! FIGHT!
Also, Baki, the Sand Gennin's Sensei, delivers the Sound's plans to Kazekage, while Temari has doubts about the breaking of alliance between Leaf and Sand and the forging of alliance between Sand and Sound. She also reflects on the war they are helping to start.

Episode #59 Furious, Intense Chase, and Aggressive Dash, The Main Matches

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet

Episode #60 Byakugun vs. Kage Bunshin! I'm Going to Win!!

naruto and neji enter the arena
and naruto uses shadow clone and neji activates beyakugan. neji looks and sees naruto distributed chakra evenly so even the beyakugan can't tell the diffrence. naruto then sends his clones to ballte and says don't underestimate me. neji easily defeats them. neji then tells naruto he can't be hokage. only those who are born with that fate become hokage. naruto says he's wrong and neji asks if anyone can become hokage if they try. and that only a select few are even considered for hokage. but they all share one fate. death. then naruto said so what, maybe i'm just a sore loser and then makes a bunch of clones and attacks neji said he is not an idiot and he seen this techneque before and that the real one hangs back fearing any strike on his tenketsu. then he presses two of naruto's tenketsu. then the shadow clones disapear. then naruto says and i told you not to underestimate me. then the naruto turned out to be fake. then naruto and one clone pop out of nowhere. then thinks they hit neji. but instead neji says eight tri-grams palm rotation. and naruto and his clone go flying. then ten-ten in her mind explains the rotation emits chakra from every tenketsu and neji spins like a top. hinatas father is impressed and asked himself where he learned that techneque.
then neji says it gets worse your in the zone of my eight tri grams.
then it shows the eight trigrams seal. the end

Episode #61 Zero Blindspots! Another Absolute Defense

This is a continuation of the fight between Neji and Naruto. Basically Neji feels that he has won and Naruto and Naruto says "I won't lose to a guy like you". Neji has closed all of Naruto's tenketsus (chakra holes) so Naruto is forced to call on the 9 tails chakra instead of his own. Neji asks "Why do you fight fate so hard?" and Naruto responds "Because you called me a dropout". Naruto then begins drawing the 9 tails is rather DBZ-like in the earth shaking, wind blowing effects. Everyone is in shock because they see the chakra coming from Naruto who shouldn't have any because of Neji's last attack. There are many swift attacks and just as Naruto directly attacks Neji he says "I don't know about Hyuga's hate. If you thinks it's impossible don't do anything. After I become Hokage (knives clash at this point) I'll change Hyuuga for you." Needless to say, there is a HUGE explosion with lots of smoke. After the smoke clears, two body shaped holes can be seen. Neji climbs out of one and stumbles towards the other which contains a knocked out Naruto. Neji begins speaking but is interupted by Naruto's fist coming up from the ground below him and connecting with his chin. This is a POWERFUL blow and Neji's head rocks completely back and blood gushes forth. There is more conversation between Neji and Naruto, but Neji can not move and Naruto is declared the winner!!

Episode #62 The Dropout's Hidden Power

Naruto vs. Neji, such a long fight that will soon come to an end! After Neji had thrown insult after insult at Naruto, Naruto was sick of it. Neji blocked a couple moves that Naruto threw, and he just got bored of it. Neji then succesfully hit Naruto with his 64 palms and shut off all Naruto's chakra, but that didn't mean that Naruto was going to give up. Naruto released the fox demon's chakra that had held up in him since he was born. After Neji thought he had beaten Naruto, Naruto attacked, probably the only succesful hit that Naruto had thrown. Naruto had great speed, great fighting skills, and a hech of a left hook that didn't let Neji move, and Naruto had then pulled off the victory. The Next match, Gaara vs.Sasuke(sasuke is my favorite, he's just the best), But where is Sasuke, will he be disqualified, you'll see!

Episode #63 Disqualified?! Danger! Moving Ahead of Schedule! The Main Tournament with Troubles!

Temari VS Shikamaru

although Shikamaru as tempted to resign this fight (he was stopped by Naruto pushing him into the arena) he decides to fight since he doesn't want to lose to a girl. Shikamaru beats Temari by tricking her and traping her with his Shadow Imitation Technique but he ends up resigning the match because there is no use fighting anymore because he is out of chakra. We find out from Shikamaru's sensei that Shikamaru is a tactical genius which is hardly ever shown because of his determination not do do anything "troublesome". Temari wins by default.

Episode #64 The Clouds are Nice... The Guy With no Interest

Shikamaru had just been pushed into the stadium by Naruto and is just laying there. Then (funny part) people started throwing trash at him! Poor Shika! Then Temari says something like "What? Are you scared?" Then she says "Fine! Then if you won't strike, I will!" So she takes out her giant fan and (without opening it) charges at Shikamaru and aims for his head. When the dust cloud disappears, Shikamaru is no where to be seen. . .he's hiding behind a tree! Then Temari opens her fan and does this wind jutsu thing (can't remember what its called) and hits Shikamaru and cuts up the trees. Then Shikamaru appears in the middle of two trees and when the dust cloud disappears his shadow possesion jutsu is heading for Temari. She backs up and when the jutsus range is figured she takes her fan and makes a line in the ground to stay behind. Asuma was telling Kurenai about how Shikamaru's grades were and how Shikamaru had always beat him at some kind of game by making a sign with his hands showing that he was thinking of a srategy when he was caught with a difficut move. Asuma found out there that Shikamaru had an IQ over 200. Kurenai was surprised at this. She stammered, "2-200!" So yeah. . .Shikamaru was making that hand sign now (its not a real hand sign!) The second time Temari did the wind jutsu thing, Shikamaru had taken off his shirt in the process and taken out a kunai. Then Shikamaru did his shadow possesion jutsu again but this time it ent farther than the line Temari made so she jumped back and was thinking 'What! It's range ended there!' But then she figured it out! As the sun grew lower, the range increased. But then another shadow appeared and Shikamaru's jutsu kept going. Temari doged it and looked up. There was Shikamaru's shirt tied to the kunai making a balloon. But the "balloon" hit the ground and the jutsu backed off. Then Temari put her giant fan in front of her and was thinking of a strategy. She thought that if she made a shadow clone and had it go out there, Shikamaru would mistake it for the real Temari and attack it with shadow possesion. She started to make the hand signs but suddenly. . .she couldn't move. Shikamaru had got her with his shadow possesion jutsu! He got her through two holes in the ground that were connected. So he started to walk forward and so did Temari. Then Shikamaru stopped and put his hand up and after a while said, "That's it! i give up!" Temari and everyone else stood (or sat) stunned. "W-what did you say?" Temari had asked. Shikamaru replied, "I used up my last bit of chakra doing the shadow possesion. I would have lasted 10 seconds." Shikamaru put his hand down and reversed the jutsu. The proctor said, "the winner is. . .Temari!" And that's all folks!!!!!

Episode #65 Clash! The Moment Konoha Dances and Sand Wrigg

Naruto jumped from the place he was in and went to Shikamaru to give him a punch for withdrawing from the match. Meanwhile, Gaara was starting to feel something. He is already ready to fight. He sensed that Sasuke was already on his way. The whole stadium was already waiting for the amazing match between Gaara and Sasuke. Third Hukage Sarotobi wanted to disqualify Sasuke but Kasikagi suggested that they wait for ten minutes and when that time comes, Sasuke will already be here. On their way back to the examinee's room, Naruto and Shikamaru saw a hideous act done by Gaara. He ended the lives of two ninjas who wanted to make sure that Gaara will win the match for the landowner who hired them. But Gaara was already furious. He passed by Naruto and Shikamaru who were still in shock of the terrible event. Meanwhile, after ten minutes, the leaves fell down the sky and out from nowhere, Sasuke and Kakashi appeared in the stadium. It was the start of the biggest match of the year.

Episode #66 The Man Who Calls Up a Storm!! Sasuke's Fuzzy Eyebrow Style Combat Move!

After Sasuke and Kakashis grand entrance, he is finally ready to battle Gaara. Kakashi heads up to the stands where Sakura immediately asks about Sasuke. Kakashi tells her not to worry. He then scans the arena and spots eight Anbu in sight. He and Gai seem suspicious, but their attention soon focuses on the match below.

Gaara has problems from the get go, grasping his head and cringing in pain. He asks his mother not to be mad that he made her absorb foul blood. He is sorry, but this new blood will taste better. Tamari and Kankuro look on, worried that Gaara forgot the mission, while Naruto and Shikamaru rush over to Kakashi to warn him about what Gaara is capable of and beg him to stop the match.

Sasuke, meanwhile, attacks with shurikans, but Gaara uses his sand to create a protective replica of himself. Sasuke takes it up a notch, imitating Lees speed taijutsu and gets a hit in. Lee watches in fascination - how could Sasuke gain so much speed in only a month? Elsewhere in the stadium, Kiba asks an Anbu how Hinata is doing, and Akamaru barks in recognition. While Kiba tries to figure out what is going on, the Anbu knocks him out.

The Sasuke/Gaara match continues with Sasuke dodging Gaaras sand shield to get in another jab, and soon, he starts circling Gaara at Lees speed without his weights. He is able to use his stamina to maintain speed, while Gaara uses up his fair share maintaining his sand armor. Still, Gaara and Lee are skeptical that Lees taijutsu techniques will alone hand Sasuke the victory.

Gaara takes this opportunity to form a shell cocoon around himself. The shell itself is defensive, attacking Sasuke with porcupine like spikes whenever he gets too close. Gaara then uses his sand to form an eye above the cocoon to keep watch.

A distressed Naruto continues to beg Kakashi to stop the match, while Gaara harvests himself inside his protective cocoon. But Kakashi has confidence that Sasuke will prevail and tells Naruto to watch as Sasuke makes yet another futile full force attack, dodging the sand spikes with his Sharingan.

Meanwhile, several Anbu outside the arena prepare a summoning ritual, indicating the start of things to come.

Since Gaaras not doing much, Sasuke uses this time to set up his new move - Kakashis Chidori! He poises on the arena wall, building up chakra in his arm. Once he has built up a lightning chakra charge, he rushes Gaaras barrier and punches through with a straight thrust. Gai explains that the move is called chidori because the ninja moves so fast that it sounds like a thousand birds chirping. Kakashi was able to cut through lightning with that move once.

The crowd stares in awe that Sasuke was able to break Gaaras absolute defense. Even Kazikage is impressed. Lee and Naruto watch with envy at what Sasuke was able to accomplish. Lee could never learn something like that. Only a Sharingan bearer can see fast enough to dodge the sand spikes while attacking at top speed.

Inside the cocoon, Gaara stares in disbelief at his bleeding shoulder as Sasuke uses his chidori to pull his arm back outside the cocoon. Suddenly, a monster-like arm extends out of the hole and flaps around a bit before pulling itself back inside. A terrified Sasuke peers inside the hole to see a previous of Gaaras transformed self. But not yet. Gaara breaks his shell and stands amidst the pile of stand holding his bleeding shoulder.

Kabuto sees everything is ready and casts an illusion spell on the crowd. Everyone falls asleep except for the jounin and Sakura, who quickly dispel it. Kazikage signals and the attack against Konoha begins.

Episode #67 I Wasn't Late For Nothing! Ultimate Move - Chidori Reveal

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #68 The Destruction of Konoha Begins!

On Kakashi's orders, Sakura wakes Naruto and the faking it Shikamaru.
Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru set out to find and stop Sasuke in the company of one of Kakashi's dogs (don't call him cute). Sound ninja's follow Naruto's group.
The battle between Hokage and Orochimaru begins.

Episode #69 I've Been Waiting For This! It's an A-Rank Mission!!

Naruto and co are still following Sasuke and the doggy reveals that they are being followed. Shikamaru volunteers to stay back and set a trap. Shikamaru captures 8 of the 9 ninja's with his Shadow Imitation. Just as Shikamaru thinks he will be killed by the 9th ninja his sensei shows up and beats up all 9 ninjas.
Back at the arena, the Hokage and Orochimaru continue their fight. Orochimaru ends this episode by summoning the 1st and 2nd Hokage's back from the dead.

Episode #70 Coward No. 1 - It's Troublesome, But I've Got to Do It!!

3rd Hokage VS 1st & 2nd Hokage + Orochimaru
3rd fights 1st and 2nd but is evenually trapped b 1st's tree growing technique. While Orochimaru makes a speach, 3rd manages to summon the Great Monkey King who promptly scolds the 3rd for not killing Orochimaru earlier. The GMK consents to help 3rd and turns into a javelin type weapon. 3rd disables 1st & 2nd but is caught by Orochimaru. 3rd sheds a tear before revealing that he is faking and grabs Orochimaru so that the GMK can grab and strangle Orochimaru. Just when we think that Orochimaru is beaten, he turns into mud and escapes the GMK's grip. Orochimaru then reforms himself and takes off his face revealing a much younger looking and sounding Orochimru beneath. Evidently Orochimaru has conquered aging by using some forbidden technique.
Naruto's group is close to catching up with Sasuke and Sasuke has caught up with Gaara's group.

Episode #71 Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle

After Sakura, Naruto and Pakkun have a brief joke about Pakkun and Sakura sharing the same shampoo (Floral Green), we are greeted by Temari, Kankuro and Gaara being confronted by Sasuke. Temari attempts to hold Sasuke off, but after a few Uchiha Katon Jutsus, Temari is beaten. However, Kankuro, with the unconscious Gaara, has left.

Meanwhile, back on the Chuunin fight stadium roof, Orochimaru has revealed, after taking off his face like a plastic mask, that he has a young girl's body and face. Sarutobi questions Orochimaru to if he completed THAT Kinjutsu, to which Orochimaru agrees and laughs maniacally. Enma has a flashback of how Sarutobi let Orochimaru go after telling of his plans to stay immortal and learn all Jutsus. "The man who blended blue and yellow together called the new colour green. I plan to be like that man by blending my Jutsus."

Orochimaru taunts Sarutobi on aging again, and explains that he'll take a new body after killing him. It is Sasuke that he's after. He changes his face back to the Orochimaru face. "You like this face better, right?"

After being trapped in a Moku no Jutsu from the First Hokage body, Sarutobi laments on how he let Orochimaru go. However, Enma has protected him, and snaps Sarutobi back into action.

Orochimaru sends the two Hokages after Sarutobi, who uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The main Sarutobi uses the hand seal sequence of Snake, Boar, Ram, Rabbit, Dog, Rat, Bird, Horse, Snake, before clapping his hands together. Blue pieces of Chakra surround him. He calls the shape formed the "Shiki Kami", or "Death God". Orochimaru is sure it's too late to do anything. Konoha will perish!

Sarutobi claims that Konoha is his home, and he will protect it. The Nidaime Hokage, or the Second, uses a Genjutsu, Kokuangyou no Jutsu, or the Absolute Darkness Technique, making everything dark for Sarutobi. Orochimaru taunts Sarutobi on how Konoha is merely an organisation, while hits from the dark strike.

To a musical montage, showing how everyone in Konoha is connected to one another in some way, Sarutobi explains that everyone in Konoha is his family and he will protect all of them.

Before the theme song of "ALIVE" comes in at the end, Sarutobi claims that he has the will of Konoha, the First and Second Hokages. He's the Third Hokage! He will use a technique that even Orochimaru doesn't know. "Kurae! Fuuinjutsu! Shiki Fuujin!" or "Take this! Sealing Technique! Death Seal!" He shouts at, clapping his hands, before we are greeted with "Dareda-atte" from the ending theme song.

Episode #72 The Hokage's Mistake - The True Face Under the Mask

Hokage #3 attepmts to use the sealing technique of Hokage #4 on Orochimaru. He uses it successfully on #'s 1&2 reducing them to the dead bodies of some of Orochimaru's fellow ninja's. The 3rd captures Orochimaru. Just as the 3rd begins the technique on Orochimaru, Orochimaru calls for his sword.
Back in the forrest, Sasuke has caught up to Gaara's group. Kankorou sends Temari on and stay behind to fight Sasuke. Before their fight can begin, Shino shows up and volunteers to fight Kakurou (who he was supposed to fight in the tournament) so that Sasuke can go after Gaara. Sasuke leaves. Shino (the bugmaster) VS Kankurou (the puppetmaster) begins.
Back at the arena Orochimaru has stabbed the 3rd, but thanks to Enma (the Great Monkey King) the sword has not gone all of the way through. Enma is holding the sword back by gripping the blade a litle bit down from the hilt. The 3rd explains about the sealing technique that he is using and that to use this technique he gives souls and his life to the Death God. Orochimaru, the 3rd, and Enma are locked in a struggle. Enma holding the sword back, Orochimaru pulling the sword forward into the 3rd, and the 3rd pulling out Orochimaru's soul.

Episode #73 Forbidden Master Technique! Shiki Fuujin

In the forrest Naruto, Sakura and the doggy are still following Sasuke. The doggy stops suddenly and tells the group that they will have to go around because someone is about to fight in their path. Sakura convinces Naruto and the start off again, avoiding the battle. Temari is running with Gaara. Gaara asks her to stop and just as Temari is about to administer 1st aid Gaara knocks emari away. Sasuke has arrived. Gaara begin to transform.
Shino VS Kankurou is on. Shino wins but is knocked out by Kankorou's poison gas.
The 3rd, Orochimaru and Enma are still locked in a three way battle. Enma holding back the sword, Orochimaru pulling the sword and the 3rd pulling out Orochimaru's soul. Enma reminds the 3rd that the fate of the village rests with him. If the 3rd loses then the village will be destroyed.
Back in the forrest, Garra has transformed into a half-ogre half-Garra type monster. The right side of Gaara's body is transformed and the left side remains Gaara. The Gaara monster is super strong and quick and begins attacking Sasuke. Sasuke hides as he tries to decide what to do.

Episode #74 Astonishment! Gaara's True Identity

Gaara-monster VS Sasuke
Sasuke sends replicants and replacements against Gaara. They have no effect. We learn a little more about Gaara's past. Gaara is like a dog left with no food and taunted to make him mean except Gaara's "food" is love, friendship and kindness. Gaara is in essence crazy from lack. Sasuke decides that the "Chidori" is the only way that he can attack Gaara. Sasuke and Gaara lunge at one another. Gaara is hurt (which only excites him) and grows a tail. Sasuke has used up his Chidori for the day and tried his fireball attack on Gaara which has no effect. Gaara hits Sasuke hard and knocks him into a tree.
Back at the stadium the three being struggle continues. Orochimaru VS Hokage 3 with help from Enma the Great Monkey King.
Gara gives the "your just like me" speech to Sasuke. Sasuke remembers the death of his family. Even though he is at his limit, Sasuke decides to use the Chidori again. He fires up the Chidori, it seems irratic but it works to cut off Gaara's monster arm which is, of course, replaced by another monster arm on his left side. Sasuke is down though, the seal Kakhashi gave him has been broken and Orochimaru's seal has taken control of the left side of his body. Sasuke is unable to move and Gaara is closing in. Just as Sasuke is about to be hit, Naruto arrives and knocks Gaara away. Sakura and the doggy arrive and kneal at Sasuke's side.

Episode #75 Exceeding the Limit... Sasuke's Decision!!

This one basicly tells you about Gaaras past. After Naruto comes to save Sasuke Naruto tells everyone to run and get away from Gaara because hes so freaked out by Gaara. Gaara moves to kill Sasuke while Naruto is still talking and just before he hits Sasuke how is unable to move because of the curse on his neck. Sakura stands in the way of Gaara and Gaara says get out of the way and pushesSakura into the tree pining her with hi big monster hand. Gaara then starts to remember his past. Gaara is talking to Yeashomaru his caretaker about what pain feels like. Yeash. says pain will always go away exspeshly with medicene but the tricky part is the ones inside of your heart what they need is love. Gaara grabs his chest saying it also hirts here. Gaara then says I'm sorry I hurt you ealyer. Yeash. just smiles and says your mother also loved you and thats the only thing at will cure your chest Gaara. Gaara then smiles and says can I have ouitment. It stops there where back now and Gaara is crushing Sakura Naruto tries to attack but gets swated away. Gaara heads starts to hurt again and he remembers his past again. Gaara is running to the little girls house that he hurt elyer. She calls him a monster and slams the door. Gaara goes home all broken hearted and sits on the roof top. Then a assasine comes and trys to kill Gaara the sand saves him and he does the desert coffen on the assasin. Gaara goes over to the assasin crying and sees it is Yeashomaru he tried to kill him. Gaara cryes even more wondering why. It turns out his father sent him to kill Gaara and Yeash. wanted to kill Gaara anyway because his sister Gaaras mother died because of Gaara. Then its back to the present Gaara is waiting for Naruto to attack

Episode #76 Assassin Under the Moonlight

Sasuka finally catches up to Garra, but Garra has now regained conceniousness. Sasuka takes on Garra, but now he is faced with the true form of Garra. Garra's Demonic form comes out, and gives Sasuka a run for his money. Will Naruto and Sakura catch up to save Sasuka before he uses up all of his Chakara using 1000 Thunder Blade? You will just have to find out.

Episode #77 Light and Darkness, the Name Gaara

Naruto has a plan to get Gaara. He uses the replication clone tech. and charges after Gaara he sends three to the front they get hit by Gaaras hand then the two that stayed behind jump up in the air Gaara hits one and the other one falls then Naruto summons one more just below him and jumps on the clones back heading stright towards Gaara. Naruto hits Gaara in the butt with the shuriken and Gaara hits Naruto having him crash into another tree. The shuriken blows up having Gaaras monster form be all deformed. Sasuke comes over to Naruto and says you have to resque Sakura I'll buy you some time so get out of here I never want to see an important friend die again. Naruto then thinks about the importent friends so he gets up saying I will protect everyone. He powers up and makes a thousand clones and they all go after Gaara kicking him and punching him even doing the combo attack. Gaara gets hit so bad that he falls out of the trees crashing into the ground. Gaara has had enough and changes into his real form. Its over 200 feet. Naruto summons the frog and the battle begins. The Hokage and Orochi. are still struggling. Hokage is trying to bring out Orochi. soul

Episode #78 Explosion! These are the Naruto Ninja Chronicles!!

After Naruto got the frog boss Gaara put a forced sleep spell on himself to tring out the full power of the monster. The frog boss said this is bad because the median will loss his soul if he sleeps. So Naruto has to smack Gaara awake so they jump in the air and cut off one of the arms from the monster. The monster does air balls trying to hit the frog boss and the frog boss throws water balls back. The frog says he's bad at transformations so Naruto has to help him. The frog boss says think of claws and teeth so I can attach myself to the monster so they run stright towards the monter doing the summoning. Naruto thinks of the fox and so they transform into the 9 tails fox biting the monster. Naruto jumps out of the fox/frog making it disapear back into a frog again. Naruto comes down and hits Gaara waking him up. Gaara is supried that he hit him and tries to use desert coffin but the frog saves Naruto. Naruto asks the fox for more power and gets it he then jumps in the air and headbutts Gaara making the monster crake and fall apart the frog boss and the little frog also disappears leaveing it all up to Naruto. They land in the trees all out of chakra they both jump in the air for one final move Naruto hits Gaara and they both fall on the ground meanwhile Hokage pulls Orochi. soul oujt just enough to get his soul hands out and has the Death god cut them. Hokage seals up his hands making them useless so Orochi. can't use his tech. anymore. We see the third fall looking at Orochi. one more time seeing him as a child and dies.

Episode #79 Break the Limit! Light and Darkness

In the leaf village the battle still rages on but leaf wins. They see Orochi. excape and see what happened to the third. They see that he is dead. Meanwhile Gaara and Naruto can barlly move. Naruto still wants to fight to protect Sakkura because she is pined to a tree and the sand is crushing her but he dosn't know that the sand has been released yet. Naruto is crawing towards Gaara and Gaaras saying I will not die my existance will not be put out. Naruto tells him he was lonly but found friends so he dosn't feel that way anymore saying he will kill Gaara to protect them. Then Sasuke comes and so does Gaaras team and they leave eachother alone and head back to leaf. Next morning they have the funnral for the third everyone is there.

Episode #80 Third, Farewell Forever......!!

This episode starts off with Enma crawling over to the now dead Hokage's body. He pulls the sword from his body and says its the least he can do for the one person who mastered the way of the ninja. Orochimaru just stands over the Hokage's body sweating with pain from his now purple arms. The sound nijas are all worried about Orochimaru now. He tells them that the mission is over. They dispell the shield technique and carry Orochimaru to safety. A few ANBU members try to stop them but one of the ninjas traps them all in a web. Down in the fighting arena it is revealed that the ANBU member fighting on the other side is Kabuto. They retreat for the moment. Over in the forest, Temari is jumping from tree to tree when a faint voice calls out for her. She goes down and collects Kankuro who is totally out of chakra and sets out to find Gaara. The sand prison holding Sakura falls apart. Sasuke catches her before she reaches the ground and then goes to find Naruto. Over in another part of the forest Naruto and Gaara are both lying on the ground, both out of energy and chakra. Naruto can't get up and walk so he squirms (like a snake) towards Gaara. As he moves closer clips are shown of Naruto crying with a big crowd around him. They're all saying things like "Monster! Get away from me!" Then the same clip is played except it is Gaara now with sand villagers yelling at him. Naruto then thinks about when he first met Gaara and then Haku. As Naruto gets closer Gaara tells him to get away. Then he thinks back to what Yashamaru told him about love. Naruto then looks over to Gaara all teary eyed and tells him he doesn't know why but he feels that he knows how Gaara feels. Then he tells him that he has important people to him and that he'll kill Gaara if he tries to hurt them. Sasuke, Temari and Kankuro arrive and kneel over their comrades. Gaara tells them not to fight and that its time to go. They pick up Gaara and leave. While Kankuro and Temari carry Gaara through the forest he wonders if he'll be able to ever has love ones that he protects. Then he tells Temari and Kankuro that he's sorry for what he's done to them. The nect morning Naruto gets up and puts on his black robes for the Hokage's funneral. At the funneral all of the clans and villagers are shown (I had no clue Shino had an older brother). It starts to rain and Konohamaru starts to cry. Iruka hugs him and thinks back to when his parents were killed by the Kyuubi. The Hokage came to him and told him that he wasn't alone. Over at the rock (the one kakashi goes to every day) Kakashi stands motionless when Rin (his former team mate) comes over to drop off some flowers for Hayate (he was killed by the sand jounin Baki). In the same area Jiraiya thinks back to when the Hokage first took he, orochimaru and tsunade as his students (he's stuck on the wooden pole just like Naruto was with Kakashi). Over at the funneral, all of the genins put flowers on the Hokage's memorial and each think back to a memory they have of the Hokage. Naruto asks Iruka why people risk their lives for others. Iruka explains that when a person dies, they disappear but they live on thru their loved ones. Then all the clouds seperate and the sun comes out again. All of the genins are shown walking out from the funneral. Naruto runs over to Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke's side. Over at the now destroyed wall of Konoha, two cloaked people stand (its pretty obvious who one of them is). One of them says that the village that prospered like no other has become pitiful. The episode ends with a close up of one of the cloaked men's sharingan.

Episode #81 The Homecoming in the Morning Mist

In the beginning you see 2 figures coming out of the mist.a Konoha guard spots them but one of the figures gives him a look and the guard is unconcious.

Sasuke is seen remembering part of his past, he's like looking at himself when he was younger, Sasuke throws a kunai at it.Meanwhile Naruto training.he goes back to the village.When he gets there he sees Konohamaru looking at the Hokage's.Naruto and Konohamaru start this conversation, then Naruto gives Konohamaru a free meal pass.Konohamaru asks if he is sure about it, Naruto says its okay because he has another one.

A whistle calls a the Jounin from the village of the sand over.All of them see Kazekage dead.The one who called them over says he was dead for a long time, maybe before the chuunin exams started.One of them believes it was Orochimaru's doing.Meanwhile u see Orochimaru with Kabuto.Kabuto compliments him for killing two of the five kages.Orochimaru tells him not to patronize him or he will kill him.Kabuto apologizes (i guess) and says they couldnt capture Sasuke but atleast the curse seal is on him.Orochimaru laughs then says if he could've gotten a hold of Uchiha Itachi before, there wouldnt have been a problem.He then says its impossible because Itachi is stronger than him.

Back with Sasuke, Kakashi calls him over.Naruto is running to get his ramen. u see the 2 figures again, one asks the other if he has located him yet, the other replies yes.Now u see Jiraiya (perverted hermit)being a perv as usual.Homura and Koharu talk with him.They say they needed a fifth hokage, and they decided he was going to be.Jiraiya refuses, he says Tsunade another Sannin should be hokage. Jiraiya says he will find her with someone else.Back with Naruto he's ready for his ramen but he cant find his pass!Now we see Kakashi reading his book a dumpling hut.Kurenai and Asuma approaches him, Kakashi says they're getting along fine.Kurenai blushes and says that she is getting dumplings for Anko.Asuma questions Kakashi why he is there, he says he is waiting for someone-Sasuke.he says that because two men were waiting for that.Sasuke arrives he looks at where the 2 men were but they are gone.Kurenai and leave--meanwhile naruto is still searching for the pass.u then see the 2 men leaving Kurenai and Asuma stops them and questions them.They reveal who they are 1 is Uchiha Itachi, and the other is Hoshigaki Kisame.The 2 Jounins recognize them and start a fight.Asuma fights Kisame, while Kurenai fights Itachi--they're losing quite badly.Kakashi arrives.

Naruto finally finds his pass and gets ramen.The man that works there gives him a second serving for free because Naruto plans to train again after.Jiraiya comes in, and Naruto looks surprised.

Episode #82 Sharingan VS. Sharingan

Naruto and Jiraiya are on a little trip going to the next town. When they are walking on the road high above there are two men looking down on them. They say that they can;t kill him or in the best case they both die either way. Then the tall one with the big sword says his caretaker is the legendary sannin. Itachi says yes but everone has a weakness. Back at the village the Junnins are in Kagishi place talking about Naruto and why Itachi wants him. Then they hear Sasuke comeing up so they quiet down. Sasuke sees Kagishi unconcious and the Junnins that are in the room. Sasuke says whats going on why are you here and why is Kagishi like this. Then somone comes in the room and says is it try that Itachi is after Naruto by those words Sasuke runs out and goes looking for them. Meanwhile Naruto and the perverted hermit(Jiraiya) reach the next town and see a hot babe they both go crazy over her but Jiraya hands Naruto the inn keys and tells him to practice up in the room. Naruto is mad but goes anyway and Jiraya goes with the babe. In the room when Naruto was gathering his chakra he hears a knock. He goes to open it and he sees Itachi.Sasuke gets to the village and looks in all the inns.

Episode #83 Ohh Noo! Jiraiya's Woman Trouble, Naruto's Trouble

Itachi has just found Naruto and asks him to come out of thr room. He does and finds out that they know he has the 9 tails inside of him. The sword guy says we shoud chup of a leg so he dosn't move. He is about to when Itachhi says hello little brother to Sasuke how just ran into the hall. Sasuke gets mad and makes the lightning edge running towards the brother that killed his hole clan. Itacki catches it sednding it into the next room. Naruto knows he has to do somthing and so he brings out the red chakra Itachi sees this brakes Saskes arm saying to him you are in the way. The sword guy does a quick motion with his sword and eats up the chakra that Naruto just summoned leaving him defensless. The sword guy says I think we should also cut his arm off to so he doen't do that again. Just then as the sword was coming down Jiraya appears with the hot babe unconcious saving Naruto

Episode #84 Growl Chidori, Roar Sasuke!

In the beginnig of this episode Jiraiya makes a introduction of himself to Itachi and Kisame. After Sasuke gets up and tell everyone that he will be the one to kill Itachi and that everyone must not interfere. Then Jiraiya tries to get to them but Kisame tell him not to interfere. Itachi runs up to Sasuke and punches him, elbows him and knees him.Then Itachi pushes Sasuke to the wall and says that he is weak because he lacks hatred. Then Itachi uses tsukiyomi, which is when Itachi's eye makes Sasuke remember when Itachi kill the clan which damages him mentally. Then Naruto gets annoyed and goes after Itachi. Kisame tries to stop him as Jiraiya uses frog mouth trap technique and Sasuke goes into the wall to keep from further damage. Itachi tells Kisame to run and there chased by the fat surrounding the walls. Then Itachi is in the hallway and he used Amaterasu, which is God of the sun. He broke throught the wall ran away and was gonna rest until he can fight because he was tired. After Naruto saw this black flame then almost touched it. Jiraiya use fire supressor which sealed the fire in a scroll. While Jiraiya is talking with Naruto about Sasuke, Gai jumps in and does dynamic entry and kicks Jiraiya in the face. In the end Jiraiya talks to Gai about Kakashi be unconcious and then Naruto and Jiraiya head off to find the slug tamer and medical specialist that has the word gamble on her back, the 1st hokage's granddaughter, Tsunade-hime.

Episode #85 Foolish Little Brother, Hate, and Detest!

The opening scene of the episode starts when jiraiya saves naruto from Itachi and Kisame. Sasuke is barely concious at this moment. Jiraiya is worried about Sasuke and Naruto because he knows that both of them don't stand a chance if they try to take on Itachi so he says that he will take care of Itachi Kisame by himself. At this point Sasuke regains some of his energy and tells nobody to get in his way. He explains that only he will kill Itachi. Itachi only replies by saying I have no interest in you. Sasuke tells him to just shutup and fight. Sasuke Tries his best to try and fight Itachi but Itachi is just too powerful for him. Sasuke's emotions run high and he says once again that he has only lived for this day. At this point he remembers his dead family members who were slaughtered by his brother Itachi. The rest of the fight is completely one-sided as Itachi beats up his younger brother sasuke. Sasuke's will to fight was strong but it was too clear that Itachi still had a far greater amount of talent and strength. Naruto can only watch as his friend gets beaten up. Itachi tells Sasuke that he is weak and he is weak because of his lack of hatred towards him. Itachi then uses his sharingan to make Sasuke relive the worst moment of his life when his entire family was killed. Sasuke screams out loud as his mind pictures his family being killed one by one by his brother Itachi. By this point Naruto can't take it anymore and rushes Itachi but Jiraiya summons a frog esophagus to try and digest Itachi and Kisame alive. Jiraiya explains that escape is impossible for Kisame and Itachi, however Itachi somehow manages to burn a whole through the wall and escape. Jiraiya can't believe this since the frog he summoned breathed fire. Sasuke has lost conciousness and Naruto is raged. Gai l8er shows up (In a very stupid but comical way) and agrees to take Sasuke to a hospital. The scene changes to Itachi and Kisame running away. Itachi explains that he needs to rest.

Episode #86 Training Commences, I swear I'm Going to Become Stronger!

In this episode,Naruto learns that Akatsuki an organization,wants kyuubi *Nine Tail Fox* which is sealed in Naruto.Akatsuki which has Itachi and many other strong shinobis in it wants kyuubi power as they had desired it.Also,in this episode,Jiraiya *Ero Sannin* told Naruto about Tsunade which konoha wants her to be the fifth Hokage.Their mission for this trip is to find Tsunade which is one of the sannins *Legendary Ninja*.Jiraiya thought him a new jutsu using water ballons,he has got to burst it first using his chakra.

Episode #87 Guts!!! Pop, Water Balloon!

Naruto and Jiryai have stopped in the village. There is a festival that is going on for another three days. Naruto has wanted to learn a new technique from Jiryai and of course the man never really got around to doing that. At last Jiryai was going to teach him a new technique, which involves Water balloons. Naruto needed to focus all of his chakra to his hand, to make the water balloon explode. Naruto tried moving the water current quickly using his chakra, but he was unsuccesful. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't explode the water. He was exhausted from it.
Later on, he saw the cat playing with the water balloon, tossing it back and forth, the water inside the balloon swishing back and forth causing a commotion inside. From that, the water balloon exploded. As Naruto watched this he got an idea.
Finally, Naruto focused his chakra, not to flow one way through the balloon, but all over the place causing it to explode.
He was quite proud of himself howeer Jiryai of course had to tell him he had two more stages in order to learn the technique.
Naruto now needs to blow up a rubber ball.

Episode #88 The Konoha Mark and Forehead Protector

This episode starts off with Sasuke asleep in bed with Sakura looking concerned for him. It then cuts to Orochimaru in bed wailing in agony. A servant comes in to help him but Orochimaru just looks at him (all big eyed and stuff) and he's dead on the floor. Kabuto comes in ("you killed another one?" he asks) and tells him to take his medicine. Orochimaru says he doesn't need Kabuto's useless pain killers. For the pain he's in, there's only one person who can heal it: Tsunade. She's a legendary Sannin just like Orochimaru, so it will be hard for them to no only find her but to get her to treat a prick like Orochimaru. Back to Naruto's training. Jiraya shows him his palm. It's the same mark that Naruto has on his. Jiraya basically explains that it when someone looks at a piece of paper with a dot on it, it's much easier to concentrate on the dot. It's the same rule now, except Naruto must concentrate chakra into his dot. Naruto continues his training for a while (popping rubber balls with his chakra) and Jiraya goes from bar to bar looking for Tsunade. Cut to Orochimaru and Kabuto heading towards the village Tsuade supposedly is in (Tanzaku City) when Orochimaru starts getting pains again..."AAAAAAAAAHHH, curse you Sarutobi!!!" Kabuto just stands there with his stupid shiny glasses (god I hate those Harry Potter glasses) while Orochimaru drops to the ground in pain. Back to Naruto and Jiraya with more training and info gathering. Cut to Tsunade, her apprentice Shizune, and the pig at the slot machines. Tsunade is raking in a fortune, which is unlike her (she usually looses miserably when betting). Another shot of Naruto who wakes up from exhaustion with a bunch of popped rubber balls around him. Then back to Tsunade who is getting a bad feeling about the city who decides to get the hell outta here. Back to Naruto (again) whose hand is burnt from all the chakra gathering. A leaf lands on his head which reminds him of his days at academy when Iruka senei tought the class (with a young Shikomaru, Chouji and Kiba) about how the meaning behind the leaf on the forehead protector. It was used to mold chakra so that the user wouldn't become distracted. They all decide that it's just bull and they all run out the window. Naruto then regrets not listening to Iruka Sensei. Cut to Tsunade and Shizune outside Tanzaku Castle (cultural landmark) when Tsunade starts to get the chills. Back to Naruto who is taking chakra from one hand and patting it onto the rubber ball imagines the konoha leaf with a big vortex of chakra around it. The Tanzaku Castle then blows up at the same time the rubber ball does and Naruto is sent flying on the ground. Jiraya catches Naruto whose palm now has a knoha leaf tattooed on it instead of the sprial thing he had before. Back to Tsunade who looks up at the destroyed castle, now only Orochimaru, Kabuto on the three-headed snake. The episode ends with Orochimaru saying "I found you"

Episode #89 Ripple

jiraiya and naruto stand on the skirts of tanzaku city and jiraiya give naruto a quick lesson about the third stage of his trainging.he hands naruto an air balloon and explainthe third step is ripple.jiraiya hold the balloon with his right hand and while showing the chakra rotation into a spherical typhoo in left. he is able to rotate the chakra with such a great contol, yet the balloon does not move!he explains that to master the technique,naruto must keep the chakras rotation and power at 100% but he must maintain a small space between it and the ballon.jiriaya then demostrates the technique by forming a chakra ball and samming it into a nearbyby tree, creating a spiral hole. he does it againg, burning a hole through the tree. suddenly, naruto realizes how difficult this technique will be to master,but there no time to train now. inside tanzuke city, kabuto and orochimaru confront tsunade and shizune.tsunade immediately demands to know why hes here and soon sebses he has a high fever. he has a request, but she informs him she quit medicine a long time ago. he explains that no one eslecan cure him. that he was cursed when he killed the third. he has come to make her an offer. when she is shockto learn the third. he plays his trump card and invoke the memories of the two that she once held dear to her heart. people die. shizune can not stand the thought of someone trying to manipulate tsunade and attack with poison needles. kabuto quickly deflects theem before they can strike orochimaru, and soon, the two servants go head to head.after they get each other in catch 22 position eith blade at eachother throat, tsunade tells shizune to back a way after a few curt demand that orochimaru leave, he reveals he terms. he will revive her brother and lover with her forbidden technique he developed.he now has her attention jiraiya scouts town for informatiom on tsunade. one man offers a bet if he win a dice,he will give him the informationfor free. chou (even) or han(odd)? jiraiya picks chou and the dice land,displaying a two and a fibe.just as jiraiya realizes he must pay up,naruto pops a balloon and it the five rolls,landing with six face up. jiraiyah win! naruto then spots a fortune teller and takes a game tictet. to his glee,he wins enough money to refil his wallet! the two head for higher groud to search for tsunade. tsunade hasn not gotten over the deaths of her lover,dan and her brother,nawaki.but she senses Orochimaru is up to no good. she asks what he will do if she cure him.his goal-to crush konoha

Episode #90 Anger Explodes! You Won't Get Away With That

After Jaraiya and Naruto finally catch with the illusive Tsunade, Naruto is deeply offended by the comments she makes regarding the Hokage, and their village of leaf. Losing control to his temper he ends up facing her off in a bout. A Genin level ninja versus one of the three legendary Sanin, does Naruto really have any chance of defeating her?

Episode #91 The First Hokage's Inferitance, The Necklace That Calls Upon Death

Tsunade is interested that Naruto tried to use the 4th Hokage’s Raisengan, but thinks that Jiraiya shouldn't encourage him by teaching him stuff he can't possibly master. Naruto tells her that he can master it in only three days and that he WILL be Hokage. She bets that he can’t master it in a week and offers him her necklace as the prize. Naruto scoffs and says he doesn't want it. Jiraiya tells him that it is very valuable and that it belonged to the 1st Hokage, so Naruto is impressed. Tsunade says if he can't master the moves, he has to give her all the money in his frog wallet. Shizune remembers that Orochimaru gave them a week to decide, and that Tsunade gave Naruto a week. Coincidence? Shizune later explains to Naruto that Tsunade isn't a crazy old hag like he thinks she is. She tells him that Tsunade used to be different but is now bitter and all she has left of her old life is that cursed necklace filled with memories. Everyone other than Tsunade that wore the necklace has died. Tsunade remembers being a teenager and giving it to her brother Nawaki for his 12th birthday, and he shouted that he’d be Hokage and protect the village and never take back his words. He died gruesomely the next day and young Orochimaru laughed at her for being upset. Cut to her in a council meeting, demanding that each squad have a medical specialist to prevent deaths in the field. 3rd Hokage says that it is a good idea, but they don't have the resources during a time of war. Dan stands up and agrees with her. They walk home together afterwards. Later, they are in love and he confides that he wants to end the war and be Hokage and protect the village. She gives him the necklace. Cut to Dan, dying in the field and bemoaning the fact that he won't be able to do what he wanted to do. Dan can't be helped, but she tearfully tells him that he'll be fine. He says that he is glad, and then dies. She tries to help him with chakra and gets blood all over her hands. She is horrified and developes hemophobia. Shizune says that ever since that day Tsunade has lived in a state of confusion. Later the adults are at the bar and Jiraiya asks her if it bothers her that Naruto is so much like Dan and Nawaki. She says no but he thinks she is lying. He tells her that he knows she talked to Orochimaru and reminds her of how much the Hokages loved their village. He tells her that if she betrays Kohona, he WILL kill her. She says “why did you bring that kid along!?” Tsunade reflects on Orochimaru's offer, the advice she's gotten, and the memory of her brother and her love...

Episode #92 Yes or No! Tsunade's Answer

This is a very flashback heavy episode. Tsunade is thinking over Orochimaru's offer to revive her loved ones while watching Naruto train to master the Raisengen. He only has one day left to master it or he'll lose their bet. Orochimaru says that he thinks that Tsunade will agree to help him, but tells Kabuto not to worry--he will force her to help him if she won't cooperate willingly. Naruto has trained to exhaustion and passed out in the woods instead of going home. Shizune finds him and carries him back to the inn. While she is carrying him home, Jiraiya and Tsunade go out drinking. Tsunade slips a powder into Jiraiya's sake while he isn't looking. He drinks it without noticing. Afterwards, Tsunade ditches him at the bar and goes home to the inn. She tells Shizune that Naruto is exhausted and won't wake up for days, so can't possibly win the bet. Shizune begs Tsunade not to meet with Orochimaru, and swears to stop her from going, even if it costs her life. Tsunade shoves her to the ground and knocks her out. Next morning--Jiraiya is comatose at the bar, Tsunade is waiting at the castle for Orochimaru, and Orochimaru and Kabuto are talking. Orochimaru gives Kabuto permission to kill Shizune, and Kabuto flashes back to when Orochimaru gave him permission to try to kill Sasuke and said "if you want to stop me, kill Sasuke because you can't kill me." He frowns, and heads off. Naruto wakes up Shizune and she thinks it is days later because of what Tsunade said earlier, but Naruto convinces her it is the next morning. She yells that they don't have time to chat, and she jumps out the window to go stop Tsunade--but Jiraiya is there and he throws a knife at her and almost hits her in the head. He says he didn't expect to be caught unawares by Tsunade, but she totally got him and now he can't control chakra or throw things effectively. Kabuto watches them talking, and decides he can't handle Chizune, Jiraiya, and Naruto all together, so he retreats. Jiraiya saw him watching though, and he says: "Shizune, you WILL tell me what is up with Orochimaru and Tsunade." She says that they don't have time, but she will explain on the way. All three take of running. Jiraiya is worried that he might have to kill Tsunade to keep her from healing Orochimaru. Last, Orochimaru and Tsunade are facing off. She says she will cure his arms if he promises not to hurt Konoha Village. He says "very well." She remembers her loved ones and reaches for Orochimaru with a ball of chakra in her hands...and Kabuto suddenly throws a knife between them. Orochimaru glares at him and says "What is the meaning of this!! You've betrayed me...TSUNADE!" The camera cuts to Tsunade and she looks full of hate.

Episode #93 Negotiations Broken Down

Tsunade starts out by using her Mystical Palms Jutsu on Orochimaru's arms, but Kabuto notices her killing instinct with her jutsu. (Orochimaru thinks that Tsunade is trying to heal his arms) Kabuto throws a kunai and Tsunade & Orochimaru jump back. Kabuto tells Orochimaru that Tsunade was trying to kill him. Orochimaru asks why and Tsunade goes back to her memeories of Nawaki (her brother that was killed) and Dan (her boyfriend that was killed) Tsunade then runs at Orochimaru and Kabuto and performs her Painfull Sky Leg Jutsu, Kabuto & Orochimaru make it out in time before they get crushed with Tsunade's strength. Tsunade then keeps tying to hit them but they keep on running away.

Naruto, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tonton find Tsunade's jacket at the spot where Tsunade used her jutsu, Shizune picks it up and asks Tonton to find Tsunade.

Meanwhile in a plain Tsuande keeps trying to hit Kabuto. Kabuto uses a soldier pill and uses his Mystical Palms Jutsu. He digs through the ground and tries to hit her legs. She punchs down and Kabuto runs away and hides behind a rock. Tsunade kicks through the rock and then jumps backwards. Kabuto hits her in the arm & leg, and she hits him back (Tsunade's strength was taken away when she was hit by Kabuto's jutsu) Kabuto then trys to hit her with his jutsu. He hits her in the lungs so she could barely breathe. Tsunade hits him with her Body Distubance Jutsu (It affects the brain waves so when he move his right arm he actually moved his left leg) she then punches him back. Tsunade heals herself while Kabuto trys to figure out how to move, he figures out how to eventually and pulls out a kunai. He charges at her but then a smoke bomb appears and Naruto, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Tonton appear.Tsunade pushes Jiraiya in to Tonton and kicks Kabuto's kunai away to a wall. Tsunade punches and kicks Kabuto to a wall and Kabuto grabs the kunai and cuts himself squirting blood all over Tsunade (she has hemophobia-fear of blood).

Episode #94 Eat it! Rasengan of Anger!

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #95 The Fifth Hokage, The Battle That She Bets Her Life On!

Tsunade watches Naruto drive Kabuto backwards with his Rasengan. Tsunade watches him in amazement while Jiraiya and Orochimaru continue their battle. She can not believe he was able to learn such a technique in only one week! Naruto then passes out.

Tsunade rushes to Narutos side, staring in disbelief that Kabuto was still alive. He explains that he was able to use his chakra to regenerate his old, damaged cells, but now hes used up most of his chakra. Kabuto staggers out, but drained of all chakra, he falls limply to the ground.

Narutos heart beat is irregular and she realizes Kabuto was able to tear Narutos muscles. She attempts to heal him while Kabuto explains he severed the nine tails chakra flow into Narutos heart, destroying any chance of healing. Tsunade replies that she will kill him soon. She focuses on Naruto, who has stopped breathing, and begs him not to die. He reaches up wearily and grabs her necklace, declaring victory. She then heals him fully and places the necklace around his neck.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru sees the opportunity and dives for Narutos body. Tsunade jumps in front of his sword and takes the blow full force. He explains that he had no intention of killing her, but he senses that letting Naruto live will prove to be a bad decision in the future. She tells him that she will defend Naruto with her life. He will be the future Hokage.

Orochimaru tells her the title Hokage is meaningless and that only a fool would want such a title. She remembers her own words, and both Naruto and Jiraiyas response. She then vows that from his point, she will give her life to protect Konoha. Repeatedly, he tries to kill Naruto, and each time, she deflects his blow. When he asks why she does such a thing she replies that she is the Fifth Hokage. She kicks Orochimaru back and taps into the energy store sealed on her forehead using Ninpo Sozo Saise: Genesis of Rebirth and her wounds heal.

Shizune can not believe Tsunade would use such a technique. Doing so means shortening her lifespan.

With the three Sannin back in full swing, each summons their ultimate and soon, Manda the snake, Gamabunta the frog, and Kitsuii the slug.

Episode #96 Three-Way Deadlock Battle

The episode starts off with Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru standing on their animals *frog, slug, and snake* , and all of them throwing comments at each other *including the animals*. Jiraiya says that Orochimaru is too evil and is beyond help, and Orochimaru says that is a bad joke. Tsunade announces that after this battle, the Sannin will no longer exist. She gets Kitsuii, her slug, to take Naruto to Shizune, who makes a bunshin and does so. Then, Kitsuii opens the battle by performing 'Zeshi Nensan', or Acid of One Thousand Fangs, and spits it at Manda, the snake, who dodges.

Manda launches himself at Kitsuii and wraps himself around her, starting to squeeze the life out of her. Gamabunta, the toad, jumps in and swings at Manda's head with his dagger. Manda's jaws close on the dagger, and they're all trapped. Tsunade jumps off Kitsuii, who suddenly bursts into thousands of little bunshin slugs. They crawl away to reform as a whole again, away from Manda and Gamabunta. Bunta lets go of the dagger and back flips away from Manda. Manda throws the dagger at Bunta, who jumps out of the way. The dagger speeds towards Kitsuii, but it falls shorts, and it lands with its point in the ground. Tsunade uses it as leverage to jump back on top of Kitsuii.

Jiraiya warns Tsunade to get back, and asks Gamabunta to provide some oil. He makes some hand seals and performs 'Katon: Gamaryu Emudan' *Fire Element: Grand Fireball* no Jutsu. Bunta spits out a huge spurt of oil aimed at Manda, and the fireball slams into it, making a huge spurt of fire. Everything is consumed by flames and smoke. Jiraiya thinks they won, but after the smoke cleared they realized that they'd only gotten the skin, Manda has molted and was underground. Manda's tail came up out of the ground and Bunta grabbed it, but his head came up from behind and opened to bite him.

Just in time though, Tsunade came flying down, her arms around the enormous dagger. She yelled at Manda to keep his mouth shut, and stabbed said mouth through with the dagger, saving Jiraiya and Gamabunta. She landed on the end of the dagger's hilt, but Orochimaru launched his tongue at her from where he was on Manda's mouth and wrapped it around her neck, attempting to strangle her. Tsunade manages to free herself from the tongue, and uses it to her advantage to pull Orochimaru up and slug him right in the face. He goes flying, and she jumps after him, continuing to punch and kick him. She lands back on the dagger's end, and Orochimaru goes plummeting. She grabs his tongue again, and pulls him up, throwing a punch at him. Just then, though, her muscles start hurting from the attack that Kabuto gave her from two previous episodes, and she misses. Kitsuii comments from afar that Tsunade has reached her limit. Tsunade doesn't stop though, and she keeps punching and kicking him. They jump to the ground, and Orochimaru attempts to run away. Tsunade doesn't let him though, and keeps hitting him and hitting him. Orochimaru launches his tongue at her and wraps it around her torso. He then tries to impale her with the katana of Kusanagi, but she pushes her feet against it and pushes, freeing herself from his tongue. She then hits him a few more times, punches him so he goes up into the air, and kicks him so he goes flying about 20 feet. She then makes a few hand seals, and her hand starts glowing with chakra. She says that it's over, and that this was her 'life sacrificed for the fight'. She then punches him and he goes flying, slamming into the dagger and landing on top of Manda's head. Jiraiya says that it's over. Manda remarks that Orochimaru has done a stupid thing. He says that he would love to eat him, but he can't since his mouth is stabbed shut. He tells Orochimaru to be prepared to face the consequences, and then he undoes the summon and vanishes. Orochimaru tells Tsunade that even though she would not help him, he has another way for him to heal his arms. They look at him and notice that his skin is peeling, revealing the face of the body that he is using. Tsunade and Jiraiya are repulsed, and Jiraiya remarks inwardly that Orochimaru using other peoples bodies for himself is despicable, and that it's why Orochimaru has been acting differently from his old self. Orochimaru says that he will be looking forward to see his 'good friends' again, and he sinks into the ground and disappears. Kabuto also says farewell, and he makes some hand seals and disappears in a puff of smoke. Tsunade drops to the ground, exhausted.

Jiraiya and Tsunade are then standing over an unconscious Naruto. Jiraiya, looking at the necklace Naruto is wearing, remarks that Tsunade always was a bad gambler. He then suddenly sees Tsunade's hand become wrinkled, and he looks at her, because the jutsu she was using to make herself look younger wore off. She tells him she just needs some rest, and then she'll be back to normal.

The next day Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune are all in a restaurant. After they tell him that Tsunade has accepted the offer to become Hokage, he wonders whether she should either be Hokage at all . He says that she has a bad gambling reputation, and that she keeps herself young looking even though she’s really 50. He wonders if someone can really be Hokage while keeping such a big lie from everyone. Tsunade gets pissed off and tells him to get outside.

They go outside, and everything is exactly the same as what happened last time they fought. They’re in the same positions, and Tsunade holds up one finger, and says that she’ll only need one finger for the fight. Naruto rushes at her, as before, and she uses her one finger to knock off his head protector, and he goes flying up a bit. She then holds out a finger, and Naruto closes his eyes, expecting to get flicked in the forehead again and get thrown backwards, but instead she just pokes him, and then kisses him on the forehead, like she did to her brother Nawakii and her boyfriend Dan when she gave them her necklace. Naruto opens his eyes, surprised, and Tsunade smiles, and tells him to become a great ninja, and a great Hokage. Jiraiya announces that they should get a move on, but Naruto’s stomach grumbles and he complains that he didn’t get to eat yet. They all laugh, and he yells at them, offended.

Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune leave the restaurant before Naruto, and Tsunade thinks about Nawakii and Dan. She says to herself that she has met someone like them who has helped her, and that he’s right here with her now, and we see Naruto running to catch up with them, his mouth full of rice. Then the episode ends.

Episode #97 Naruto's Hot Spring Experience!

Tsunade said the map shows a really good hot spring bathhouse where she wants to go. Naruto said that she was suppose to hurry up and get to Konoha to heal Sasuke, Jiraiya also said no but then Tsunade said that it was an all genders tub. Of course, Ero-Sennin said ok then the four people and pig (including Shizune and Ton-Ton of course) were off.

Shizune leaves their bags at the counter and Jiraiya and Naruto go straight to the baths. Shizune, Tsunade & Ton-Ton leave and Tsunade rushes to the gambling place, Shizune was terrified. meanwhile, Naruto left the baths but Jiraiya said he wanted to stay (to wait for a few females appear). Naruto gets attacked (Ithink) by a few guys but they were non-ninja so of course Naruto won.
He asked why they attacked him and they said they saw him with Tsunade and that she still had to pay a debt of 1000000 yen to their boss and until they get her to pay, they can't go home.
They (including Naru.)try to get a suitcase they think was full of money and steal it. Shizune gets it back. Then Naruto says that he should pretend to be kiddnaped, they send a note to Shizune/Tsunade and she goes and saves Naruto
Then Naruto starts blameing her (calling her Tsunade-baasan cause she did Henge no Jutsu) and she starts chasing them again cause the suitcase was actually full of notes that had Tsunade's unpaid debts written on them. Shizune/Tsunade does Kagebunshin to chase HIS Kage bunshin and then the REAL Tsunade shiws up and asks what was going on.
Shizune turns back and explaines and then Naruto's attacker's boss came up behind Tsunade and sais that she already paid her debt.

Episode #98 Quit Being a Ninja! Tsunade's Notice

Sorry, no episode summary is available for this episode yet.

Episode #99 The One Who Inherits the Dying Wish of Fire

Tsunade was going to be appointed as the new hokage. Then the third's grandson was upset and so locked himself in the third's room refusing to come out. When the first two people tried to open the door smoke with pepper bombs dropped onto them. When Naruto tried to open several pots and pans dropped onto his head, next was the pepper bombs. Suddenly Tusnade came, knocked away all the pots that dropped out, opened the door used her hand to cut the strings, stepped on a tailsment or paper like things blocked may things and finally in front of the third's grandson all she did was to look for a book then she walked away and the grandson thought he was going to die.0_o

Episode #100 Strong Teacher-Student Bonds ~When A Man Breaks The Ninja Way~

Iruka watches Konohamaru walk out of class in high spirits and then spots Lee walking down the hallway. Lee puts his crutches down, feeling powerless that Konoha is in trouble and he can't do anything to help. Meanwhile, Tsunade reads book after book for a way to regenerate cells. Lee remembers the first time he met Gai as a kid. Gai believed in him even when Neji laughed at him. He never gave up his dream to become a great ninja using only taijutsu. Gai taught him that with a strong will and hard work, he could make it. Gai often practiced what he preached. He would duel his arch rival Kakashi time and time again. Lee remembers one time Kakashi chose rock, paper, scissors and Gai declared that if he did not win, he'd walk 500 laps around Konoha on his hands!

As Lee is reminiscing Gai confronts him about missing rehab for the last two days. Lee tells Gai that he's always believed that hard work would lead to success, but now things don't look so well. Even if he believes in himself, he's still playing the odds with this surgery. What should he do? Gai realizes Lee is in need of a pep talk and explains that yes, this is challenging, but if he gives up his dreams, he gives up his purpose. Living without purpose can be more painful than death. Therefore, Gai advises him to accept the surgery.
Tsunade continues to study while Lee reminisces. When Gai lost that rock, paper, scissors match, he completed 500 laps, even when the villagers laughed at him. He vowed to keep his promise until he died. Gai then explains that he always puts himself into a situation of great pressure. By increasing the stakes, he becomes more focused. And if he fails, he simply trains harder. Back then, Gai promised to train Lee until Lee became as strong as himself.
Gai promises that the surgery will succeed, but if it fails, they will die together. Since he met Lee, his purpose was to make Lee a great ninja. Without that purpose, there'd be no point in living.
At that moment Shizune looks over Tsunade's notes. It appears that Tsunade was able to figure out how to increase the results to 58%! That day, Tsunade is inaugurated as Konoha's Fifth Hokage...